How To Decorate With The Old Reclining Sofa? [DIY Makeover]

It needs a huge budget to change the old reclining sofa. But if I tell you that, you won’t require that to improve the look.

You only need to locate a good spot to place the old reclining sofa with other attractive furniture. Then, throw some colorful pillows with a fluffy blanket and insert the rag in the bottom. Next, lighten up the room and place a table. Finally, add a few decors to end it.

To know exactly how to decorate with a reclining sofa, I’ll share a handy process and give some hacks that would help you makeover the living room in the finest way. Let’s start!

how to decorate with a reclining sofa

 7 Steps To Decorate With The Old Reclining Sofa!

Adorning a room using a reclining sofa is a little challenging as it is a larger piece of furniture. To fit it in the right style that improves the look of the area, you’ll need to try these steps:

1. Pick The Right Spot

Firstly, you’ll need to find the proper location to fit the large piece of furniture. It would be better to place the reclining sofa near the wall or window. Plus, ensure that there’s enough space available for people to walk in.

Pro Tip: If the room is small, then avoid placing the reclining sofa as it will seem tiring.

2. Place Some Pieces Of Furniture

The reclining sofa would look lonely if placed in the center with nothing. So, it’s best to place 2 chairs or sofas on its left and right side. Just ensure the shade of all furniture is similar to the reclining sofa.

3. Add Pillows and Throw Blanket

To pop the living room with a recliner sofa, it’s best to place some pillows matching the color. For example, if the sofa is white, use pink or brown pillows based on the wall color. After that, use a decorative throw blanket like the DEZANBO blanket that comes in 13 different shades.

4. Insert A Good-looking Rug

If you are like, what’s missing? Well, it’s the area rug! Just use a rug that goes with the space of the living room underneath the reclining sofa. This will add good looks to the overall environment and help make the sofa the center of highlight.

Pro Tip: Instead of the rug, you can use carpet or maybe place your old rug beneath if it is good in shape.

5. Set Up The Lighting

Next, you should concentrate on the lighting. The room with a reclining sofa should have a good amount of lighting to make it pop.

For this, I’d suggest adding standing lamps that won’t take up more space plus help to increase brightness like the Ambimall LED lamp. Instead of that, you can use a table lamp or maybe use fan lights to match the reclining sofa.

6. Use An Attractive Table

Once you’ve lightened up the room using good items, it’s time to add the table in the center of the reclining sofa and other furniture.

Place a square-shaped table in the middle of the area if the living room is big and contains good space. Or else, it’s best to use a round table like the LONYKE 2-Piece table set in the middle of the reclining sofa and other chairs.

Pro Tip: Place all sorts of vintage novels or books on the table to make the room look homely. You can also place glass decors on top of it.

7. Do Some Personal Touch-ups

Lastly, use artwork frames on the wall right above the reclining sofa to ensure the whole environment look cozy and homely.

You can also insert a flower pot, candle, or something related to decor to make the whole room look welcoming for everyone.

Note: When it comes to decorating with an old reclining sofa, there are no specific rules. That means you can add anything to it. Just ensure it is looking good.

Tips And Tricks To Decorate With A Reclining Sofa!

  • Think of the size and weight of the reclining sofa before you use larger accessories around it. If the sofa is small, then try putting larger decors to balance the makeover.
  • Depending on the color of the wall, reclining sofa, and floor, pick neutral or dark shade decors.
  • Consider the level of textures in all decorative stuff. Excessive texture can draw focus and make the room look weird.
  • Keep the makeover simple and elegant instead of putting everything.
  • Use fewer but good items and avoid overcrowding the living room.

Ending Note

Decorating with a reclining sofa is easy once you list down all the items you’ll use. Note that attention to detail and a sense of balance are vital for transforming your living room with this piece of furniture.

Just use your own creativity to make the room look nice when decorating it with the reclining sofa. Use the old furniture and renew the home look with a little investment!

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