Best Corner Protectors for Babies | Top 7 Corner Guards of 2023

Best Corner Protectors for babies

I still remember the time when my baby brother bumped himself with our tea table corner. He started bleeding terribly with a split of seconds. Luckily it was not the eye, but the injury was pretty bad.

Now the question is, how many times a kid can luckily escape from danger?

You should not ignore your kid’s safety. It’s in your hands. Home might seem the safest place on earth, but your beautiful furniture is an excellent treat for the kids.

Getting rid of this danger is pretty simple. Use furniture corner protectors and edge safety bumpers. Using the best table corner protectors for babies is the best way to minimize risks.

Best Baby Proofing Edge & Corner Guards at a Glance

Corner Protector for Baby, Protectors Guards - Furniture Corner...
Soft Baby Proofing Corner Guards & Edge Protectors - Pre-Taped...
Roving Cove Baby Proofing Edge Corner Protector, Table Bumper...
Bebe Earth Baby Proofing Edge and Corner Guard Protector Set, 20...
Corner Protector for Baby, Protectors Guards - Furniture Corner...
Soft Baby Proofing Corner Guards & Edge Protectors - Pre-Taped...
Roving Cove Baby Proofing Edge Corner Protector, Table Bumper...
Bebe Earth Baby Proofing Edge and Corner Guard Protector Set, 20...
Corner Protector for Baby, Protectors Guards - Furniture Corner...
Corner Protector for Baby, Protectors Guards - Furniture Corner...
Soft Baby Proofing Corner Guards & Edge Protectors - Pre-Taped...
Soft Baby Proofing Corner Guards & Edge Protectors - Pre-Taped...
Roving Cove Baby Proofing Edge Corner Protector, Table Bumper...
Roving Cove Baby Proofing Edge Corner Protector, Table Bumper...
Bebe Earth Baby Proofing Edge and Corner Guard Protector Set, 20...
Bebe Earth Baby Proofing Edge and Corner Guard Protector Set, 20...

Top 7 Best Table Corner Protectors for Babies

You will find thousands of options for furniture corner guards online. It is quite impossible to search every hook and corner for the best ones. I did it earlier when I was in badly need of it.

So, you’re lucky! Just read my unbiased reviews of the table corner protectors and find the best one in your budget.

1. CalMyotis – Baby Proofing Table Corner Guards – Best Table Corner Protectors

Key Benefits

Baby proofing edge & corner guards

  • Transparent in color, and does not affect the natural look of the furniture.
  • Adhesive is used for its installation. So, it is easy to use and stick.
  • Non-toxic, tasteless and colorless. It is very safe for babies.
  • Soft and flexible. High impact resistant.

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Calmyotisis one of the renowned brands, and famous in the world of mom and baby products. It is a Chinese brand that mostly sells mother and baby goods; it also offers baby protection products. One of the company’s products is the 24pack corner protector for babies.

It is a round-shaped protector used to guard the corners of the sharp furniture. CalMyotis corner protector is transparent in color. Many may worry about the fact that the protector will dim the sophisticated look of the furniture. Nothing to worry about, it does not affect the actual appearance of the furniture.

The protector is stuck on the furniture with the help of custom-made adhesive. It has been used by so many people and has been highly recommended for its longevity of staying in its place.

The protector is made of very high-quality PVC plastic. It does not contain any heavy metal and BPA-free. Due to its material, it is very soft and flexible. The softness of the protector reduces the risk of getting injured by the protector itself.

2. Ellas Homes – Clear Edge Bumpers (20-Pack) Table Corner Protectors for Baby Safety

Key Benefits
Best furniture corner guards

  • The protector offers three times more hold and grip with the furniture.
  • The bumper comes with a user guide. Thus, it can be installed without any difficulty.
  • It fits random furniture easily due to its ‘L’ shaped design.
  • Safe for children from choking or related hazards.

Can you ever compromise with the safety no matter what you’re buying it for? When it comes to kids, it becomes more concerning. Your child’s safety is the first thing to consider. To do so, you can consider EllasHomes, a famous brand of clear edge bumpers.

The above-mentioned collection of the edge bumpers contains 20 pieces in each pack. It comes in appealing shape and design that does not hurt the furniture’s natural look.The fortified patented gum helps to hold the product to the furniture. It ensures the bumper stays on its place, making it hard for children to stripping it.

