How to Choose the Best Flashlight for Home Defense

Flashlights are among the self-defense tools you can use to avoid a dangerous situation. You can also use them to neutralize an intruder into your house.

But not all of the flashlights out there are effective in that sort of situation. The flashlight has to come with a bright bulb, rechargeable batteries, and a robust outer body. There are other important things to consider as well.

But no worries as I have gathered some useful tips on how to choose the best flashlight for home defense. If you are looking to buy one, this article is specially for you.


What Is a Home Defense Flashlight?

Flashlight come in different types and makes. But the ones with stronger outer body, brighter light output, long run-time are the most suitable tactical home defense flashlights.

Also, a strong outer body can be used to hit an attacker or intruder who ran into your home or tried to harm you. With the bright bulbs on, you can cease a harmful person to see what’s in front of him.

If you don’t fall in that sort situation, fortunately, you can still use the flashlight to illuminate your house or road. You can also go along a road in the darkness if you have a defense flashlight with you.

Remember, when you don’t have a gun or pistol for self defense, you have to save yourself with whatever you have around. A tactical self-defense flashlight can be that one thing around.

Types of Self-Defense Tactical Flashlights

There are primarily two types of tactical flashlights for Self-Defense:

  1. Flashlight with a Gun: Some flashlights come with the package of a weapon of gun. These are the most advanced version of tactical flashlights for Self-Defense.
  1. Simple Hand Flashlights: These are commonly used flashlights that come handy in various situations. They are lightweight, portable, and easy to carry around.

Things to Consider Before Picking a Flashlight for Home Defense

When you go to buy a flashlight for home defense, consider the following aspects before you choose one.

Light Output

The amount of light coming out of a bulb is called light output. Light output is measured in lumens. Most flashlights offer a light output anywhere from 20 lumens to 1000 lumens.

However, a flashlight with moderate light output can be used in most situations. Flashlights with 300 to 400 lumens light output are pretty impressive and you can use them to see your ways around, watch out your premises, and to protect yourself.

Beam Distance and Beam Type

How far the light can reach before it fades away is called a flashlight’s beam distance. Check out the beam distance so that you can be assured of this feature. Beam distance also depends on the beam type. Beams with wide lenses will illuminate more area at a short distance. On the contrary, there are some flashlights that can reach a long distance, but do not illuminate a wide area. You can choose one depending on your personal preferences.

Water Resistance

Make sure you buy a waterproof flashlight so that you can use it in any weather. The flashlight will remain intact even though it comes in contact with water.

Special Features: Strobe, SOS, and Beacon

Although these aren’t common features found in flashlights, but the high-end expensive flashlights should have at least one of those features.

Strobe refers to a feature that continuously blinks in a perplexing manner to disorient the targeted person. This feature is pretty effective in a situation where you want to escape a person or get some time to seek others’ help. SOS and Beacon are two similar type of features with a slightly different behavior.


Last but not the least, you have to look at the price tag. Big price tags don’t always mean the best product. However, the cheapest ones are also not good for long-term use. So, go with one that comes with features I have discussed above. Make sure, the flashlight comes with a life-time or long-term warranty.

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Flashlights are expensive items. So, it is worth knowing the key features before buying one. The features I have mentioned in this article are among the most important ones to consider. Buy one for your home defense and let us know how a flashlight came useful in your daily life.

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