How To Hide The Back Of A Reclining Couch? [Solved]

It’s quite embarrassing if a guest finds out about the bars and wires in the rear of the reclining couch from afar. To avoid this sort of incident, it gets vital to hide it in an expert way.

Using a console table, DIY baseboard, and the large bench behind is how you can easily hide the back of a reclining sofa. Otherwise, place 2 – 3 shelves or cabinets to conceal that. You can also try ottomans, poufs, or sofa mattresses to hide the rear of a reclining couch.

This guide will discuss how to hide the back of a reclining couch and share the methods in detail so you can understand. Let’s Begin!

How To Hide The Back Of A Reclining Couch

6 Ways To Hide The Back Of A Reclining Couch!

There are a lot of ideas to hide the back of the couch that can be found on the internet. But, not all work out as some can ruin the look. Based on your preference and comfort, pick one method given below:

1. Use A Console Table

Start by grabbing a reliable and good-looking console table like the Convenience console table. Then, place the table behind the reclining couch and set them closer so that no bar can be seen.

Put on all the decorative stuff on the table in an organized manner. It would be better if you put larger showpieces on the top section and place small wooden stuff at the bottom.

2. Insert DIY Baseboard

If the back of the couch faces the entryway and you want to hide the wires and bending bars from guests, then use the sofa baseboard behind.

To do that, you’ll need to make a right-sized baseboard using hardwood. Take a measuring tape to measure the width and height of the bottom area which you want to hide.

According to the measured size, place the wood panel on the storage table and cut it using a circular saw. Check if it can hide the bottom section or need some sharpening. If so, sand the surface to level it up.

Then, drill some holes to place 2 or 3 fixed hinges on the baseboard. Next, insert screws with a screwdriver and simply place it at the right spot where you have the reclining couch.

After that, drill on the floor based on the hinge’s holes. Place the screws and tighten them out using the same tool. Slightly adjust the couch and place it aligned to the baseboard.

3. Put a Large Bench 

Another way how you can conceal the reclining couch is by using a large bench. For that, you only need to find one that doesn’t harm the good looks of the recliner like the SONGMICS 43″ ottoman bench.

Place it behind the couch and simply set the position properly. Ensure nothing is shown behind you even if recline the couch.

4. Place A Few Shelves

By using 2 – 3 shelves behind the reclining couch, you can hide its back. It will conceal everything that you want to hide.

Just put the shelves side by side and insert all the books, table lamps, candles, glass show pieces, poufs, and so on items. 

It won’t take much if you already have a few shelves to use there. Or else, it might cost a lot to invest in shelves but will surely improve the look professionally.

5. Utilize The Cabinets

You can use some cabinets behind the reclining couch to hide the wires and bars. For that, just place the cabinets alongside and put some basic items on top.

It’ll help to conceal the back view and improve the appearance. Plus, this will add functionality as you can place other items inside the cabinets that need to be hidden.

6. Other Ways

Apart from the above methods, there are some ways you can easily conceal the back of the reclining couch. These are:

  • Use some ottoman decors.
  • Try putting a few poufs.
  • Add a good-looking sofa mattress.

Overall Thought

Think of home visuals and budget before you hide the back of a reclining couch. Depending on the placement of the couch and home atmosphere, try to pick one method and keep it simple.

Also, match the shade of the items with the reclining couch to ensure it doesn’t look weird. Happy Decoration!

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