The Best MIG Welder for Home Use | Top Rated Picks of 2022

Best MIG Welder for Home UseIf you’ve ever tried welding, you’d know how difficult the job is. It may look easy, but without the right equipment at the right time, it can be very labor intensive, and also dangerous to use.

Welders can either be MIG or TIG. MIG is usually used to weld thin or medium-thick metals. That’s why it’s heavily preferred in-home usage. Today, we are gonna review some of the finest products on the market to help you find the best MIG welder for home use.

We took a comparative look at them and highlighted the features which would help you choose the right one for you.

Our Top Picks of Best Rated MIG Welders at a Glance:

Top 10 Best MIG Welder to Buy for Home Use Reviews

I know how difficult it is to choose among so many options. Don’t worry, I won’t leave you alone in such situations. To help you out, here I have reviewed the finest MIG welders available on the market.

1. Hobart 500554 Handler 190 MIG Welder 230V – Best Mig Welder Under $1000

Key Features
Hobart 500554 - best mig welder under $1000

  • Short Circuit Protection
  • Integrated Spool gun Control
  • Requires a 230 V receptacle
  • Comes with various voltage selections
  • Durable

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A great tool for every welding lover. The Hobart 190 brings quality and style packed in one instrument. Even though some may say that the product is rather expensive, but it also offers a lot of useful features.

It can cover every sort of household welding that comes to mind. You can use it for your auto body panels, sculptures and what not. You can also easily weld steel and aluminum easily. Even stainless steel can be welded using this easily. This makes it a number one choice for many consumers.

You can use this thing right out of the box as it requires no complex setup. That makes it a go-to product for beginners everywhere as well. It is also spool-gun ready eliminating every sort of feeding problem that may come your way.

Even though it is recommended to operate it at 230V, it can also operate in 115V. All you need to do is change the plug for that. The assembling may seem difficult as a beginner. In that case, you may want to pre-order some tips because the unit itself does not carry sufficient tips.

2. Lincoln K2697-1 Easy MIG 140 Wire Feed Welder – Best Lincoln MIG Welder for Home Use

Key Features
LINCOLN K2697-1 - Best Lincoln MIG Welder for Home Use

  • Portable
  • Adjustable wires
  • Uses Common voltage system
  • Can weld almost anything
  • Reasonable price

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Lincoln MIG welders are very popular among enthusiasts and hobbyists for its versatile use. It has an advanced wire system that is adjustable reducing wire tangling and wire crushing. This system also helps ensure the highest level of safety for the users of the device.

The Lincoln MIG welds stainless steel, carbon and aluminum perfectly. It is recommended to not use the spool gun while welding aluminum. But overall, it provides a great performance on almost all of the common materials. But some people may not prefer it if they are looking for specialized welder.

The Lincoln 140 welder welds smoothly using its diamond core technology. It creates the arc nicely with the help of this technology. The welder comes with all the necessary basic parts and all a customer needs to do is assemble.

It uses the most common voltage system used by people which is the 120 V. The voltage is easily adjustable as well. Since the machine with its technology does most of the work for you, it is the go-to tool for hobbyists since it fills the gap of professionalism by itself.

Trigger Sensitive and Heavy
It does present itself with some unfortunate drawbacks. Even though it is marketed as a portable welder, it is in no way lightweight. It weighs almost twice than other portable welders on the market.

The trigger is also rather sensitive. It causes unnecessary sparks which may scare some beginners away. It is a rather big flaw in the sense that the product is marketed towards beginners in the first place. Some people also complained about the noise of the cooling fan, which may seem annoying as well.

3. LOTOS MIG175 175AMP MIG Welder Aluminum Wire Feeder – Best Wire Feed Welder Under 500

Key Features
LOTOS MIG175 175AMP Mig Welder - Best Wire Feed Welder Under 500

  • Uses advanced Transformers to ensure the ability
  • Comes with lots of accessories
  • The assembles of the gun is easy
  • User-friendly
  • Low price tag

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The Lotos is known for its high functioning wire feed motor that makes the welding very easy and efficient. It also uses a very advanced transformers technology. The automatic dual-frequency is also very distinguishable in it. It operates in 200-240V.

This guy is known as the easiest welder to assemble in the market, making it one of the favorite choices for beginners. It is, like the above mentioned two, very versatile. The machine can weld mild to medium thick steel with ease and perfection.

Spool Gun and Price
The aluminum spool gun also works really well. Advanced transformers technology ensures the highest durability for these kinds of products. Considering its cheaper price, it is really wonderful that this welder brings so much on the table.

