How do I Keep the Felt Pads on Chair Legs Firmly

How do I Keep the Felt Pads on Chair Legs

I know the trouble of chair legs that slips as soon as someone is ready to take a comfortable seat. And that’s pretty embarrassing as a homeowner when someone special comes at your house. Ruining the moment takes one such awkward situation honestly. One easy solution is definitely felt pads.

But then again, sometimes felt pads also start betraying you and there are the same slipping issues continuing to happen. What could be the reason? Is it even possible to keep those working? Well, maybe it is possible if you decide to know a bit more instead of whining, how do I keep the felt pads on chair legs.

How do I Keep the Felt Pads on Chair Legs to Protect My Floor & Avoid Slipping?

Not only for avoiding weird slippage accidents, felt pads are fantastic to keep scratches away from your floors as well. When you drag chair to another room, the floor is a poor victim receiving all those ugly marks you’re going to discover later and cry over. But a felt pad can keep those worries away.

Though it needs to stay well attached with the chair to make this work. And that’s exactly what we’ll be talking about, how to put felt pads on chair legs so that there’s no getting off…

Are Those Felt Pads Right in Size?

Usually, people are only conscious of mulling over if they need the tap-in type or self-adhesive one. However, they absolutely forget the point of picking right size and thickness for felt pads. And that’s a huge mistake to keep your felt pads always in trouble.

If you own a heavy chair, it’s important to buy thick felt pads to keep them attached nicely. Also, it’s a good idea to cut the adhesive tape to find your custom-fit shape matching chair legs. If you keep this point on check, there will be less worry about felt pads leaving the chair leg too early.

Did You Clean the Area Where Attaching Felt Pads?

You buy felt pads and attach it on the legs, that’s where whole thing gets instantly doomed. One important step you better not miss is cleaning the area where you’ll be attaching these felt pads.

Use a dry rag to wipe the bottom of chair leg. A tiny amount of soapy water will work great to clean as well. Any sort of buildup remaining will surely affect the felt pads staying on.

The 10-Seconds Holding Rule…

If you ask anyone about how to apply felt to furniture, it’s simply limited to peeling the paper and pressing it on that spot. And then they leave for other things or chores. But if you wish to not deal with felt pads coming off, try the 10 seconds holding rule.

You just need to hold the pad firmly after attaching it for 10 seconds at least. Use a hammer to softly pad it for even better results. The glue will work effectively if you follow this simple hack.

Keep Checking Every Once in Few Months…

It’s not going to stick forever no matter how good of quality the felt pads are. So, you must check the felt pads a few times. Make a habit of checking them every once in few months. Notice if the pad is not tightly adhered to chair’s bottom.

You should replace them whenever there’s a need. Also, don’t delay in changing these if wears and tears take place. If you want to make the checking period intervals longer, try tap-in felt pads. They usually stick for a longer time compared to self-adhesive versions.

Why Not Make One?

If the store-bought versions are bothering you, there’s always a DIY option available. You can use some high-quality materials to make one for yourself. The first thing you need to do is find matching felt with your chair’s color. Get some good hot glue gun and glue-sticks.

According to your chair’s bottom measurement, start by cutting the felt. You can try cutting them into strips first and then go for squares. Especially if there are many legs to make pads for. If you need circle shapes then cut square first. Then softly cut the corners to finish with octagon shapes.

Turn the chair and make legs face you. Now use the hot glue to apply over felt pad for every leg. Firmly press the felt pad to chair legs for at least 10 seconds. And that’s it!

Do this for each and every chair leg until you’re done…


And that was my simple take on how do I keep the felt pads on chair legs. Of course, there are many more hacks to try. But these should be enough.

It’s important that felt pads work well to keep those slipping accidents, floor scratches and disturbing noise away. So, if you still don’t own one, buy or make them. These are worth the try items you must get for your household. Ending on That Note!

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