Best Outdoor Solar Spot Lights of 2023 | Reviews & Buying Guide

Best Outdoor Solar Spot Lights

Do you want some extra security from thieves and goons inside your garden?

You don’t want someone to trespass your boundary through your garden in a dark night, do you? Are you one of those who wants to add some touch of brightness in the garden?

Well, no matter what category you fall into, the thing you are or should be looking for your solution is an outdoor solar spotlight. This will not only be handy for security but also be a part of your home decor. At least, you’ll be able to play badminton or build a tent with your family at night.

But obviously, you want the best outdoor solar spot lights for you, right?

Today I’ll make sure you can get your answer regarding the top rated outdoor solar spotlights. So without further chitchat, let’s dive in.

What Is an Outdoor Solar Spotlight?

Don’t have a clue what an outdoor solar spotlight is? It is a lighting system that is made using an LED lamp, solar panels, battery, charge controller, etc. Some solar spotlights come with an inverter. The batteries generate the electricity which the lamp uses to shine. Why the name solar spotlight then? Well, the batteries are actually charged by the solar photovoltaic panel.

People basically use the outdoor solar spotlight in their gardens.

Why You Should Use the Outdoor Solar Spotlight?

It completely depends on you, to be honest. Most people use it for security purposes. While you can see rich people use it in their gardens for home decor. Some of them think the garden looks hollow without the presence of spotlights. While others use it so that they can play different sports at night.

Some people love to use them on trees, paths, patios, etc and they don’t require any wiring. Know more details about the benefits of using solar lights.

So it actually your call on what purpose you’ll use the outdoor solar spotlight. But what I can tell you is, you won’t regret buying it as it’s always handy.

Want to know what are the brightest solar lights on the market? Well, here’s the top picks of best rated solar spot lights.

Top 10 Best Outdoor Solar Spot Lights Reviews

Want to know what are the brightest solar lights on the market right now? Well, here’s the list of best rated solar spot lights. We picked them considering all the important factors and buyers’ feedback after using for a while. Let’s scroll down and see what we have for you.

1. URPOWER Upgraded Solar Landscape Spotlights – Best Spotlight for Garden

Urpower solar spotlight - best solar spot light for garden

With this 6 LED brighter outdoor solar lighting system, you’ll be able to get 2 lighting modes: The High Light Mode and the Low Light Mode. I don’t know if you ever had any experience with an outdoor solar spotlight, but with 200 Lumen in High Light Mode, this stuff is going to meet your lighting demand for sure. Compared to the 4 chips’ ones, this solar spotlight is brighter and more advanced.

You can just wipe your worries out concerning the installation process. You need to stick the 2-in 1 tool into the ground. Furthermore, you can mount it on the wall as well. No, you don’t need to buy extra screws because you’ll be provided extra screws for use.

This best outdoor solar spotlight is friendly to your trees, Patio, Porch, Deck, Yard Garden, Garage, and so on.

Key Features
  • The product comes with high and low light modes. You can use up to 200 lumens of light in the high mode.
  • The installation and adjustment procedure is so easy that you can do it all by yourself.
  • Within just 4 to 5 hours of charging, you’ll get 8 to 10 hours of feedback without any disturbance.
  • The spotlight is waterproof and dust proof, so there’s no chance of it getting damaged in rain or storm.

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Now I’ve seen lots of solar spotlights which get adjusted in the wrong way. Thus, usually, the lack of brightness comes up. Besides, as they’re not correctly positioned, they cannot consume the sunlight for recharging.

With the adjustment guide of URPOWER Solar Lights, you can adjust the lighting projector by 90 degrees. You need to go by 180 degrees to adjust the solar panel. This setup will make sure you’re using it exactly where it is needed. Besides, for charging, the solar spotlight will be able to catch sunlight at an optimum angle.