It is one of the cheapest welders among 175-amp welders. People usually start with 100-140, but, needless to say, they have to use more powerful welders when they start to weld professionally. So, this is a great buy as a beginner because of its versatile nature. But it also caters to professional and intermediate users just fine.

It comes with a lot of accessories as well. It is a bit surprising given the welder’s price. Some may say the accessories like a mask or stand torch are not of great quality, but they work just fine. The power efficiency of the machine has also been commended by professional users. It still doesn’t do a completely professional job, but it works perfectly on smaller works.

4. Hobart 500559 Handler 140 MIG Welder 115V – Best Mig Welder for Beginners

Key Features
Hobart 500559 140 MIG Welder 115V - Best Mig Welder for Beginners

  • Industry level drive system
  • Self-resetting thermal overload
  • 5-position voltage
  • Portable
  • Easy to use

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The Hobart handler may well be the top choice for most of beginners. The name Hobart itself carries a weight ensuring quality and durability. On top of it, the handler is preferred by hobbyists because of how stylish and portable the device is. However, it may not be lightweight with over 60 pounds in weight

It can perform on an industry level and yet be versatile in welding. Any type of metal can be welded using the Hobart, making it the Finest MIG welder for home use. From autobody panels to metal sculptures to even the likes of fences, Hobart handler does the job for you in one buy.

Performance and Voltage
It welds iron, copper, brass, mild steel and any other metal used for home appliances making it the ideal tool for home repairs. The handler also operates on the regular household circuit where 20 amp is recommended.

It comes with a setup guide, manual, sample spool, 10 ft. MiG gun, 8-inch spool adapter and all other accessories giving a complete and ready to assemble set to the buyer. The setup is also easy, and the setup guide is properly visual as well.

It creates a rather stable arc for various metal thickness, so you know what your end result is going to be no matter how different the metal is. It also uses the 5-position voltage control selector, making it more versatile in terms of use.

Best MIG Welder for Home Use

5. Miller MIG/Flux Core, Millermatic 120V – Best MIG Welder for Aluminium & Stainless Steel

Key Features
Millermatic 120V Welder for Aluminium & Stainless Steel - Best Mig Welder Under $1000

  • Automatic and manual options
  • Power efficient
  • Comes with a quick select drive roll
  • Durable
  • Ideal for beginners

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The whole history of the miller corporation promotes hobbyists. Miller started as a one-man organization and so the initial design was mostly catered to the hobbyists. The mentioned MIG welder is in today’s top ten picks for its easy usage.

Price and Voltage
Although known among peers for the brand value and reliability, The Miller 120V may seem rather expensive than other available products in the market. But needless to say, it puts unbelievable quality on the table which is hard to beat.

It comes with 11,000-watt power efficiency and also has an intriguing manual option where you can set everything according to your cause.

Also, this welder can also set itself automatically according to the necessities of the mentioned project, which makes it a very useful tool for rookies.

It has a three-groove offering which makes it easy to set up and select the drive roll. Also, it has an all-aluminum drive. The setup of Miller is also easy.

It can weld up to 3/16-inch thickness and can weld a versatile amount of materials as well. The welding also gives a rather professional finesse to the workpiece justifying the price. The box also comes with every necessary accessories one may need to start welding including spool gun, wires, etc.

6. Forney Easy Weld 299 125FC Flux Core Mig Welder 120v – Best Cheap MIG Welder for Beginners

Key Features
Forney Easy Weld 299 125FC - Best Gasless Mig Welder for Beginners

  • Easy to use
  • Gasless welding
  • Works in household voltage
  • The performance is good
  • Lightweight

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For any beginner only thinking of getting started into welding, the Forney Easy Weld can be the right choice. In fact, it is the best for a beginner. It comes cheap with under $200 in expense and is designed to help a beginner in the best possible way.

Shielding Gas
The Forney easy weld 299 does not use a shielding gas. So, it can also be referred to as a wire feeder welder. So, if you’re not a novice, but you still want to do things yourself, this is your go-to tool.

Needless to say, this tool by Forney will not get the job done the way a Miller or Hobart does. But it doesn’t need to do that. Forney has especially released this cheap tool for beginners and starters only. Hence the user’s guide is very informative, and the overall process is easy to get into.

A Drawback
Definitely, if you’re into more intricating welding, you’ll be disappointed because it doesn’t come with all the tools you may be looking for. For instance, the gas shield isn’t incorporated with the unit. So, before you move on to buy this welder, you need to set your priorities straight.

If you’ve ever wondered looking at a cracked lawn mower whether you could join it back together, then the Forney easy weld 299 can be your magical situation.

To sum it up for Forney, you are assured of reliability in work and success in what you want to do.

