How to Fix Shower Rod from Falling Down with 3 Easy Solutions

how to fix shower curtain rod from falling down

Once you put shower curtains on that rod the worry is over. Well, only until you discover that the rod is continuously falling down bringing annoyance and disappointment. Especially when you are in a hurry to leave house but the stupid shower curtain rod decides to fall down wasting your following few minutes for putting it back.

What about learning some tricks on how to fix shower rod from falling at the first place?

How to Fix Shower Rod from Falling Down Again & Again

There are some insanely simple ways to save yourself from those continuous rehanging sessions. Here’s how to fix shower curtain rod from falling down using 3 common methods.

Adding Up Friction

Most of the shower curtain tension rods come with caps. Usually, these caps are created from plastic material. These may have trouble staying on its place due to the smooth and moist surface of tile or fiberglass. Sometimes, even the rubber ones are not capable of getting a hold and avoiding slips. A quick fix is adding more friction here.

To do so you simply need some rubber shelf lining material. Use strong glue to attach these materials to the end. Of course, it needs to have a tough bond to work perfectly. Some prefer using two-part epoxy in place of glue. Also, contact cement is a good option to try for attaching.

These lining materials are no way harmful to your walls. So, don’t worry! Also, these are pretty simple to trim. And so, you can create the right contour for fitting into caps. Simply use scissors to make that right contour.

Also, you can try tightening the tension rod afterward. This way the liner should get compressed. And so, a secure and heavy enough rod will be at your service that rarely causes another fall-down issue.

How to Fix Shower Rod from Falling Down

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Safeguarding Ends Is a Good Idea

In some cases, you are not able to tighten the tension rod. Since at some point there is a chance of cracking the walls. This is usually the case when you have drywall on either side of shower. If this is the situation, how about using closet pole holders?

Yes, these are going to be quite helpful at keeping those rods away from falling. You simply need screws for each holder. Attach them right into the plastic wall anchor. If you don’t want to spend on store-bought holders, maybe try creating your own versions. It’s quite simple process.

You need wood of your own choice to make these. Don’t bother about any specific shape. It’s okay to create any form as long as you have enough recesses width for the rod.

Don’t worry if the DIY versions do not match with your wall color. You can simply paint them using any regular painting brush. This will help you to keep them hidden as well. If you don’t mind showing then try coloring these into some other shade. This is a great way to make them into a feature of your overall décor scheme.

Fixing the Center of Rod

Sometimes the main problem of shower rod falling too often is it being shorter than wall between space. In this case, one can use a duct tape roll simply. This way you can easily secure the tension rod center and make it longer. Bring down the curtain rod to use duct tape roll. It needs to become the right length to fit within existing wall space. Simply press it back to hold in place. And the issue of falling should go away.


These were some quick repairs on how to fix shower rod from falling. Are you sure that the shower rod is not worn out and it doesn’t need replacement? It’s a good option to change a quite old shower rod and get a new one in case the condition is too poor to fix. At least that will save you lots of time trying to fix it back. Also, you don’t want to face embarrassment when a guest staying at your place comes out of the bathroom to tell you how your shower rod knocked over her head while she was shampooing her hair.

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