The protector is easy to implant over the furniture. It can be installed within a couple of minutes. The process is very convenient and free from hassles.

The protector is made as per the basic shape of furniture corners. As a result, it fits corners of any kind of furniture. The material is non-toxic. It does not contain any kind of chemical. It is made thinking about the health and safety of kids.

3. Sure Basics – Soft Baby Proofing Corner Guards – 3M Pre-Taped Table Corner Protector

Key Benefits
Baby proofing edge & corner guards

  • Double lining adhesive is used for installation.
  • The glue does not leave any residue while removing and thus do not damage the furniture.
  • Soft and thick material ensures high effectivity.
  • Flame resistant and 100% risk-free.

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The renowned brand Sure Basics had the goal to offer an extensive range of excellent childproofing products from its initiation. The brand makes products appropriate for kids of all ages. Sure Basics has a collection of furniture corner and edge safety bumpers too. The collection contains 8 pieces in a pack.

The corner guard comes with smeared double-faced tape over it.It helps the guard stick to any furniture like wood, glass, steel and other metals. Not only that, but the bumper can also create a baby-friendly environment in the kitchen and office space. It works great even on ceramic, marble and quartz.

This safety bumper is easy to install and use. For installation, it requires only peeling off the cover from the tape and stick the item on the designated furniture corner. Its implantation needs no hassle.

The protector is made of rubber. It is soft and thick, making the protector highly efficient in absorbing the baby bumps on the furniture. Beyond that, the material of the protector is completely non-toxic. It does not contain any BPA, phthalates or latex. It is also flame resistant.

4. Skyla Homes – Clear Edge Table Corners Bumpers for Baby Safety (12-Pack)

Key Benefits
Best baby proofing corner protectors

  • The protector comes with easy installation and easy take-off procedure.
  • For its easy stick nature, it can be used almost anywhere.
  • Transparent in color. It does not damage the look of the furniture.
  • Sophisticated look and color add extra beauty to the look of the furniture.

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Skyla Homes is the name of another leading brand prevailing in the market of mom & baby products. The products of this brand are factory tested and safety ensured. The collection of clear edge bumpers from Skyla Homes comes in 12 pieces set. The sophisticated looking protectors are highly effective at work.

The Skyla Homes baby proofing edge and corner guards assure no damage will happen to the furniture. It causes no harm or damage to the furniture. You do not have to worry about its installation process. The item comes with a pre-applied adhesive. Only peel off the adhesive guard and install it wherever necessary.

The protector has multi-purpose features. It can stick on wood, plastic, metal, glass, ceramic, and even on stones or bricks. So, it can be used in any room settings with any type of furniture having a sharp edge.

The bumper has a transparent design and look. The transparent look of the product is ideal for your furniture, which you cherish for its look and color.

5. LOMILY – Glass Corner Protectors for Baby – Best Clear Corner Protectors

Key Benefits
Best baby proofing corner protectors

  • Fixes well and does not hurt the overall look of the furniture.
  • It is made of food-grade PVC. No risk of poisoning if licked or chewed by kids.
  • The pre-applied adhesive makes the installation process easier.
  • It comes with extra adhesive and can be used later when you need.

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To get rid of the tension of kids bumping into furniture edges, LOMILY gives one of the best solutions in the market. The company ensures both quality and durability in the budget. Thus, it became the top pick in our list of the best table corner protectors for babies.

The collection of table bumpers for babies’ safety by LOMILY comes in 12 pieces a pack. That great quality product for such a reasonable price has made it desirable for lots of users.

The major feature of this product is its shape. The ‘L’ shaped figure of the protector matches completely with normal typical furniture edge shape.It seems like it is a part of it.

The shape and size of the element also make it choking proof and hazard proof. Though it can only be taken off by the force of an adult, yet in situations like that, it would not create a threatening incident.

The material of the protector is non-toxic; it is made of food-grade PVC. So, by any chance, if a kid licks the edge or anything similar to that happens, it would not affect the child’s health.

The corner protector comes with pre-smeared adhesive on its inner part. It has an easy installation process. Moreover, the item also comes with extra adhesive in case required.