Best MIG Welder for Home Use

7. Hobart Handler 210 MVP MIG Welder – Best Rated MIG Welder for Home Use

Key Features
Hobart Handler 210 MIG Welder - Best Rated MIG Welder for Home Use

  • Will last long
  • Can weld medium thick steel with ease
  • 7 voltage setting that makes the welding more precise
  • Easy to use
  • Dual voltage system

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The Hobart handler grabs another spot with its special 210. This one offers a lot of bangs for the bucks and is surely worth every penny. Do not nurture any doubt about this one as it’s one of the finest welding machines in the market.

It has a dual voltage system (115 and 230) meaning you can plug it in almost anywhere you want. With that worry gone with the wind, the Hobart handler 210 also offers a variety of propositions to its customers.

With Hobart handler 210, you can weld up to 3/8 in steel in a single pass. It is a perfect mix for someone who wants to work on auto body parts, home appliances, etc. It can also do heavier projects like farm related welding etc.

Ease of Use
The maintenance guidance in 210 is rather specific and easy to follow. It also takes pride in its easy to assemble qualities. The 210 comes with 10 feet gun, 4/8-inch spool, and other accessories. Right out of the box, it’s a complete project only needing to assemble.

A Drawback
You’ll face a problem while operating the welder. The wire doesn’t take a proper feed at times and it needs manual assistance then, which may become hazardous at times. Also, there are a lot of companies manufacturing and selling in the of the Hobart, but they are not authentic.

8. Millermatic 211 MIG Welder 120/240VAC – Best Heavy Duty MIG Welder For Home Use

Key Features
Millermatic 211 MIG Welder - Best Heavy Duty MIG Welder For Home Use

  • An inverter technology allowing it to be more portable
  • Auto-set feature ensuring efficient work
  • Multi-voltage system allowing it to function in any place
  • Able to set the diameter of the wire
  • The price is good

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The miller electric, belonging to the series 211, comes with a multi-voltage that makes it usable anywhere. If you are looking for a long-term solution for your welding problems, then this guy can be your ideal choice. It’s made with some top-class components and likely to last years.

Also, the system helps bring more precision to the job the welder does as well. It can weld light to mild steel, stainless steel and aluminum with ease and profession. It may not be as versatile in terms of welding different kind of metals, but it brings quality and perfection into welding. It can weld very thin gauges with ease as well.

Versatility and Portability
This version of Miller is made keeping all sorts of buyers in mind. So, whether you’re a beginner or a professional, you can use this thing. The machine is very portable not weighing more than 50 pounds. Which makes it easy to carry around the welder as well. It is a great addition to any workshop because of the workload it can pull in a day.

Because of it being versatile in voltage, it can be used in houses as well as in industries because it can accommodate it that way. It also offers a smooth start and comes with a fan on-demand.

Additional Features
This thing has an advanced auto set feature that helps you to set the diameter of the wire. The tool then sets the wire speed itself and also sets the knob accordingly. It eliminates any guesswork from the process.

9. Lincoln Electric K2185-1 Handy MIG Welder – Best Cheap MIG Welder Under 400

Key Features
Lincoln Electric K2185-1 - Best Cheap MIG Welder Under 400

  • The perfect tool for beginner and intermediate users
  • Portable
  • Simple mechanism makes it easy to use
  • Can weld thin to mild thick metals
  • Can withstand rough abuse

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It is another product that I found very impressive. And why did I find it impressive? Well, after reading the review, it’ll be crystal clear to you.

The Lincoln electric is a very portable welder making it a great choice for many people. It’s lightweight feature and adjustable wire feed makes it also lucrative to a Welding worker.

Voltage and Versatility
It has a four-voltage option that lets a user use it in many places. It can weld thin metals starting from 24-gauge to mild thick metals that go up to 1/8 inch thick. It can be used on various metals as well like steel, stainless steel and aluminum. This thing also can work on brass and similar metals, but the performance of the welder may vary.

Additional Features
The power cord and the clamp cable are almost of the same length, 8 feet, which caters to the betterment of the user. It does all the DIY projects quite efficiently and without overheating as well.

The Lincoln electric is mostly used in residence for home-related appliance purposes so it is not industry powered welder, nor it can work in an industry in such high voltage.

So, if you’re looking for a rather normal welder that can get the job done, Lincoln is definitely for you. It can do more work than the afore-mentioned Forney, but definitely will contribute less than the likes of Miller. So, it is a great starter tool that will keep you satisfied for a while, but maybe not all the way.

