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Best Wind Chimes Reviews

Wind chimes are known to us for thousands of years.

This old legend has been used as a garden ornament, in the rooms of a house or in front of a door as decor.

It is said that wind chimes attract positive energy. The tingling sound it creates has a positive wave that surrounds the environment.

Ancient Chinese people were the inventors of wind chimes and since then it is believed to be a medium to cast away spirits away.

But hey, even if you’re not into this ‘voodoo stuff’, you can always use wind chimes as decors. Also, it will take your stresses off when you’ll have a look at it or hear its soothing tingling sounds.

If you really want to buy the best wind chimes but you don’t have any idea which one to choose, then you’re in the right place. Today, I’ll give you some brief introduction and detailed information on wind chimes and will give you some hand-picked best wind chimes reviews.

Without further ado, let’s dive in.

What are Wind Chimes?

Wind chimes are a type of percussion instrument that is made using rods, suspended tubes, bells, or objects made of metal or wood. The tubes or rods are suspended while they team up with some type of weight or surface. The tubes then strike each other when they or another-wind catching surface are blown. This whole process is done by the natural movement of the air outside.

Top 5 Wind Chimes at a Glance:

Top 10 Best Wind Chimes Reviews

Now that you acquired some knowledge on wind chimes, you’re a step ahead to buy the perfect wind chime that fits you. Now, there are a lot of wind chimes available in the market. Most people don’t bat an eye while buying them, but you want the best of the bests, right? To make sure you get the perfect wind chimes for you, let me take you a tour to the best wind chime reviews.

1. Bella Wind Chime, Colorful Capiz Shell Sea Glass Chime, 27 inch

Bella Wind Chime, Colorful Capiz Shell Sea Glass Chime

You can not only use this wind chime in your home but also give it to a friend as a gift. Trust me, no one will be able to ignore the beauty the wind chime holds.

Made with environment-friendly materials, this multicolor wind chime is highly appreciated by the people who want to enjoy soothing sound that will freshen up the mood.  It has got beautiful tinted lime green genuine Capiz shells that produce a soft tinkling during even the slightest breeze.

Key Features
  • Can be given as a gift because of its amazing presentable looks.
  • The sound it produces is neither too loud nor too silent. It produces the perfect soothing melody and calms your nerves.
  • It comes with the perfect 20 inches height and 6 inches width which can fit perfectly to any location you want.
  • It comes with 12 different mind-blowing colors.

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Most wind chimes make very loud sounds that can go into your nerves and make you regret buying them. But the Bella 2077 Capiz wind chime is an exception. It is not so loud and whistling like other chimes and not so silent either. Once its sound reaches your ears, your eyes are bound to shut as the relaxing sound calms your nerves.

The sound will take you an image where you can feel the touch of the ocean, remind you about the sound of waves and the vacation of your summer days.

It is a handmade product that comes with the perfect 20 inches height and 6 inches in width.  It is highly portable and can be hung easily or tied to wood disk on the top. Switch between the aura of your environment as this product comes in 12 different mind-blowing colors.

2. Woodstock PCCB Musically Tuned Chime, Pachelbel Canon

Woodstock PCCB Pachelbel Canon Chime

Have you heard the name of Johann Pachelbel? Who hasn’t, right? If you like the works of Johann Pachelbel, you’ll love the Woodstock PCCB Pachelbel Canon chime. Why? Well, it’s because the product holds the amazing tunes of Johann Pachelbel’s Canon in D.  The chimes are designed in such a way that when it touches the wind, it will create Pachelbel’s song ‘Canon’.

For easy and convenient customization, the Woodstock wind chime has removable windcatcher. It is heavily constructed by 4 bronze aluminum solid rods which combine with 6 bronze aluminum tubes, making the product a premium-level wind chime. The dark Bubinga ash wood gives the chime an amazing look as it blends in with the green foliage of your plants. These features say that this will not only increase the beauty of your home but also you can present this to your friends as a gift.

Key Features
  •  The chimes are designed in such a way that when it touches the wind, it will create a tune of Pachelbel’s song ‘Canon’.
  • It is heavily built by 4 bronze aluminum solid rods which teams up with 6 bronze aluminum tubes, making the product a premium-level wind chime.
  • The length it has is 32 inches, which makes its shape look amazing. Its height makes it look amazing when you’ll keep it amongst your hanging plants.
  • It’s coated with a weather-resistance finish that will make sure the wind chime lasts for years.