6. Roving Cove – Best Baby Proofing Edge & Corner Guards – Furniture Bumper

Key Benefits
Furniture Corner & Edge Safety Bumpers

  • It is flame-resistant, which’ll keep it safe from fire.
  • Free from toxic material. So, it is safe for your kids
  • High-density material with extra shock absorbent capacity.
  • Long and straight tape edge guard along with ‘L’ shaped edge guards for full coverage.

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Roving Cove, a trademark of Mayapple Baby, became a renowned brand selling child safety products in the market. The brand has good reviews and high rates from the users. They never fail to satisfy their customers. They always ensure high quality and safe products for their clients.

The corner guard comes with a18ft edge cover and 8 pieces ‘L’ shaped corner covers. In total, the safety bumper can cover 20.4ft area. It has ensured its resistance through flammability trials under USA law. The product has been made using the safest resources keeping safety in the priority.

It is made of NBR foam, and free from any toxic material. It does not contain BPA or latex and has no poisonous chemicals like lead and phthalate.

The corner guard goes ahead of the rest in its density count. In the durometer result, it leaves the other products way behind. For its higher density material, its shock-absorbent capacity is much higher.

The four edges of the furniture are dangerous for kids; the rest of the furniture edges are equally threatening. The 3-meter-long tape along with ‘L’ shaped edge guards ensure extra protection. The protector guards the furniture holistically.

7. Bebe Earth – Baby Proofing Edge and Corner Guard Protector Set

Key Benefits
Table bumpers for baby’s safety

  • Has a door guard kit, ensuring safety while closing the door.
  • Free from BPA, phthalates, and all other toxic materials.
  • Child-friendly look and that also features proper safety.
  • Ensures full protection through full coverage.

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Bebe Earth has a stupendous record for ensuring the safety of the babies. If you consider safety as a serious thing, this brand name will fascinate you while quality is another feature of the product.It ensures high-quality products to give the kids a safe space at home.

The furniture and table bumper for baby’s safety collection of the brand comes with a long full coverage edge protector and also the ‘L’ shaped pointed corner protectors. Another exciting addition to this collection is the exciting animal-shaped door guard.

The product has over 12 meters long tape and 8 corner covers. All of them have pre-applied adhesive on them. It helps you easily install and easily peel-off. It covers the entire edge of the furniture.

At times, children unconsciously pinch their fingers while closing the door. It is a very serious issue for kids. Many times, such accidents cause serious injury. Moreover, locking the door by the kids is also an issue. For preventing all of these, it features a door guard that is designed for kids.

All the items of the collection are free from toxic materials and certified as child friendly. The protectors are 100% free of BPA, phthalates and other hazardous chemicals. Beyond that, it is fire resistant too.

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FAQs about Table Corner Protectors for Baby

1. Can the baby bumpers be reusable after taking off from the furniture?

Ans: Yes, the edge guards can be used again after peeling off from the furniture. Most of the time, it might work as effectively as the first use. But, it might often be risky to reuse as it can come off easily.

Well, there is a solution to this problem. Before you reuse, make sure you apply another round of adhesive over the inner surface to ensure it is 100% risk-free use.

2. Can the protectors be removed from the furniture without any traces?

Ans: Of course, you can. But a specific guide must be followed to avoid residues or damage to the furniture. You can use a hairdryer to heat the protector first. When it gets warm, try to take it off slowly. It will get off the furniture without any trouble.

3. What if the sticky bumper leaves residues on the furniture?

Ans: No need to worry in such situations. It has a solution. The marks can be removed with some techniques.

At first, heat the area of the residues with a hairdryer. Then, apply a wd40 solution or goo gone spray on the heated area. After waiting for 2 minutes, wash the area with soap water and a clean towel. The residue will be gone within seconds.

4. Can the corner bumpers be installed on bricks?

Ans: It depends on the type of your corner guard. Some have the capability of being installed on the bricks, whereas many do not.The ones that can be stuck to bricks comes with a highly powerful adhesive. They can be stuck anywhere.

On the contrary, many corner guards cannot stick to rough surfaces. They do not stay put and eventually come off. So, make sure you buy the right one.

What’s Now

Kids are just like butterflies. They like to explore, go everywhere and touch everything. It is in their nature. They do not understand where the danger waits for them. It is your responsibility to keep the surroundings safe.

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