How to Fix a Recliner That Leans to One Side Yourself?

How to Fix a Recliner That Leans to One SideWhat’s the actual purpose of a recliner? Providing real comfort as soon as you want to chill on them. However, an awkwardly leaning type can be a real headache if you don’t know how to fix a recliner that leans to one side.

This is not an arduous task actually but the right process and information are compulsory to know about. Because leaning is one of many common problems related to the recliner.

No matter what the price tag and which brand of your recliner was, it can surrender at any moment to failure. So before thinking about purchasing a new one, why don’t you try some troubleshooting steps and see whether it works or not.

Maybe then you can make a wise choice and who knows, save some money.

How to Fix a Recliner That Leans to One Side & Possible Reasons.

If one fine morning you discover your recliner couch leans to one side, don’t get panic. Calm down and first look for what could be the reason for such problems. You can fix them once you’ve discovered the possible cause of issue. And this article will shape you into a person who can tell about the reasons pretty well as well as fix it.

Possible Grounds of The Problem

  1. The most common reason behind the leaning recliner is a bent reclining mechanism. It’s almost definite that the chair will lean next.
  2. Another reason could be a loose frame. With passing time, the frame is supposed to loosen gradually. And that can result in creating squeaking sound. There’s a good chance of recliner leaning because of this.
  3. Sometimes the floor comes with unevenness or crooked form. And this could be one good reason behind the leaning problems. You should try shifting the chair to some other place. Does it still lean? If yes then this isn’t the cause. But if it’s no, then there are some serious structural issues going on.
  4. The poor engineering of chair can also be a strong reason for this mishap. It could be constructed out from frame causing lean.

No matter what problem it is that causes the recliner to lean, don’t be overwhelmed. You can get your possession back in shape with the help of some basic tools and ideas. I hope you know about bolt, nuts and screw tightening. If yes then let’s get into the business.

Go Grab Some Gears

The most important part of this whole thing is having right tools. You can cause serious damage to the recliner if gear pick is wrong. So, make sure you equip yourself with these tools that come with a nice mechanism to work. Usually, these are pretty available at home and if not, a local hardware store should have them in stock. You can take a visit to grab them quickly.

The first tool is screwdrivers that are used to deal with joints and panels that are bolted with screws. You can avail them in a set that comes with the most common heads and sizes.

Now to fix the broken wood panels or joints, you need to rejoin them using wood glue. Usually for loose wood legs are solved using these glues by applying evenly. It also helps with dents and cracks found on the recliner’s wooden panels.

There’s this tool with flattened end on one part and curved on another. It’s a thick metal rod that is known as a pry bar. You can easily open or force the unbolted parts using it. However, while using a pry bar, one needs to be extremely cautious. It should not cause any further damage. You should make sure that the panel is openable before using any prying bar at all.

And finally, a spay or drip-style oil will help you deal with rusty and creaky joints. Lubricating is the final step to every troubleshooting.

Leaning Recliner repair

Fixing the Recliner

  1. Depending on the affected surface, you need to loosen screws from wooden panel and footrest. Don’t lose the screws and so, you need to keep them in one place to use later after repair is done.
  2. There’s upholstery that covers frame hiding panel. You need to remove that next. Once you can see the bare frame, find what needs repairing or replacing.
  3. Time to use the oil if there’s any creaky joint or springs. The spray bottles will work well for these parts. You should place an old newspaper all over your working space. This is to catch any dripped oil. There should be no excess oil, so make sure to wipe generously. You should lubricate it until the frame stops making squeaky sounds whenever moving.
  4. You need the screwdriver next to unfasten loose joints. Be very gradual since you may end up releasing tension from coils. Especially when dealing with points nearer to springs.
  5. Have a look at the frame and joint parts. You should check whether there is any hairline crack noticeable. If yes, then this is an indication that you need to go for a replacement as soon as possible.
  6. If you are dealing with broken parts for replacement, make sure to unfasten them. Then clean that area generously. You should follow both the old and new recliner’s manual in this case. The fastening should be done correctly.
  7. You can also try installing metal bracing to provide extra support. This is usually when there are broken wooden panels. You must apply some wood glue over those areas before placing metal bracing. If there are severe damages, go for replacement.
  8. Give a final check to every part and make sure everything is working sound. You can fasten everything back as it was before. Cover the mechanism using wooden panel. Don’t forget to change the upholstery.

Good to Know

If you go for a replacement, make sure to check for any possible manufacturing defects before accepting the parcel.

Always double-check the lever or adjusting mechanism and make sure it works smoothly.

The cushion should be comfortable, have a seat and check if it is comfy.

Once you are sure that there’s a need for replacement, first check the warranty period. If you figure out that the period is still valid, go for checking fine print. There should be information regarding who you should notify to claim the warranty. Usually, it’s the manufacturer that provides warranty benefits.


Of course, repairing the recliner will cost less than going for a replacement. So, knowing how to fix a recliner that leans to one side and similar troubleshooting is a must thing for those who own one.

Maintenance checks are often neglected, but it is important. Way more than anyone can think of. And so, make sure whether it is a repair or replace, you do regular maintenance regimes to keep it working well. That’s usually the key to keep a recliner chair in good condition for as long as possible.

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