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If you buy a product that is too big or too small, it might give you a hard time fitting your area.  The Woodstock PCCB Pachelbel Canon chime boasts the perfect shape a wind chime can come with. It holds a length of 32 inches which will look great when you’ll keep it amongst your hanging plants.

As you’ll keep the product outside, you may stress yourself if it gets harmed by the weather. Well, to be honest, there are plenty of wind chimes that actually gets damaged due to the effects of bad weather. But you won’t face this problem with the Woodstock PCCB Pachelbel canon chime.  The manufacturers coated the product with a weather-resistance finish that will make sure the wind chime lasts for years.

3. UMA Urban Trends Capiz Color Wind Chimes for Patio

Urban Trends Capiz Wind Chimes

This environment-friendly wind chime will definitely wow you by its multicolor appearance.  If you are a person who focuses on health and concerned about the preservation of the environment, then you’ll definitely appreciate this product.

The manufacturer constructed this wind chime with genuine Capiz shells that produce the soft and soothing tinkling when even the slightest breeze hits the chime.

The not-too loud and not-too silent sound takes you a destination where you’ll imagine the touch of the seas as the winds gush you out giving you a relaxed mindset. If you are a fan of whispering and relaxing sounds which will take you to a vacation tour, then the UMA Urban Trends Capiz wind chime is the one you need.

Key Features
  • It is not only beautiful but also very environment-friendly. If you have concerned about health and preservation of the environment, you can definitely trust the UMA Urban Trends Capiz wind chime.
  • The sounds it creates will not get on your nerves like other mainstream wind chimes. Rather, travel to a land of sea and cooling breeze with the flow of the melody it creates. You’ll feel the calmness in your nerves with its melody.
  • The shells come in different colors and shapes, making the product a medium of home decor.
  • It also comes with a varnished wooden base which completes its coastal decoration, making it perfect for your garden and patio.

The shells come in different shape and forms as they’re painted with the various color combination. Buy it for your home decor or give it to a friend as a present and this beautiful and best wind chime will definitely catch the eye of everyone.

Size does matter, at least when it comes to decorating your house or garden.   As the wind chime comes in about 20 inches long, you can place it literally in any corner of your bloomy garden and it will still fit and blend in while giving your area an elegant look.

The wind chime also boasts a varnished wooden base which completes its coastal decoration. This feature makes the wind chime fit and perfect for your garden or patio.

4. Cohasset Gifts 134 Plain Antique Bamboo Wind Chime

Plain Antique Bamboo Wind Chime

According to my personal opinion, the Cohasset plain antique bamboo wind chime is probably one of the best outdoor decor choices you’ll ever make. You can make your own backyard oasis with the wood-like color it has. You’ll get the grand antique look which boasts its uniqueness once you take a look at it.

The touch of an artist on his art makes it more complete. Well, this is what makes the Cohasset wind chime unique. It is completely handmade and comes from the beautiful island of Bali. As Cohasset wind chimes are directly handed over by its artists, it ensures a responsibility sourced, quality product.  Due to its handcrafted feature, you’ll see a small variation in it.

Key Features
  • The grand antique look it has will catch everyone’s eye. The wood-like color it has makes it an amazing part of your home decor.
  • The product is handmade from the beautiful island of Bali. As the artists made this with love and affection, you’ll feel their touch, and this also makes this wind chime a responsibility sourced quality product.
  • It is constructed with bamboo tubes that helps it produce a warm relaxing tone once the windsurfs through them.
  • Due to the combined strength of bamboo and coconut wood, the product will last for years.

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You’ll probably know that in ancient China, the use of bamboo tubes had a reputation for creating extraordinary relaxing sounds. In fact, even today, you’ll find it calming and peaceful. The Cohasset wind chime is constructed with bamboo tubes which will guarantee you a warm relaxing tone once the windsurfs through them.  No, it’s not too loud that it will annoy you or your neighbors. Rather, when you listen to its melody, you’ll dive in a tour where you’ll feel the calmness of soothing breeze.

It is made with strong fast-growing bamboo and coconut wood. This makes the product not only perfect for your backyard decor but also adds advantage to its durability. Due to the combined strength of bamboo and coconut wood, the product will last for years.

5. ASTARIN Aluminum Pipe Wind Chimes Outdoor, Deep Tone, 36 Inch

ASTARIN Aluminum Pipe Wind Chimes Outdoor, Deep Tone, 36 Inch - best wind chimes for garden

The astarin wind chimes come with probably the best pipe for wind chimes. The natural sounds of a lute or lyre it produces will take you to a land where you can feel the celestial nature all by yourself.

