Top 7 Best Oven Cleaner for Baked on Grease to Buy In 2024

Best Oven Cleaner for Baked on Grease spray

You have just posted a photo of the delicious food you are cooking now on your oven on Instagram.

When you get back to check on the photo after a while, you notice your dirty and greasy oven.

How embarrassing could it be to show your grime filled oven to the world? Not cool!

To avoid such a situation, you need to take action right now. If you want a sparkling new oven, get the best oven cleaner for baked-on grease today.

Oven cleaner for baked-on grease works like magic. You no longer need any professional help or anything else. You can achieve a shiny and cleaned oven like a new one all by yourself within minutes.

Top 5 Oven Cleaners for Burnt on Grease at a Glance

Top 7 Best Oven Cleaner for Baked on Grease Reviews

Among all the oven cleaner for baked-on grease in the market, I have picked and reviewed only seven most wonderful cleaners for making your search much easier. Trust me when I say you will not get an alternative to these. Let’s check them out.

1. Easy Off Professional Fume Free Max Oven Cleaner Spray

Easy Off Professional Fume Free Max Oven Cleaner Spray

Do you want the hard way or easy way?

No doubt, the easy way. And the easiest way to deal with your heavily greased oven is using Easy Off Professional Fume Free Max Oven Cleaner. You have no idea how effective this cleaner can be until you use it.

At the end of a tiring cooking day, you definitely don’t want to start up a hectic cleaning session. No way! That’s when the Easy Off Professional makes an entry in your life. It works like magic.

You can see it yourself from the customer reviews it received.

Key Features
  • Fume free spray to give you a healthy working space.
  • No time required for heating the oven for cleaning.
  • Cold oven technology cleans all the grime and grease at normal room temperature.
  • Spot cleaning. Does not take much time, and the oven can be used right after cleaning.

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The fume-free cleaning spray can save you from all the hard work of scrubbing and rubbing. After finishing your cooking, just go straight to bed.

Yeah, it’s that simple. Only apply the cleaner on your cold oven and leave it overnight. In the morning, wipe out all the stain and get a shiny ready to use oven.

Did you even think life could be that simple? Well, now you can think so— no more dirty-rusty looking oven. Make sure you cool down your oven, create enough room for ventilation, and let the magic begin.

2. Grab Green Biodegradable Power Degreaser – Best Oven Cleaner for Burnt on Grease

Grab Green Power Degreaser- Best oven cleaner for burnt on grease

Nature gives us a lot, but we harm mother nature with all the toxic chemicals we use in our daily lives. The less we use contaminating substances, the closer we can get to nature.

These chemicals harm us as it harms nature. Grab Green is such a company that builds completely nature-based formulas. They are safe for both our environment and for us.

Grab Green biodegradable power degreaser is a kitchen cleaner that will completely change your ideas about cleaning agents. We always think only toxic chemicals can work effectively on hard stains or dirt. You won’t trust it until you see it yourself.

Key Features
  • Made from nature-based ingredients. Safe for both our environment and us.
  • No issues of health hazards and chemical burns. It can be used with bare hands.
  • Includes a refreshing plant-based essential oil fragrance.
  • It can be used immediately anywhere anytime— no time required for cooling or heating.

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This natural power degreaser can clean baked grease, tough grimes, and stains from your oven, rangers, stove, microwave, or even kitchen hoods.

It is made out of plant-based components, including a refreshing fragrance. The company never tests any of its products on animals and keeps it totally harmless for nature.

The cleaner is both harmless and effective for your home use. No extra time is needed for cooling or heating. Just apply the degreaser wherever you see grime and clean.

The handy spray bottle allows you to get to the hard-to-reach areas. Simply spray and wipe, the work is done immediately.

3. Member’s Mark Commercial Oven, Grill & Fryer Cleaner Degreaser

Member's Mark Commercial Oven, Grill & Fryer Cleaner Degreaser

If you are not satisfied with your current cleaner and want something as effective as the restaurant’s one, then the Member’s Mark cleaner will be perfect for you.

This commercial degreaser is often used for home kitchen cleaning too.