Imagine your guests are about to come for dinner and you have switched on a solar spotlight to guide them to your door. As soon as the guests arrive, suddenly your light goes off? Ever faced those awkward situations? Lots of people dealt with this. As a well-wisher, I don’t want you to go through this problem. This is why I will recommend the URPOWER solar lights.  This new bigger solar panel has built-in rechargeable 2200mAh battery. All you need to do is charge it for 4 to 5 hours maximum under direct sunlight. It will light up to 8 to 10 hours at a stretch.

I know how horrible experience it is when your solar panel is shining and suddenly rain gushes it out. What worse is, sometimes you’ll see the solar panel will get electrocuted and get destroyed. You won’t see any comeback lately and your money will just be wasted.

Why don’t you buy the URPOWER solar lights then? With its waterproof and heatproof system, the solar spotlight can withstand rain and other extreme weather conditions.  This gives the product more durability than its competitors.

Furthermore, the best part is, you’ll not only get a 1-year warranty with this product but also a lifetime friendly customer service.

2. ZUCKEO 5W LED Waterproof Landscape Garden Lights for Walls Trees Flags

Outdoor Spotlights with Spike Stand

According to the best solar lights consumer reports, this super bright beast is running superbly in the market. The 8 pieces 5 W cob LED light pack will just simply put awe inside your mouth.

With each of the lights, you are getting 500 Lumens that will illuminate your patio, garden backyard fences, etc. This will not only give a graceful look to your desired places but also ensure enough security from goons and trespassers.  For beautiful warm white lights, the Zuckeo 5W LED landscape lights are worthy.

The lights may look cute, however, there’s no chance for you to take them lightly. The Zuckeo 5W LED landscape lights come with pure all-aluminum lamp body. Even the spike stand of this amazing product is made of pure aluminum. This ensures longevity and durability for the outdoor environment.

Key Features
  • The setup comes with 8 pieces 5 W cob LED light. Each light will give 500 Lumens of light. Even in the darkest night, you can have the experience like the brightest day.
  • Not only the body but also the spike stands come with pure all-aluminum making it more unique and durable.
  • The voltage consumed is only from 2V-24V which is quite low.
  • It’s weather friendly and issues like rainy days or storm won’t be able to cause any harm to it.

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Don’t tire your brain when you’ll see the set of 8 pieces of lights. It won’t cost you a large amount of voltage. The working voltage you need for your Zuckeo 5W LED landscape lights is from 2V-24V as it is compatible with most low-voltage landscape lighting kits.

However, for extra low voltage, you’ll need to install a transformer which you won’t get in this set.

Scared that your new solar spotlight beauty might get destroyed in bad weather? You don’t have to worry about it at all. The triple water resistant ability combined with IP65 waterproof protection level will keep your spotlight safe from rain, snow, and other bad weather impacts.

If you don’t take the outdoor solar spot lights from a trusted brand and try to rotate them, you may have to face either of these two scenarios. When you’ll try to rotate the spotlight, it may break because of your pressure as it doesn’t want to move. On the other hand, some rotating spotlights’ screw loosens up and easily gets damaged.

But this is not the case for Zuckeo 5W LED landscape lights. You can rotate it easily in the 90-degree beam angle. Furthermore, you’ll be able to get the best light experience for its 270-degree adjustable head. It certainly is one of the best outdoor solar lights.

3. InnoGear 2-in-1 Waterproof Outdoor Landscape Lighting Spotlight

innogear solar spotlight

You can google the best solar lights review and you’ll see in the comments how people are sharing the love for this product.  Want a great addition to your backyard decor? The InnoGear solar spotlights are for you.

Customers are craving for this product not just because of its look but also its upgraded and frosted solar panel. You won’t need any protective film to use this spotlight. With super bright-200 lumen output and 4 x 50 lumen enhanced LED, this spotlight will make you feel like you’re living the day.

Too lazy to switch your outdoor solar spotlight on and off? The InnoGear upgraded solar lights have auto modes. At night it will turn on by itself and when it will sense the sun is rising, it will turn off automatically.

