How To Install A Security Door | 7 Steps Installation Process

How To Install A Security DoorAfter a hard day of work, all any of us want is to have a good night of sleep. But with the current rise of crime rates, any careful citizen has unconscious anxiety about the safety of their homes.

Relax, as we will walk you through towards how to install a security door to give you some peace of mind. It can protect any room you want to keep safe, like the home office, vaults, or escape rooms.

A security door is a state of the art home protection, which can stop intruders, give protection during harsh weather, and give your door a stronger structural core. Get one, if you can.

Installing  Security Door with 7 Simple Steps

It’s not easy to install a security door by yourself and it’s definitely not a DIY job. You would need some assistance and some decent funds to get one of the better security front doors in the market. But not to worry as you will have our fullest cooperation as we lead you along the way.

Required Tools for Installation Process

Security doors come with an instruction manual where the necessary stuff you need is listed depending on the model of the door, you’re going to purchase it varies a bit. However, there are some common tools that are needed in almost every kind of security doors. Those are described below:

  • Measurement tape
  • Pencil
  • Electric drill
  • One-way screws
  • Chisel
  • Hammer
  • Saw
  • Pliers
  • Screwdriver
  • Wedges
  • Protective goggles

STEP 01: Measurement

Before getting a security door, you need to take the exact measurements of your door. A larger door won’t fit and a smaller door will leave spaces, both of the outcomes are not what you are looking for.

First, calculate the height, then measure the width from the top, middle, and bottom positions using the measurement tape. Afterward, you can go purchase a security door according to this measurement and read the instructions carefully before proceeding.

Step 02: Place The Security Door

Now, place the security door in front of the door of your house and align it correctly. You could use wedges to keep the door in place or get assistance from a friend who would hold the door for you. Use the measurement tape again to see if the placement is correct by judging the height and width.

There shouldn’t be any problems in case you got the security door with the right measurements, but to err is human. So, in case if there’s any additional adjustment to make, use a saw to cut the extra parts to make it fit your door frame. Thankfully, they also provide top and bottom extensions in case the door is smaller than what you require.

Step 3: Drilling Job

After you placed the security door properly, you will have to mark the pre-drill spots. Modern security doors come with markers for pre drills directing where you should drill the holes, you just have to place your electric drill there and let it do the work for you, pretty simple, isn’t it?

However, there are security doors which don’t have pre-drill markers. If there’s none, you should measure and mark them yourself.

In order to do that you need to mark and measure the hinges to figure out exactly where the hinges should go on the door jamb.

Now, check if the door jamb is of the right shape or not. In case it’s a no, then remove the security door for a second and use the hammer and chisel to make the door jamb shaped properly making it easy for the hinge to fit.

Step 04: Screwing

Now, you have to drill pilot holes using the electrical drill. Afterward, attach the hinge and screw them tightly using one-way screws.

Screw the top hinge first, then the bottom and middle hinges. This is the correct order. When this is accomplished, you can place the hinge. Open and close the door to see if it fits properly. There should be a 3mm gap to ensure adequate space to move freely.

Step 05: Attaching The Strike Plate

When the hinge is placed, you need to mark the place where you are going to place the strike plate. Usually, the strike plate is attached on the opposite side of the hinge. Just like before, pre-drill pilot holes for the strike plate and latch.

After the strike plate fits properly, you should assemble the latch and when that is done, they can also be tightened with one-way screws.

installing security door

Step 06: Install The Handle And Door Lock

Once the latch is installed, you need to insert the door locks and handles.  By now, you can already see the endpoint of your goal.

Like the previous steps, pre-drill the holes first. There are too many holes to put screws in during this step so don’t lose your focus.

When the holes are ready, put in the lock body and set screws in the hole. Subsequently, place the outside handle first, then insert the spindle, and finally, place the inside handle which is followed by putting screws through the handle to secure it. Be sure to keep the handles horizontal while facing it to the direction of the hinges.

Afterward, place the cylinder and turn your key to lock it. Once it is in a locked position, insert the screws. Feel like too many screws? Don’t worry! It’s for your own safety and security.

Now the handle and locks should work just as they intended.

Step 07: Beautification

All the heavy-duty work is done by now. Now only the aesthetics are left. Just because you want safety for your home doesn’t mean you want a basic looking door to ruin the overall elegance of your house.

You don’t need to empty your pocket to have a superior looking front door. Some thoughtful paint job would do just fine. You can make it look simple with wooden brown colors or a minimalistic two-color paint job with any two of black, white, red, or blue or be extravagant and splash it with colors. The creative right is yours.

The hard work is over and you have a security door to keep you and your belongings safe.

You Are Secure Now!

Cheers! Now that you know how to install a security door, start formulating your budget and get the necessary tools required to kick start.

To be honest, a security door might seem costly but you can’t put a price on peaceful sleep, and if a security door allows it then I’d call it worth the effort. Sweet dreams!

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