Member’s mark cleaner is a liquid substance that comes in a spray bottle. You can easily spray it on directly on the grimes and greases on your stove or your oven.

The substance goes very harsh on the greases to leave not a single stain on your kitchen appliance.

Key Features
  • Restaurant quality cleaning at home.
  • Comes in a spray bottle. Suitable for vertical surfaces too.
  • Does not require mixing water or any kind of soluble liquid with it— direct and easy use.
  • Cleans dirty surfaces immediately.

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You do not have to add extra water or other soluble items for using it— no extra side hassles. The formula comes ready in the bottle and ready to act. It works effectively on its own.

It can change the whole look no matter how bad the scenario is. You can use it over the hot surfaces. However, it is always better to maintain safety with chemical substances.

It comes in 3 bottles a pack at a very reasonable price. Now cleaning business won’t hurt you anymore. No more struggle for a cleaner kitchen, you get a clean kitchen within seconds.

4. STANLEY HOME PRODUCTS Original Degreaser Oven & Grill Cleaner

STANLEY HOME PRODUCTS Original Degreaser Oven & Grill Cleaner

Its always good to get more from one. That’s what Stanley Home Products’ original degreaser can give you.

It is a multipurpose grease cleaner. No matter where the grease is, you can use this cleaner anywhere you want— whether it is your oven, broilers, grill, ranger, stove, kitchen hood, or any kitchen appliances. You can use it in multiple places even if you buy it for an oven.

This cleaner is made with a phosphate-free biodegradable formula. It will not create any health hazards. It is completely safe for our health and our environment. You can use this fume-free substance on hot surfaces or cold without facing any problem.

Key Features
  • Multipurpose cleaner. Can be used for cleaning a wide range of kitchen appliances besides oven.
  • Phosphate-free biodegradable formula. Safe for health and the environment.
  • Concentrated formula. Can be used directly or by diluting.
  • Needs a small amount even for tough jobs. Servers you for a longer time and helps you save extra bucks.

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The formula comes in a concentrated state. Even the toughest grease stain can be removed with this concentrated cleaner. For random use, you can dilute it with a certain amount of water and yet get a remarkable result.

Cleaners can take a lot of bucks off from your kitchen budget. But this one is the total opposite. Instead of cutting a huge amount, it will save you a big number.

You can go a long way with one purchase. It comes in a 32-ounce bottle, but it will give you a service of 32 gallons of solution.

5. Zep ZUOVGR19 Heavy-Duty Oven and Grill Cleaner Aerosol Spray

Zep ZUOVGR19 Heavy-Duty Oven and Grill Cleaner Aerosol Spray

Quality service is the main reason for a company to last longer in a market.

You can tell Zep has been providing that for surviving in the market for 80 years now. They try to offer next-level clean for all their customers.

You might have oil spills everywhere in your oven that has been baking for hours, and the worst thing you see now. This is when you need an ultimate solution like Zep heavy duty oven and grill cleaner.

Key Features
  • Aerosol spray. You can use it evenly over the greased surface.
  • Multipurpose cleaning agent. It can be applied for different kitchen appliances as per the direction given on the spray bottle.
  • Has to be used on hot surfaces. You can use it right after cooking.
  • Removes even the worst stain and grease, no hard scrubbing or rubbing required.

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It is an aerosol spray. It emits thick foam that adheres to the greasy areas and degreases the surface in no time. You can use it for your rotisseries, grills, barbeque, or even for porcelain, ceramic wares, besides using it for your oven.

You would not want to go back to the cleaning business after working all day long. No problem. Wear a protective mask. Apply Zep cleaner on your hot oven right after finishing your use. Leave it like that for a while and take a break.

Later simply wipe out the oven with any dump cloth piece. No hard scrubbing, no struggling. Just how simple it is. And as an outcome, you get a clean and sparkling oven.

6. Diversey Break-Up Professional Oven & Grill Cleaner Aerosol Spray

Diversey Break-Up - Professional Oven & Grill Cleaner for Baked on Grease

Aerosol means the use of CFCs. But this aerosol spray cleaner ensures no CFC on it to safeguard our environment. The Diversey break-up professional oven & grill cleaner aerosol spray is effective for any of your kitchen appliances.