Key Features
  • The looks are amazing, elegant and classy. You can always use this spotlight as home decor.
  • The solar outdoor spotlight comes with 200-lumen output, giving it the power to give you the brightest light experience.
  • The auto off/on the feature will turn itself on and off at night and during sunrise respectively. You won’t need your hand to do the job.
  • It’s 18650 Lithium rechargeable 2200mAh battery keeps it alive for 8-12 hours on low mode and 4 hours in high mode.
  • It’s weather friendly. Especially when it’s raining heavily, or the sun is too hot, it will take cover for both situations.
  • The adjustment and installment are too easy to deal with.

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Don’t take the simple look of the InnoGear upgraded solar light for its weakness.  With its 18650 Lithium rechargeable 2200mAh battery, it will keep shining for hours.  8-12 hours of feedback in low mode is just a piece of cake for it. Even after being charged in dappled sunlight, it will still give about 4 hours on high mode.

Positioning and adjustments matter a lot when it comes to spotlights. Suppose you’ve bought a spotlight, but the light doesn’t reach to the place you want, it’ll just leave you with regret and disappointment. The InnoGear Upgraded Solar Light comes with full adjustment light angle that will illuminate the perfect spot you need.  Besides, for adjustable solar panel angle which you need for sun exposure, the product can be handled easily.

Let it be cats and dogs rainy days or stormy nights unless a huge meteor falls on your solar spotlight, it will always remain good as new. InnoGear spotlights are built with high strength ABS material that resists water and heat.

4. URPOWER Outdoor Solar Lights, 2-in-1 Waterproof Adjustable Solar Spotlights

URPOWER Outdoor Solar Lights, 2-in-1 Waterproof Adjustable Solar Spotlights

If your journey to the best solar spot lights outdoor didn’t stop, then you can take a break and have a look at the URPOWER 4 pack adjustable solar spotlights. Built with high quality solid hard plastic, the spotlight will always catch your eyes.

The pack of four comes with a premium metallic look that will definitely make you feel it’s worth. I’ve seen the ones that have too many extras on them which make them look like rainbows. But if you want to go for a standard looking spotlight, you may choose UrPower.

As you open the package, you’ll see the setup of 4 pcs of 0.5W LED beads. Install the outdoor spotlight and you’ll see it is much powerful and brighter as every LED light is 50Lm. You can change the intensity from high to lower using a single button.

Key Features
  • Built with high quality solid hard plastic which makes it not only strong but also adds a dominating look.
  • Each LED light out of the 4 in the setup gives 50Lm of light. Which means in total you’re getting a 200Lm light feedback. You can see even an insect in such bright light.
  • It’s very easy to install and you can do it by yourself. Just stuck the ends of the spotlights in the ground.
  • It’s got auto on/off mode which senses whether its night or day. During the night it will turn on by itself while during sunrise the lights will go off.
  • The outdoor solar spotlight is very weather friendly. It welcomes the rain to let it have a shower and deals with the storm by standing still on the ground.

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You don’t need to call a crew to install the spotlight system. You can take the whole credit to your family by installing the spotlight by yourself. You just need to stick it into the ground and that’s it, you’re done. If you need to mount it on the wall, you can do so either. It’s all your call where you want to put it.

You won’t need the hassle to turn it on or off as it has its sensor to take care of the issue. Its ‘auto turn off and on’ feature will let the sensor know whether it is a day or not. At night the lights will turn on by itself. On the other hand, as the sun rises the spotlight will turn itself off automatically.

If it’s raining a lot suddenly even when the lights are on at night, you don’t have to get out and switch the lights off as the solar spotlight is waterproof. This gives the brand an extra life span compared to its competitors. If you’re driving your car and suddenly you see the storm and think ‘Oh no, I left my spotlights in the garden’ then, you realize its UrPower solar spotlights you’re using as the storm friendly as well.

5. BAXIA Technology Outdoor Solar Spot Light with Motion Sensor

baxia technology Outdoor solar spot light with motion sensor

Baxia Technology is now one of the leading brands among the brightest solar spot lights. Why is it different? You’ll notice, it’s not like others as you’ll find it has a motion sensor feature in it.  This feature gives the spotlight the biggest advantage in case of security and makes it more different than others.