10. LONGEVITY MIGweld 140 Amp MIG Welder – Best Gasless Mig Welder for Beginners

Key Features
LONGEVITY Migweld 140-140 Amp - Best Gasless Mig Welder for Beginners

  • Beginners and professionals can both use it
  • Light and portable
  • Can be used with or without gas
  • Offers good performance

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Longevity MIG weld 140 may be the most complete tool in the market. It can be used with or without gas.

Spool Gun
It has an optional spool gun which is capable of welding all exotic metals. This full-size welder also comes in less than 55 pounds. The lightweight feature makes it exotic among many buyers who may need to carry the welder around.

The manufacturer claims that although it is dedicated to light use and the targeted audience is mainly hobbyists, still, it performs on an industry level and also has an industry level voltage adjustment. So, if a professional decides to use it for flux-core welding, it may be a smart choice considering the price of similar industry performing products out there.

The under $400 welder works on many metals. The versatility helps it match all the other products in the market. It may not be the best MIG welder for home, but given its reach to more professional uses, it compensates the drawbacks perfectly.

Wire Feed
The only concerning thing may be that the wire feed of the tool receives a lot of complaints. The tension of the wire is tested in the process as well which may not be on the priority list of the buyer, of course. It creates difficulty in feeding and thus makes the whole process difficult, discouraging the absolute beginner in buying the product.

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best MIG welder for beginner

What to Look for When Buying a MIG Welder for Home

Before buying a MIG welder, a buyer needs to know what sorts of products the market offers and what satisfies him the most. To know that, he needs to know all the features of a MIG welder. Here’s a complete buying guide for you:


A MIG welder can be flux core or it may use a gas cylinder. Some MIG welders may even use both functions.

So, it is better to choose accordingly. Most beginners prefer a flux core function, but a gas cylinder goes a long way as well.

A lot of professionals use the gas cylinder and they say it is better to start using the gas cylinder in the beginning. So, it is your decision which way you want to go.


In short, the voltage can be divided into two parts. House voltage and industry voltage.

But in reality, the voltage varies in greater differences. Some welders come in 5 or 7 voltage positions, some only cover the common household voltage, and some welders also cover the industry voltage as well.

It depends mostly on the work station. If you have a fixed work station, you need not to worry about voltage differences. But if you frequently change places, you need a multi-voltage option in your MIG welder.

Size and Weight

People, mostly hobbyists like their welders to be transportable and so the size and weight is another big factor here as well. Most transportable MIG welders come from 45 to 60 pounds. But there are some extremely lightweight MIG welders weighing about 30 pounds are available in the market as well. The best home MIG welder may just be the lightest one for you if portability is of utmost importance to you.


The overall industry is fluctuating and so the prices also vary when it comes to buying MIG welders. The good brands usually charge a higher price because of their durability. Prices mostly vary based on the functionality and the offerings of the tool. So, sometimes, even a pricy welder may become a justified buy based on your demands.

Brand and Warranty

There are some very good brands available in the market like Hobart, Miller, etc. There are some other good cost-effective brands like Lincoln as well. It is imperative to choose a good brand name to ensure durability. Also, it is important to choose a product with a good warranty because you invest hefty money into a welder, and you may need assistance if it malfunctions.

Spool Gun

Some of the tools come with an optional spool gun. If you want to weld aluminum, you would need a spool gun and so it is better to keep this in mind as well.

Power Efficiency

In most cases, beginner welding machines are good enough to cover household repairing. But if you’re into more difficult welding, then power efficiency becomes a factor.

Low powered welders will not be able to work precisely as high-powered ones. Some beginner welders come with industry level performance. Many people like to invest in these welders as they can go a long way even after they’re done with the novice welding.

best mig welder for beginner

FAQ’s About MIG Welder for Beginners or Home use

1. For home use what is the best MIG welder?

Ans: The best one depends on the demand of the consumer. Some may want to use a tool that can be used on many metals, some may want multiple voltages. In the end, it all comes down to personal choices.

2. What Accessories would be necessary when buying welders?

Ans: Most welders come with necessary accessories in the box, including spare spool and gas shields. But still, some accessories may be missing. The accessories include welding torches, swan necks, nozzles, MIG liners, etc.

3. What is MIG welder used for?

Ans: To weld mild metals. They are mostly used at home.

4. Which mig welder is best for a beginner?

Ans: Hobart 500559 Handler 140 MIG Welder is the best for beginner.



Many people go through a lot of problems in choosing the option. It is imperative to assess the market, product quality and other features to find the best MIG welder for home.

A good tool can be found at a fair price if you put some efforts into research And we encourage you to do so to make your investment count. The market is full of amazing MIG welders and we hope you find the one you’re looking for.

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