Not only for making your kitchen look beautiful, but also for healthy cooking, you need a clean cooking space.

The dirt and grease all around your oven will continuously get baked along with your food and affect your food quality. It is very harmful to you and your family’s health. So never leave your oven or grill uncleaned.

Key Features
  • Very strong formula. Acts on the greases very quickly.
  • It does not have a strong odor concerning its powerful formulation.
  • Works even on the hardest greases and grimes.
  • No set temperature for use. It can be used at any time on any surface area.

The 19 oz bottle is enough to be used for a long time. It produces a foamy texture and works directly on the grease. Despite being powerful and strong for greases and grimes, it does not have a strong odor to create breathing problems.

This noncorrosive cleaning agent will help you clean the baked grease on your oven or your grill. Merely scrubbing on them will take you hours and not get the cleaning effect what one spray of this cleaner can get you. It penetrates through the hardened grease and carbonized grime and dissolves them making cleaning easy.

There is no specific temperature requirement for this cleaner. It works fine both in hot and cold surfaces. You do not have to wait for the right time. You can work with it anytime and clean the dirt off.

7. FS Oven Clean Grill, Stove, Oven Heavy Duty Industrial Strength Viscous Gel Cleaner

FS Oven Clean Grill, Stove, Oven Heavy Duty Industrial Strength Viscous Gel Cleaner, non toxic oven cleaner

You deserve a good, no, a great cleaner as you came down a long way to the last one. This FS oven cleaner is just perfect for your treat.

This viscous gel cleaner is made from non-hazardous and fume-free substances. It will not create any health risks for you or your family– very user friendly.

This gel cleaner doesn’t have any problems with odor and fumes;it barely has any smell. So, you face no issues of choking and irritation.

Key Features
  • Viscous gel material made of non-toxic substances.
  • Non-hazardous and safe for home use.
  • Fume less and no strong odor. It does not create irritation or choking problems.
  • Environment-friendly biodegradable kitchen cleaner.

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Whether you have a rigid stain or clingy grime, it can remove everything. All you have to do is apply the gel to the designated areas of the oven. This cleaner is a gel material.

You will have to apply it with a brush or something similar to it. Leaving it for a while will give better results. In the end, rub it off and you get a sparkling oven.

You must think about your environment too, besides thinking about your oven. Our environment is affected by all our activities. Small toxicity together can create a bigger impact in the long run.

We must take each step thinking about our environment. And with this cleaning agent, you can ensure you are not harming that. It is completely biodegradable and doesn’t hamper the environment.

FAQs about Oven Cleaner for Baked-on Grease

Even if I tried to cover everything in the review section, you may still have some questions about or closely related to the oven cleaner for baked-on grease.

Well, nothing to worry about. I am going to answer all those questions in this FAQ section. Scroll down and find your answer.

a young girl cleaning the oven red decor kitchen

1. How to use an oven cleaner?

Using an oven cleaner is very simple. You will find varieties of oven cleaners in the market. Each has its own properties and usability. The only similarity is that for using any oven cleaner, you should take the safety measures first and then set off to work.

You can use some cleaners on the oven anytime, not having the temperature issues. You can simply spray or pour your oven cleaner on the surface and clean it.

Some are sensitive to temperature,so the oven needs to be cooled or heated for cleaning it.

For applying an oven cleaner, keep the bottle at least 8-12 cm away from the walls and spray it. To get better results, leave the cleaner on the oven for a while and then wash it off.

Experts suggest that heat the oven for around 5-10 minutes at high temperature after every cleaning session before cooking your food in it. It burns out all the leftover cleaner on the oven and makes it safe to use.

2. How long it takes for a cleaning agent to clean an oven?

A cleaning agent can work immediately after use. Once you apply it on the designated surface, it starts its action. You will get a clean surface within a couple of minutes.

However, for getting 100% outcome, it is better to leave it for a while to act on the greases deeply. You can leave it for an hour or two before washing it off. Again leaving it overnight can be a better option too. It helps take off the hardest stains and make cleaning easier.

