Best Flooring For Entryway: 8 Stunning Options

Best options for an entryway flooring

When people enter a house, the very first thing in the interior that welcomes them is the entryway. The look of the entryway plays a big role in representing the overall look of the house. It is also one of the places with the most traffic. So while choosing flooring for it, durability, as well as beauty, should be kept in mind.

When it comes to choosing the best flooring for an entryway, owners are spoilt for choices. There are a whole host of flooring to choose from, such as the more common ceramic tiles as well as the somewhat uncommon method of making the entryway neutral.

To make your entryway as beautiful as possible, let’s not waste any more time and find out what flooring suits your entryway the most.

Best options for an entryway flooring

When you usher in the guests in your home, you always strive to ensure that your home looks as presentable as possible. Other than the door, the entryway is the first thing anyone entering the home will see. So it pays a lot to install flooring on the entryway so that it looks elegant while also being able to handle the pressure of heavy and regular traffic all year round.

Here are some options for you to choose from for your entryway:

1. Ceramic tile flooring

Ceramic tile flooring is a common choice for flooring in not just the entryway, but all over the house. There is a misconception among some homeowners that ceramic tiles don’t last very long, but the reality is quite different. As ceramic tiles are also used in industrial areas, their durability is not in doubt.

But what about the beauty and elegance of the entryway? If you have looked at or for ceramic tiles, you will know that ceramic tiles come in a whole host of colors and patterns. Almost all of these patterns are pretty suitable to adorn an entryway.

2. Hardwood planks

When talking about the beauty, elegance, and durability of flooring, hardwood floorings always come to the fore. Nothing screams natural like a hardwood floor on the entryway. These floorings are very durable as well, so handling heavy traffic every day is nothing for these.

Although hardwood floorings may sometimes get scratched due to pets walking on them, it is nothing that can’t be solved. The best way to solve this is to sand the flooring while using an area rug will offer a more permanent solution.

3. Cement tile flooring

Gone are the days when things made of cement only meant things having monochromatic and dull designs. Nowadays there are cement tiles that look stunning which is a prerequisite for a good-looking entryway. These tiles are quite durable as well, being made from a mixture of things such as marble and limestone.

These tiles have varieties of patterns and colors. You can mix and match to provide your entryway with an even greater look.

4. Painting the old flooring

If you are not able to afford new flooring for your entryway, there is no need to worry. You can just repaint your old wooden flooring to make them look new and improved. These paints are called porch and patio floor paints and they work wonders when it comes to remodeling a floor.

There is one thing you need to keep an eye out for in this case, and that is what the paint is based on. Choosing oil-based paints will result in your home environment being polluted. That is why it is a must that water-based paints are used.

5. Polished concrete flooring

Sometimes the easy way is the best. You don’t always need to install fancy floorings on your entryway to make it look aesthetic and also hope it’s durable. You can just install polished concrete flooring and it will do the job just fine.

The upsides of these floorings are many, one of which is that you don’t need to spend a lot of money to install them. The installation process is also quite easy. The beauty of the entryway will also not be compromised since the polished concrete flooring offers many more patterns than usual concrete ones.

Concrete is known for its durability, and polished concrete flooring is not an exception to it either. But even if the flooring is damaged, it can be easily repaired.

6. Slate tile flooring

There is always something classy about the darker colors and patterns of a slate tile. Installing slate tile flooring on your entryway will certainly provide class and elegance to it. But the dark coloration doesn’t mean the slate tiles are gloomy and depressing. The stunning patterns on the tiles only make the tiles stunning and classy.

Worried about the durability of the flooring? Don’t be, as slates are known for their durability. Being a natural stone makes them more durable than most other floorings in the market.

7. Brick paver flooring

Bricks are always considered a classic choice of building material. It doesn’t change when it comes to flooring too. Flooring made of brick pavers will give your entryway a classic look like nothing else. But there is a cost to this classiness. Bricks are known to easily absorb moisture, so regular maintenance is a must.

8. Making the flooring neutral

Neutral flooring means that the patterns on the flooring will not be as vivid as the previous options. But that doesn’t mean the floor will be any less beautiful. By installing floorings that are different shades of gray and mixing and matching them all over the floor, you can create your beautiful flooring pattern. Your entryway will look as classy and beautiful as it would’ve been had there been other flooring materials.

Final words

Entryways are in more ways than one, the tone setter of a house. So the best flooring for entryways is the one that will uphold this idea and will be durable enough to tackle the heavy traffic. Choose the ones that suit you the most and decorate your entryway accordingly.

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