Baxia can detect any movement in the range of 125 degrees and a distance of 10 to 16 ft. After detecting the motion, it will light up by itself which will last for 30 seconds. So the next time, if someone’s trying to break into your house, Baxia solar light will do the job of the security in your home.

Key Features
  • The motion sensor detects if there’s someone trespassing your home or not. If something is detected, the light goes on and stays for 30 seconds.
  • It comes with 2000 lumens of light making it one of the brightest light providers of all its competitors.
  • Charging the device is very simple. With 6 to 8 hours of exposure under sunlight, it will be completely full of juice. Once it’s full, it will give you an 8 to 12 hours feedback.
  • The high strength ABS is used to build this amazing spotlight. This feature ensures its heavy strength and durability.
  • The solar spotlight is waterproof and dust proof. So there’s no worry if there’s any rainy day or stormy night.

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With 2000 Lumens bright solar light, buying the Baxia solar motion sensor spotlights are going to be one of your best decisions. Let it be for security or lighting requirements, its brighter than any of its competitors and will perfectly match your demand.

Charging this amazing security beast is very simple. Just expose it to sunlight and charge it at daytime for 6 to 8 hours. The sensor light will work easily for 8 to 12 hours with no dimming at all.  It is wireless and can be installed easily by mounting it on the wall or garage, etc.

When you’ll have a look at it, you’ll simply know for sure that the Baxia solar light is heavily built. The high strength ABS has been used to make this solar light which adds more advantage to it. This best outdoor solar light comes as a waterproof and dust proof product, so you don’t need much of a worry when it’s raining heavily or there’s a sandstorm.

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6. Hypergiant 12W LED Landscape Lights (AC/DC 12V) Waterproof Garden Yard Path Lights

Hypergiant 12W LED Landscape Lights for trees

People who are planning for lighting up their house entrance will find this LED light beneficial to their needs.

Some buyers, who have already bought this Hypergiant’s light, found it excellent when they compared it with other lights in the market. According to them, this is the premium looking light with a standard price tag. Simply installing this 12V waterproof LED landscape light, you can add some glow to your surroundings.

Whether you install this light in your outdoor garden, balcony or inside of your home, it will ensure that you get uninterrupted service through the seasons. Rain, as well as the dew, will not affect the performance of this spotlight. It is out and out protected by waterproof technology.

Key Features
  • Thick aluminum body and glass lens cover design help this light to stand strong in any weather condition.
  • The spotlight is portable and can be used for both indoor and outdoor needs.
  • Installation of the light doesn’t require any experiences or tools.
  • This Hypergiant landscape light offers 2 years of warranty for tension free usages.

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For the installation of this electric light, you don’t have to be an expert electrician, you can connect it with the power supply line by yourself. To mount, you need to insert the light’s spike stand into a suitable position on the ground. During the process, you don’t even require any extra tools.

After the installation, you can use this spotlight safely around the days. It is powered with AC/DC 12V working voltage, which is compatible with most low voltage landscape lighting systems. So, getting and powering the landscape light will be an easy task for you.

If you wish, you can use this single spotlight for different purposes. It features 90-degree beam angle and 270-degree adjustable head. This combination allows you to set up the light on the walls, trees, flags, and fences conveniently and safely. After the installation, you can easily fix the lighting-angle too.

All the parts of this Hypergiant’s spotlight are attached firmly with the help of screws. As a result, when you have to clean or do some repairing, you can unpack it effortlessly.  Overall, a simple building structure has been implemented to shape this landscape light.

7. Beams MB360XT Waterproof Landscape Spotlights – Best for Entrance Door

Beams MB360XT Wireless Battery Spotlight

Mr. Beams is the producer of this MB360XT light. The brand is a USA based manufacturer who dedicatedly manufacturers light to enlighten people households. A feature that deserves mentioning about this MB360XT wireless light is the ‘motion sensor system’. The technology significantly prolongs battery life. The best outdoor solar spotlight is a great choice for places like door entrance, room between the stairs, and the elevator.