The perfect soft melody will enter to your veins through your ears and you’ll shut your eyes as the thrill of calmness touches you.  It offers a rich yet calming tone that is crystal clear and lasts longer than most wind chimes.

To make sure you can use the product as the perfect decor for your home, garden or patio, the manufacturers designed the Prixpi wind chime with stylish forest green aluminum tubes. Furthermore, it features a beautiful powder coat finish that enriches its beauty.

Key Features
  • It produces a very natural sound of lute or lyre, which is not only rich but also crystal clear that will calm your nerves.
  • It comes with a powder coated finish along with forest green aluminum tubes that boost its style.
  • The metal and wind catcher spinner come with weather resistant feature. This ensures the product will last longer than its competitors.
  • Installing this wind chime is just a piece of cake. It comes with an ‘S’ shaped hook. Attach it anywhere you want and that’s it.

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You can use the Prixpi wind chimes both indoors and outdoors safely. You don’t want the bad weather to ruin the new wind chime, right? Most wind chimes are not friendly to all weather conditions. The Prixpi wind chimes’ metal body and wind catcher spinner are weather resistant. So, it doesn’t matter what type of weather condition it faces, it will still be safe and sound against overly strong wind gusts.

Installing this beauty is just a piece of cake. It comes with an ‘S’ shape hook. Just simply attach easily to your roof overhangs or trees around your deck or patio, and you’re good to go.

Pixpry Pipe Wind Chimes

6. UpBlend Outdoors Wind Chimes Soothing Melodic Aluminum Chime

UpBlend Outdoors Wind Chimes Soothing Melodic Aluminum Chime

The UpBlend Outdoors wind chime is constructed with bamboo and aluminum that is not only sustainable but also recyclable. The product boasts the natural color of the wood with its Copper Red tones. It holds a very classy, traditional look with its long, straight lines of pipes that blends in with its hexagonal angles of the wood.

Black nylon strings are one of the best strings for wind chimes and the UpBlend Outdoors wind chime does not fail to possess it which hang from a discreet silver ring.

The medium chime comes with 29 inches in length as it hangs the ring to the bottom of the wind catcher. The wind chime also combines with six, amazing aluminum tubes that measure from 10 to 14 inches long. The suspension platform at the top is 5 inches wide. On the other hand, the wind catcher and the striker both come in 2.5 inches in width. The whole measurement makes the product arrive in just the right size you want.

Key Features
  • It is made up of bamboo and aluminum that is not only sustainable but also recyclable.
  • Its premium design holds a very classy, traditional look so it’s perfect as a present to someone.
  • The whole measurement makes the product arrive in just the right size you want.
  • The product includes an UpBlend Outdoors PDF detailing, care instruction and frequently asked questions to answers to your question regarding it.

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Planning to give a gift to someone? The UpBlend Outdoors wind chime can be a perfect present. You can give this best wind chime as a birthday present, marriage anniversary present or even a valentine gift to your beloved to remember you by.

To make sure you can get all the answers to your question regarding the product, the manufacturers include an UpBlend Outdoors PDF detailing, care instruction and frequently asked questions. You can share the information too very easily and keep it as a digital file.

7. Epartswide Wind Chimes 36″ Garden Chimes with 18 Aluminum Alloy Tubes

Epartswide Wind Chimes 36" Garden Chimes with 18 Aluminum Alloy Tubes

Whether you are looking for a perfect meaningful gift item for your dearest one or planning for listening some soothing sound while sitting in your garden or balcony, this product from Upblend Outdoors can be your selection.

This premium looking unique spiral design wood and aluminum made wind chime has all the qualities to make your free time more clam and satisfying by producing good tunes.

This Epartswide Outdoors’s wind chime comes in a standard size, which is not too big or too small. A standard size wind chime will give you ample options to install it because this size fits with most of the house entrance, patio and drawing room entrance. The chime is 36 inches long from the hook to bottom of the wind-catcher, and has different lengths of 18 aluminum alloy tubes.

Key Features
  • Premium looking S shape unique spiral design
  • The chime can provide rich and long-lasting notes generated by each tube.
  • Polished, corrosion-resistant aluminum tubes will stay bright around all the seasons.
  • High-strength suspension cord and hanging hook ensure a firm installation of the chimes.
  • Adjustable suspension platform allows the user to control the tune.