3. Can I use the oven cleaner on its glass door?

You can use the oven cleaner to clean the entire oven including its glass door. It is made of certain substances to allow you to clean every corner of the oven without any problem.

However, do not apply the cleaners on aluminum or any painted surface. Avoid such areas while cleaning.

4. How often should I clean my oven with these cleaning agents?

Cleaning of your oven depends on how often you use it. If you use it frequently, use the oven cleaners once in a month to clean off the hard greases and stains.

Again, if you rarely use your oven, you can use the cleaner once in a couple of months. And try to keep the oven clean regularly by wiping with normal dump cloth pieces and water.

5. Are oven cleaning agents hazardous to health?

No. oven cleaners are made in a certain manner to work on tough stains but not be hazardous to health. However, they are chemical substances. Improper use of cleaners might create problems.

While using an oven cleaner, you have to follow some instructions. If you work accordingly, it will not cause any risk for you. Avoid causing fume or using fume-based oven cleaners. Open all the windows and make room for enough ventilation when working with an oven cleaner. For more safety, try to use a face mask and hand gloves during cleaning.

Beginners Guide to Buying Oven Cleaner for Baked-on Grease 

Before buying an oven cleaner for baked-on grease, you must look at some important factors if you want to get the best oven cleaner. Let’s talk about them.

a young girl cleaning oven with the best oven cleaner spray for Baked-on Grease

Easy to Use

You will use your oven cleaner to make your works easier. But if your cleaner creates hassles of its own, you will be in trouble. Look for cleaners that have simple usability and bring ease to your work.

Some cleaners are temperature sensitive. They require the oven to be either hot or cold. For such cleaners, you have to wait for a while before doing the cleaning business.

Again you will find cleaning agents that come in a concentrated form. You will have to dilute it using water before applying.

The packaging is also a factor for easy use. They come in spray form or liquid form without any spraying nozzle. The spray bottles are easy to use on vertical surfaces.

The best ones among them are the ones that are not temperature sensitive, comes in a spray packaging and ready to use. You can use these cleaners can at any time on any surface. These types of cleaners do not involve extra hassles and make your task easier.

Nontoxic Formula

You should always use products that have a nontoxic formula no matter what you are using. Toxic materials can be hazardous to you and your family’s health.

Oven cleaners are agents that help you clean your cooking device. Rather than doing good, it will cause serious health issues if they are made of highly toxic substances.

As you are dealing with chemical substances, it will be more or less harmful. But make sure your chosen cleaning agent does not have highly poisonous components to put you in trouble.

In the recommendation list above, I have mentioned various nontoxic and environment-friendly cleaning agents. You can get the best one for you.

Time Required for Action

The cleaning agents are made for making your cleaning easy and fast. But if your cleaner turns to be the slow one, you are doomed.

Cleaning agents must work fast and effectively. The faster they work the easier your cleaning job becomes.

Odor and Fume Issues

The strong smell and fumes from the oven cleaner can be a huge issue when you face it. Inhaling them can cause choking and irritation.

The strong smells cause nose irritation, severe headache, and ultimately make it impossible to use. They usually have a pungent smell and its very hard to tolerate.

The aerosol sprays mostly create fumes. They directly go into your throat and start the irritation problem. Such issues are highly hazardous as these chemical substances might cause a serious health problem.

Thus while buying oven cleaners, make sure you go for the odorless and fumeless ones. From the recommendation list above, Easy Off Professional Fume Free Max Oven Cleaner and Grab Green Biodegradable Power Degreaser are the best cleaners eliminating these issues.

cleaning the oven with non toxic oven cleaner and foam scrubber

Final Words

Random cleaning can be easy, but the tough grime and stains can be a hard thing to deal with. The dirty stains and grimes destroy the actual color of the oven and make it gross. It changes the whole appearance of your kitchen,and it looks like a haunted place.

That’s when you need to work smart, not hard. And a smart work is to get the best oven cleaner for baked on grease. Don’t wait for the grime to cause more damage to your outlook; get an oven cleaner right now.

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