This MB360XT LED spotlight will increase the safety and security of your surroundings. It provides 200 lumens of bright light. Besides, the reflective face of this light helps it to extend its coverage area up to 600 feet. With this coverage, you can easily install it both inside and outside of your house.

Key Features
  • This bright LED light has a wide range of capacity for a wide range of usage both inside and outside of the house.
  • The motion detective system ensures effective and efficient use of the spotlight and battery power.
  • Wireless connectivity allows you to mount the light anywhere you want.
  • Durable design lets you enjoy years long service without any issues.

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Just purchasing this single wireless light for once, you can enjoy the constant service over the years. Here the light has a bold and durable design. Both the head panel and the installation panel are structured in a way that, once users install the light on a place, it will be firmly attached with the surface over the years.

Along with the durable design, the light is also powered with wireless connectivity. Which means you don’t have to establish an uninterrupted power source with the spotlight to lighten up it. To power up, only you have to buy 3 D-cell battery.  Furthermore, the performance of your spotlight will be determined by the capacity of the battery.

Having wireless powering facility as well as durable body structure, users of this light can install it anywhere they want. Because this time they don’t have to be concerned about the power supply of their electronic device.

Overall the light has a waterproof outer body design. Which means, even if you install it outside of your house, where there is no roof or covering, it will give you the same service when you install it inside of your house. The spotlight is protected from any penetration of water, rain, and snow.

8. ZOOKKI Motion Sensor Solar Lights – Waterproof Security Lights for Outdoor

ZOOKKI Solar Lights- Wireless Motion Sensor, Wall Mount Security Lights for Outdoor

About this Zooki light, we can say, choose, install and forget! This is a solar spotlight that doesn’t require any external source of power. On a cycle basis, the solar panel collects power during the day, then the battery empowers the LEDs to spread light at the night. Everything happens automatically.

Zookki, as a brand, cares most about nature and at the same time wants to produce some futuristic products. Actually, these are the motivations behind this excellent battery powered device.

You don’t have to be tensed about the installation of this solar light, it is a super easy process. There are two holes, with the help of these holes on the back-upper panel of the light. You can install it on any surface. You just need two drilled holes, one screwdriver, two screws, and two plastic plugs for the entire setup.

Key Features
  • 28 bright LEDs powered with a 1200mAh battery will provide you excellent service.
  • This solar powered wireless light can be installed anywhere under the sun.
  • Motion Sensor ensures efficient use of the stored charge.
  • Heat, water and frost resistance will ensure a longer lifespan of this Zookki light.

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The spotlight doesn’t need a constant source of power like your regular indoor or outdoor electric powered bulbs. There is a 1200-mAh rechargeable Li-ion battery in the light itself. On the roof part of this light, there is also a solar panel. During the sunlight, the battery recharges itself through this solar panel for further use.

In this solar light, both solar panel and the light itself has a durable structure. So, whether it is a normal day or a stormy night, the performance of your device will be the same. Moreover, the entire construction of the spotlight including the solar panel is completely waterproof.

For the installation and connection, the light will not require any cable. As a result, you can set up it at any corner of the house even outside of the house. You just have to find a place where the light can be placed safely and gets direct sunlight.

Indeed, this solar spotlight is a great choice for the front door, back door, outdoor gate, patio, deck and backyard. Unlike others, it is able to deliver 120-degree wide lighting facility in any environment. However, the recommended optimum installation height for outdoor usages is 6.5-13 feet.

9. SOLVAO Solar Spotlight – Waterproof, Outdoor LED Spot Light with Auto On/Off Function

9. SOLVAO Solar Spotlight - Outdoor LED Spot Light

Solvao is an ambassador of the environment who wants to reduce carbon footprint by producing solar powered products. If you want to keep your landscape lighting completely safe, you can go for this Solvao solar spotlight.

It is equipped with solar energy thus you don’t have to do electric wiring through the ground which involves some risks. As the installation doesn’t involve cables, it is also super easy to set up and enjoy the bright light.