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Overall the wind chime has a traditional look. This classy look is the combined result of the arrangement of the hand-tuned aluminum tubes and soft rounded wooden curves. So, hanging this sweet-sounding item at any corner of your house or outside of the house will not devaluate the beauty of its surroundings.

Users can hang this wind chime against any strong support. After the successful hanging, this sweet-sounding instrument will be there maintaining firm contact. The chime is secured with high strength suspension cord, and at the top-end with a solid S-hook. The suspension holds the tubes and the S-hook carries the entire chime.

After the installation and enjoying the sound for some days, you may feel the necessity of listening to different types of tune, with this Upblend chime you can even do that. In this chime, there is an adjustable striker, you can easily find the right tone for yourself with the help of this striker.

8. Woodstock AGMS Wind Chimes – The Original Guaranteed Musically Tuned

Woodstock AGMS Wind Chimes - The Original Guaranteed Musically Tuned

This time our selection is straight from the great Grammy award-winning musician Garry Kvistad, who is the founder and owner of Woodstock. The great musician designed this wind chime with his years’ long experience and a fantastic tune, later people also loved the Kvistad’s creation and purchased it for their houses.

For your both indoor and outdoor usages, you can too add this wind chime to your list of considerations.

The chime will create a pleasant ambiance around your gathering with friends and relatives. It features one of American’s most-loved hymns that was written by Englishman John Newton in the late 18th century. As a result, anyone visits your place will love the tune wherever you hang it.

Key Features
  • This set of wind chime comes from a renowned musician with a sweet-sounding
  • You will have color options and different sizes to choose from analyzing your requirements.
  • You can enjoy the popular tune for years buying the chimes for a single time.
  • It’s a budget gift item that you can give as a gift to your friends and relatives.

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For the functioning and making sound, the chime requires gentle breeze. It also makes some sound whenever it makes contact with an object. However, if you don’t want to listen to music at some point of your use, you can hang it on any indoor or outdoor corner of your house, it also looks good as a decoration object.

The chime is made with cherry finished ash wood and 6 silver aluminum tubes. Both parts have their shiny outlooks. Just other than listening melodious sound, you can give it as a gift to your friends and relatives; surely, they will love it too.

During the buying, if your focuses are on both listening sounds and decorating the house, you can check other colors of the wind chime from this supplier. They have chimes with bronze finish, teak finish, stained glass and aluminum finish. Additionally, you will get chimes with different sizes too.

9. Corinthian Bells 44-inch Wind Chime with 23″ Aluminum Tubes

orinthian Bells 44-inch Windchime

If you are planning for placing best sounding wind chimes in your balcony or other places other than the room entrance, you can try this Corinthian 44-inch long wind chime. Though it will not be a wise selection for door entrances because of its long length unless your house doors have excellent height, it will be a good option for under the roof, balcony, garden and patio.

After hanging the chime in a space where gentle breeze flows, you will enjoy rich, deep and serene tune continuously. If you concentrate on the structure of the chime, you will notice that the tubes are arranged following an unequal length order and there have two circular wooden pieces in the mid of those tubes. Basically, this planned arrangement makes such a soothing sound.

Key Features
  • This 44-inch long chime will be a good choice for your outdoor, garden, patio and lawn usages.
  • Chime has a premium look that will go with your modern seating, living and drawing-room.
  • From the collection of six different colors, you can choose the one that matches your surroundings.
  • It’s a well-made chime and just requires a small amount of wind to produce sounds.

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As a person we everyone has our own choices, some of us love bright colors and some love the dark colors. Whatever group of individuals you belong; you can add this wind chime to your shopping cart. The supplier has 6 different color arrangements that include black, copper vein, plum and patina green.

The wind chime is surrounded by 1.25″ diameter aluminum tubes. Aluminum as a material has solid durability and hardly gets affected by rust. Moreover, there is a color layer on the outer side of the tubes. After all, you can use it with its vibrant look days after days.

Undoubtedly this Corinthian chime is well made and has a rigid body construction, it can still make sounds with just a small amount of wind. The manufacturer of the chime pays special attention to every detail during the manufacture, and this capability of making the sound even with minimum airflow is the result of it.

