How to Sleep in A Chair | 4 Steps to Follow

Do you love to sleep on a chair? maybe Yes. But I really love it. But sleep on a chair is not easy. You have to follow some tips to get perfect sleeping enjoyment.

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First Step: Find the Right Chair

Obviously, chairs aren’t meant to give you a good night’s sleep and that’s why they aren’t structured in that way either; but you will definitely find a chair that will help you fall asleep in no time (or maybe a little time depending on the situation).

Should Be comfortable:

The first condition of falling asleep is to have comfortable support beneath your body. And you have to look for your ideal chair keeping that exact condition in mind.

Don’t choose anything that requires you to be on your straight back all the time. It’ll be best if your chair comes with the reclining option, that will allow you to have the feeling of lying down when pushed back.

Also, you can always adjust the back of a reclining chair to find the leaning spot that suits you the best, something that you can’t do with a sturdy chair.

Make sure the chair is padded or cushioned enough to give your body complete support for the night. Sure you can pass with a bony chair while working on your desk for a short period of time, but that excuse doesn’t stand up for something as important as sleeping.

When you’re resting, your bones must be relaxed in every way; which is not possible without comfortable support. For this reason, pick a chair that comes with a stuffed seat and backrest. Or you can add some extra padding to make that happen.

Must Include Armrests:

You can’t compromise on support if you’re actually planning to sleep. You don’t know what happens to your body when you’re not conscious, you might fall down. It’s not a bed, not a couch and it’s not constructed to carry your whole body when your brain is off duty.

Besides, what about your hands? Who can have a peaceful slumber when their arms aren’t at the ease?

Yes, not just one, you’ll find plenty of reasons to have the company of armrest when you’re trying to sleep in a chair.

Has to Be Spacious:

Yes, that’s definitely a mandatory condition. Your body mustn’t be caged in an uncomfortable coup-like space if you’re planning to close your eyes and relax your nerves. The chair has to be spacious enough to give your arms, hip and legs enough room to wiggle around.

Yeah, you should be able to spread your body like an angel in that chair, or then forget the chair and look for another one.

How to sleep on chair

Second Step: Prepare the Chair

Well, it’s not your bed, that you just hop on it and pass out. You gotta prepare the chair in a certain way to make you fall asleep.

Adjust The Chair:

You have picked the chair you needed to fall asleep, now make the adjustments required to accomplish your target. If it comes with the reclining feature, recline the backrest to find the right-leaning position.

Take some pillow and place them before your straight-back chair’s backrest in reclining position to recreate that comfortable position you’re planning to go for. You can use some blankets too if the pillow is taking too much of the chair’s space.

Make It Preferably Comfortable:

Now, obviously we told you to go with a comfortable chair in the first place; but in case you’re still not satisfied, increase the comfort by adding some plushy material or blankets to support your back and bottom.

Manage A Footrest:

We’re talking about sleeping here, not sitting.  In order for your body to be relaxed, it’s important that your feet are relaxed too. But how are you supposed to do that when your body is not being able to completely lie down?

Your legs are always on-duty when you’re on a chair, get rid of that feeling by making them feel rested. This is where the footrest comes handy, ‘cause it does exactly that. It functions to provide your feet with that needed feeling of lying down. It places support beneath your legs so that they can stay relaxed for a good amount of time.

Third Step: Prepare Your Body

Yes, after setting the chair up, you have to prepare yourself both physically and mentally to call it a day.

Position Your Feet:

Place your legs over the footrest and level it with your bottom, or maybe lift a little bit more; whatever seems convenient for your body.

Relax Your Back And The Hip:

For the sake of your spine and hipbone’s wellbeing, make sure your back and hip are relaxed when you’re trying to be comfortable in the chair. Your back should remain pressed on the cushioned part.

Rest Your Head:

Now, the chair’s structure is not favorable in any way for the head. So, what are you supposed to do then? Use the armrest to rest your head. Obviously, you’re gonna lean to make yourself comfortable, lean a bit sideways to put your head conveniently on one particular side.

tips for sleep on chair

Fourth Step: Set the Atmosphere

Your chair is set, your positions are right, what are you waiting for? Wait, the atmosphere is yet to be set.

Turn All Noises Off:

You might fail to fall asleep if some sort of noise is present there to annoy you, or can wake you up on an odd hour. Get rid of all the noise sources, or turn them down for a bit while you’re asleep.

Turn The Light Off:

We don’t know what you actually prefer, but considering the usual human body clock, we suggest you turn off all the light before going to sleep. Dark, serene environment works the best for relaxing your brain.

Make Sure You’re Not Disturbed:

Imagine you are enjoying a deep slumber and your phone starts to ring, how will that turn out? Well, obviously all the hard work you went through to earn that sweet feeling of passing out will be of no use. Let people know that you’re planning to sleep and won’t be available for a while.

Use A Blanket:

You aren’t forgetting the most needed pal, are you? Yes, take that blanket and wrap yourself in it. The cozy feeling will make you fall asleep in no time.

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