A sunny day is like a treat for a solar powered light just like this Solvao spotlight. However, along with the sunny days, this light can stand strong during the rainy days too. It is IP65 certified waterproof light. So, it doesn’t matter what the weather condition is, you will get tension free brightness on a regular basis.

Key Features
  • The powerful battery lets you enjoy the light both in high and low brightness condition.
  • Frosted coating solar panel ensures that the solar panel gets maximum sunlight to recharge the battery.
  • Automatic switching feature will reduce the loss of energy thus maximize the lighting time.
  • This waterproof adjustable light can be used for a wide range of places on different purposes.

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A powerful 2200 mAh battery has been included in the system of this light. With a full charge, the battery can provide power for 6 to 9 hours of full bright lighting. Here the battery is a 18650 lithium-ion battery that takes 6 to 8 hours to get fully charged.

Together with the powerful battery, your landscape light will ensure you maximum utilization of stored power inside the battery. An automatic sensor has been installed into it, which can detect the dark and bright environment. Having this sensor, you don’t have to operate the light during the dawn as well as the dusk.

For the recharging of the light, a small solar panel is also installed by the manufacturer just on the top panel. This panel is rotatable; you can change the direction according to the sun. Moreover, there is a frosted coating on this panel. This coating prevents the gathering of dirt and dust and ensures direct sunlight.

Just like the solar panel, you can also rotate the head of this Zookki light. If you wish, you can move and adjust the direction of the head within the rotation range of 90-degree. As a result, you can use this single device for covering a wide area.

10. ZUCKEO 5W LED Landscape Spotlight 12V/24V Garden Light

ZUCKEO 5W LED Landscape Spotlight

Do you want to give your pathway, garden, yard, lawn, or pond a warm touch of light during the night? If yes, this Zuckeo landscape light can be your pick. When you install this light any of your outdoor spaces, the warmness of this spotlight will add extra beauty to your surrounding nature.

Moreover, this landscape light follows a simple powering system and is able to provide constant ultra-bright light throughout the year, both in summer and winter.

When you install a bulb outside of your house, such as in your garden it must be capable of standing strong during the rainy season. Considering the user’s needs, the manufacturer manufactured this light with thick aluminum body and glass lens covering. This structure makes this spotlight waterproof to stand strong during the rainy as well as the snowy weather condition.

Key Features
  • This Zuckeo LED light is good for security as well as decoration.
  • This low voltage IP65 waterproof light is good for both indoor and outdoor safe usages.
  • With a 90-degree beam angle and 270-degree adjustable head, you will have more control over your light.
  • Easy installation system lets you light up any place within minutes.

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Together with the solid outer covering, the inner parts of this electric device also have solid construction. Here the light’s spreading panel has first-class LED cop chip and high lumen. When you power up, these two will provide you beautiful warm white light.

Whether you install your light in your living or drawing room or in your garden, it must be safe. Again, the manufacturer provides a computability feature in this spotlight for ensuring safe use. For this additional feature, it is compatible with low voltage landscape lighting systems.

Even if you install this spotlight in a fixed position, you can rotate it according to your needs. It is featured with 90-degree beam angle and 270-degree adjustable head. Having this rotating facility, you can cover a wide range with this single light, also use it for different angle lightening.

This landscape light is one of the easiest lights that can be installed without the help of a single tool. Its installation takes just a few seconds! For the installation, just take the light and insert its spike stand into a suitable position on the surface.

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Outdoor Solar Spotlights Buying Guides

In this review of best & top rated outdoor solar spot lights, we have picked both landscape lights and wall mountable lights, solar powered lights and direct electric powered lights.

However, you are free to choose any type of light as you need and preference. But whatever you choose, you must consider some factors to get the best one out there.

In this buying guide section, we have discussed those considering factors. Keep reading till the end to know details about those factors.

Lighting Power

Lighting power or how much light can a solar or electric-driven light can produce should be the primary concern of a buyer. Because as a potential buyer you must need some light to enlighten your indoor or outdoor areas.

Usually, the amount of light a light can produce depends on the quality of the bulb or number of LEDs inside the cage. Moreover, the power of the battery also significantly controls the quality of the light.