10. Blue Handworks Santa Fe Multicolor Glass Wind Chime

Blue Handworks Santa Fe Glass Wind Chime

I hope you will be agreed with me that this wind chime looks more like a decoration material rather than a wind chime. So, it is sure that you are definitely going to add some extra charm choosing this one as your chime to your home entrance, over the window area and other outdoor spaces. Additionally, you can even customize the appearance and arrangement of this beautiful chime if you wish.

It’s a wind chime with some leaf-like glass pieces. All the glass pieces are colored with 4 to 5 different colors, and the colors are bright too. As a result, when you install it, it will add some colorful vibes around its installation place.

Key Features
  • This decoration friendly wind chimes will make sounds for you and decorate your house at the same time.
  • It allows users to arrange each leaf according to his/her sense of decoration.
  • Vibrant colors of the leaves will add some glow to your regular life too.
  • Comes in ‘ready to hang condition’ for the quick installation.

Moving to the arrangement of the glass pieces, you can arrange the leaves according to your home interior. For example, some hang them with a short wood on a recurring order, some hang on a long piece of wood following a single line. However, you can even hang them with other strong objects without wood. You will have all access to customize your wind chime after all.

Anyone either from your family or friend circle who loves sweet soft tune will also love this glass made wind chime. And, you can give this mind relaxing product as a token of love to him/her on his anniversary. Indeed, this chime is a presentable and budget gift item.

After buying some wind chimes, the users have to spend hours to make them ready for the installation. Nevertheless, this Blue Handworks’s product comes in a fully assembled condition. When you finally receive your order from the supplier, you at most will require 3 to 5 minutes to unpack and hang on your desired place.

Different Types of Wind Chimes

Before buying best wind chimes, you need to decide which type you need to go for. You didn’t know they come in various kinds? Well, they do and nowadays they’re coming in more modern designs and shapes.

Different Types of Wind Chimes
Hanging Different Types of Wind Chimes

1. Classic Wind Chimes

You can have your soothing musical harmony with the Classic Wind Chimes even when the slightest breeze touches them.  Most of them are made with the computerized tuning process. Classic Wind Chimes’ flavors and musical atmospheres may differ according to the demand of the country where they’re going to be marketed.

2. Woodstock Wind Chimes

This brilliant wind plied musical instrument holds a tonal for preciousness and arrives with very high quality.  It is not only famous for its crystal-clear sound but also for it brings a seductive look and glamour to the house that possesses it.  You can decorate your house with the unparalleled beauty of wood by using the Woodstock Wind Chime.

3. Harmony Chimes

If you have a look at these smaller musical chimes, you’ll see that stainless-steel wires are suspending the aluminum rods they carry. Some of these harmony chimes boast their beauty with the combination of burnished and painted the brass and anodized aluminum rods. You’ll also find some harmony chimes use durable polypropylene cord instead of stainless steel.

4. Bamboo Wind Chimes

If you want to have the actual ancient Chinese feeling with the use of wind chimes, then I’ll recommend bamboo wind chimes for you. These wind chimes are heavily constructed with high-quality thick-walled bamboos. The manufacturers use hot wax procedures to seal the cracks that may pop up after long use.

Individual doweled cords made of weather-resistant nylon are used to hold the aluminum cords in the chimes.

5. Butterfly Wind Chimes

Did you get a garden beside your home? Then take the fascinating, colorful and harmonious butterfly wind chimes. You can use them in your summerhouses if you want. As the windsurfs through its material, you’ll get the soothing pleasantness you want. They come with the butterfly pattern and shapes.

6. Spiral Wind Chimes

You’ll find four different kinds of spiral wind chimes in the market.

  • Stainless Steel Spiral Wind Spinner with Glass Ball.
  • Wooden Wind Spirals
  • Crystal Ball Spiral
  • Spiral chimes that come with stained glass feature and copper finish.

7. Slumped Glass Wind Chimes

These wind chimes are made with slumped glasses and sometimes slumped marbles. These wind chimes boast a very attractive look. You’ll get a hypnotizing and delicate bell-like sound with these amazing wind chimes.

8. Clay Wind Chimes

Made with clay pots and decorative colors, these wind chimes come in small shapes. If you want to hear the sound of clay pots, then I’ll recommend you go with this kind. When the clay pots hit the wind, you’ll find a very natural pleasing sound that will give you a positive vibe.

Wind Chime Benefits

So, one day you just come to your home from your office and you feel tired and stressed out. If you install a wind chime in your home, you’ll feel the positive energy when a sudden breeze clashes them, and you hear the tingling sound. Now, obviously, it’s not going to be heavy disturbing sound like your calling bell, but it will be neither too loud or too silent.

