How to Use a Ladder on Stairs Safely Following 3 Ways

How to Use a Ladder on Stairs

Getting a ladder on stairs for doing some work is not a very common chore for those who rarely have things to sort in their stairway. But this may not be your case since you have a bulb fixture above your staircase. And from time to time, you need to change or install bulbs in that place.

That’s when using a ladder on the stair situation shows up. Now no matter what the reason is, we want everything to be as safe as possible.

Stabilizing ladder on an uneven surface like stairs is not the easiest task, you see. So, here’s a complete guide on how to use a ladder on stairs discussing more than just one method.

 Tricks to Using a Ladder on Stairs Safely in Three Way

Falling from a ladder is shockingly a very significantly frequent event that results in deadly situations later on. In some cases, this ends up taking lives too. And so, having some solution to working with a ladder on stairs in a safe way is compulsory.

First and foremost, the thing that comes before anything else is making sure that no matter if you are using a ladder for home or workplaces, it needs to be a sturdy one. It should be able to handle your overall weight and that too without being wiggly or shaky while you work.

On that primary safety note, let’s jump into the guide further.

Using Ladder-Aide Method for Stairs

If you have a ladder-aide, then it’s possibly the best news for such situations. Anybody who is okay with buying an extra tool for such stair works can think about getting this tool. This gear will help you to adjust the ladder’s one side height. You can set that height to an approximate level.

These tools work best with ladders that come with 200- or 225-pound duty ratings. Mostly for house or office uses, these are the ladders one owns. To use the ladder aide, you need no typical installation step. It’s super quick to setup.

There are three parts to this tool. Base, upright, and platform. You need to start by placing the base on the lower stair. Next, simply slide the upright in base. After that, you will carefully slide the platform on upright. Keep on lowering it. Once it becomes in level with the upper step, you can stop lowering.

There should be a locking pin. Use this to secure everything nicely. Now you need to bring your ladder and place it on the platform’s top. The platform’s safety ridges should be locating the feet of ladder. As soon as you are done with setting up, it’s ready for work. You can now easily move the setup from one stair to next.

Ladder Platform to use a Ladder on Stair

Working with Combination Ladders on Stairs

Using a combination ladder can be an excellent solution too for working on the stairs. This is the type that will allow you to set up one side longer than others. And eventually, this will create a stable surface for you to climb up without fear.

However, setting up the combination ladder is definitely a priority thing to do with lots of concerns in mind. You need to follow right instructions provided by the ladder’s manufacturer. Also, a secure setup is necessary.Now the question is, how do you stabilize a ladder on stairs right way? Let’s talk about that as well.

The combination ladder’s extension piece needs to come out first. Next, you want the ladder to stand up with its stabilizer bar. This should be done at the top of stairway. There could be a need for some help for setting up and moving the ladder later.

You need to hinge both mid-section and base now. This will make it set like the setup ladder format well. Continue by refitting the extension piece into an upside-down position. This should be on the way of the middle section though. You should ensure that the rung hooks are facing outwards and upwards. This signals that you have set up correctly.

Now you need to place the extension piece on lower step of where you want to work from. The metal locking bars need to be horizontal, so carefully make adjustments until that happens. You also need to ensure ladder’s feet are far from the edge of step.

It should be as far as possible to ensure a proper standing. And this is how to safely use a ladder on stairs with the right foot placement. You can also safeguard the whole thing even more by tying a banister with a ladder to keep it sturdy and steady.

Using the Makeshift Scaffolding Technique

The makeshift scaffolding is a fantastic technique to try for working on stairs safely. But only if built safely. You need to place a step ladder open on top of the stairs. Now place extension ladder over the stairs next. This placement should be in a way that this ladder stays leaning against the opposite wall. If there’s a chance of demanding the wall paint, use some pad.

To span both ladders in-between distance, make a platform now. Simply screw some 2x4s on a deck made of plywood. The assembly can slide off rungs of the ladder. To avoid this, simply nail stops on 2x4s ends.

For long-time involved tasks, one should utilize the makeshift scaffolding method for best results. Especially if painting walls or doing some ceiling repairs.

Wrap Up

And that were three methods on how to use a ladder on stairs for safe working. Doing any sort of tasks on the stairs using a ladder is certainly a very risk involve thing to try. And one should be as careful as possible when using a ladder on such surfaces that are not flat wholly.

Make sure you consider your safety as the biggest priority when trying anything like this. There should be no more cases of people disastrously falling off from a ladder on stairs injuring themselves bad.

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