Lighting Angle

Lightening angle indicates the area that a particular light or a specific set of LEDs covers. This capability of a light is measured in the scale of degree; the more degree means the wider coverage.

For example, the light of a 90-degree angle spotlight will be narrower than the light of a 120-degree spotlight. Interestingly, there are some lights where you can control the reach of the light.

Battery Backup

If you are planning for a battery-driven light, then you should pay attention to this factor much. Normally, a battery with more mAh can store and deliver more power and serve for longer period to the output source.

However, sometimes a battery from a reputed producer deliver more power with low mAh comparing with its competitors.

Batteries that are used in spotlights come in two formations. Some are rechargeable and some need to be changed after a certain period. All the batteries that are used in solar lights are rechargeable.

Water Resistance

When your light is waterproof no water can penetrate into the light. As a result, your lights can withstand during the rainy season. If you are planning to purchase your lights for indoor usages, then you can ignore the availability of this feature.

But, if you want to install your light at the entrance, in your garden or somewhere outside, your selected lights must be waterproof.


There are some lights that can be rotated from front to back and back to front. Which means if you install a particular spotlight on a certain place, you can change the direction of light just rotating its head.

Moveable lights also allow their users to use a single light for different purposes and cover a wide range of area.


Almost all the solar spotlights, as well as electric spotlights, follow a simple installation method. Most of the time, you don’t require any special tools even prior experience to install these lights. There is a type of light that has an inbuilt spike, those are the easiest to install.

Moreover, sometimes at best you may require some screws and plugs for the installation. Before making the purchase, you should consider where you will install the lights, then choose the perfect one.

Motion Sensor

The motion sensor system detects the presence of the human body and turns on and off the light by itself. In detail, if a light is featured with a motion sensor system, when you go near the light, it will turn on by itself, and when you leave the spot, it will turn off automatically.

This automatic switching system saves the energy and extends the battery life, and it’s perfect for door entrance usages.


As the sport light is also an electronic product, there is a possibility that you may not get promised service. To use your spotlight for a long time and make your purchase tension-free, do not forget to ask the seller about the warranty policy just before finalizing the order.

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FAQ’s About Outdoor Solar Spotlights

1. What is the brightest solar light available?

Ans. According to the best reviews, I would choose the Baxia technology solar light. It has got 2000 lumens of light which I think is the brightest feedback.

2. What are the best solar landscape lights?

Ans. If you’re concerned about the landscape, then you can go for the Zuckeo 5W landscape light. With a full aluminum body and rich looks, the spotlight is perfect for illuminating the landscape.

You can also try the InnoGear landscape solar lights. With its 200 lumens output and 4 x 50 lumen enhanced LED, the setup is perfect for the landscape.

3. What are the highest lumens for solar lights?

Ans. The more the lumens, the brighter the lights. The question actually varies as rapidly the lumens are increasing in lights. But as we see now in the market, the highest lumens you can get right now is above 4500. Though some customers say that they have used products that exceed 5000 lumens, but I personally think they’re quite rare. In fact, you won’t need more than 2000 altogether.

4. How many lumens do I need for outdoor lighting?

Ans. It actually depends on you, your area, place and your choice.  If you are going to set the lights on paths, then 100-200 lumens of light will do. In case of step lights, all you need is a range of 12-100 lumens. If you are into floodlights, you can enlighten the whole area with 700-1300 lumens. As for the motion sensor lights, usually, 300-700 lumens of light altogether will be enough.

Some people set lights for a pond or pool, in that case, a 200-400 range of lumens will cover the area. You can have 50-185 lumens of light and 50-300 lumens of light for hardscape and landscape respectively.

Summing Up

As I have my family of my own, I’m concerned with my security rather than home decoration. However, if I get both, there’s no problem.

I personally think everyone including you should keep solar spotlights inside your area. Along with security, you’ll find they look beautiful as well.

I could’ve gone on and on giving you more examples and reviews. However, I tried to bring up the best outdoor solar spot lights running in the market right now. This will make your journey easy to find what type of spotlight suits you best.

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