If you’re just opening your eyes slowly after a good sleep at night and suddenly you hear a satisfying tingling sound, it will surely bring a smile on your cheek. People say that wind chimes do not fail to bring a positive vibe in their environment. The soothing ‘white noise’ of the melody just freshens up the mind with the tones of glass, wood, metal, etc.

Besides, it’s also nice home decor. When you’ll hang wind chimes on your wall or in front of your main door, it will give your house a peaceful yet seductive and exotic look.

How to Choose The Best Sounding Wind Chimes

So, you’ve decided to buy the best wind chimes for you. However, you don’t know what to look for when you’re going to buy wind chimes. You don’t know which things you have to observe. If you don’t know these, you may end up buying the wrong product. So here are some things you should consider before you buy wind chimes.

How to Choose Best Sounding Wind Chimes
Best Sounding Outdoor Wind Chimes


Wind Chimes comes with different materials. They can be made with bamboo, metal, or ceramic and glass.  Metal wind chimes are the most popular ones for their durability and high tuning accuracy. They can be tuned to well-known melodies and songs. Besides, you’ll find rust-proof metal wind chimes.

On the other hand, bamboo chimes are not as durable as metal ones. However, they produce the most soothing and softest sounds and melodies. You can find the relaxing sounds of rain or exotic drum with the bamboo chimes.

If you’re looking for decorative design and shape, then you can go for the ceramic and glass wind chimes. However, they’re not recommended if you want to focus on sounds.


According to the designs, wind chimes can be classified into three categories. The Tubular wind chimes, Bell wind chimes, and the door chimes.

Tubular wind chimes are the most popular wind chimes and you can find a vast array of styles and sizes. They’re made with several vertically hanging tubes while each of the tubes has its own tone. Tubular wind chimes basically come in aluminum or pewter material.

Bell wind chimes, on the other hand, are made out of one or more bells. Most of the bell wind chimes are made of brass. You can find them in both traditional or modern contemporary styles.

Door chimes do not actually wind chimes even though they kinda look like the same.  You can hang door chimes on your door and use it as a great way to welcome your guests. Usually, they’re made with aluminum or copper.


The length of the wind chimes you’ll buy determines the tone and depth of the sound it has. The longer the wind chimes, the lower and fuller tones it will provide. On the other hand, the shorter the wind chimes, the higher-pitched tones it will have.

The number of tubes:

Try to count the number of tubes of your wind chimes. The amount of tubes a wind chime it has is the same amount of notes it actually can play. If you buy a wind chime that has many tubes, you’ll be able to combine more sounds and create different harmonies.

How to Hang Wind Chimes

How to Hang Wind Chimes

Remember, the way the wind chimes will sound also depends on the location you choose to hang them. Sometimes, you can find places where the wind chimes may not make any sound at all even if you hang the best sounding wind chimes.

Judging by their names, you’ll be needing the access of at least a slight breeze so that the chimes can create a melodic sound. So, selecting the perfect location is a must.

I will recommend you select your porch or a place near the patio outdoors where gentle breeze usually has access to on an average day. Make sure the place you choose, doesn’t have any obstruction such as walls, posts or trees. Otherwise, the wind chimes won’t move freely, and in the meantime, the wind will get obstacles.

To hang the wind chimes properly, you can use ceiling hook or hook-style plant hanger. If you’re hanging the wind chimes from a ceiling, then you can draw e pencil dot on the beam or ceiling location. Get on a stepladder or step stool to reach the ceiling.

Drill a hole where you just drew the dot and insert the ceiling hook and turn it clockwise. Make sure the hole you made is narrower than the screw thread on the ceiling hook.

Now tighten the screw by making sure the screw thread remains perpendicular to the ceiling. This will hang the hook properly.

You’ll see that the wind chimes have a loop or ring connected to their top. Hang the loop to the ceiling hook or plant hanger. To ensure the chimes have room to move without hitting nearby objects, push them a bit from side to side.

If you’re not using a ceiling hook, rather you’re using a ground-based plant hook, then push the shepherd’s hook plant hanger into the ground in a suitable location.

Final Words

The wind chimes are not only home decors, but they can also remove your stress. If you have the best wind chimes in your area, it will help you relax with the calm and quiet sound it provides.

In this article, I tried to help you up by giving reviews of the top six wind chimes available in the market. Choose wisely and feel the company of the perfect wind chime you need.

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