Best Recliner Slipcovers of 2024 [Waterproof & Durable]

Best recliner chair slipcovers

Recliner covers save your recliner chair from potential harm and give them a more elegant look. But not all slipcovers available in the market perform well. Finding the best recliner slipcovers requires your knowledge about these products.

There are many kinds of covers you can choose from. They are made of different materials and come in different designs. But all of them will not serve you the necessary comfort or last long enough.

To enjoy your recliner chair for many years, there must be a protecting shield on them. Slipcovers work as those shields. Not only that, slipcovers can turn your recliner into the best-looking furniture of your house.

So do you want your recliners to look good or want a protective layer on them? Either way, a slipcover is what you should go for.

Top 5 Recliner Covers at a Glance

Top 7 Best Recliner Slipcovers Reviews

Looks, performance, and durability- these three are the determiners of whether a slipcover is worthy or not. Based on these features, here I have written the reviews of the best seven recliner slipcovers.

1. H.VERSAILTEX 100% Waterproof Non Slip Quilted Recliner Chair Cover

Key Benefits

best waterproof recliner cover

  • Elegant looks
  • Different colors and sizes available
  • Fits nicely with every type of recliner chairs
  • Water and soil-free
  • Doesn’t get torn or stained
  • Easily cleanable
  • Comfortable to sit or lay on
  • 5 years of quality assurance

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Downside: This slipcover is most suitable for leather chairs. With other materials, it’d need constant readjusting

If you are looking for the best waterproof recliner cover, then your search ends here. This classic slipcover gives your recliner a modern look while protecting it from water and any possible harm.

This is a hundred percent waterproof slipcover. Not only that; this cover is very less likely to get torn or stained.

If you have furry pets, then furs on your furniture must be a big headache. This slipcover saves you from the trouble of cleaning furs too.

These covers are so soft that you will want to sleep on them. You don’t have to resist that either because these are very easy to clean. You can clean the dust with regular tools or machine wash these.

Slipcovers of this brand will fit perfectly to your recliner chair. These come in various lovely colors. Any of these slipcovers will give your room a much more sophisticated look.

They are chemical-free and environment-friendly. So, your kids’ and pets’ safety is assured.


Product Weighs:1.7 pounds
Product Dimension:15 x 12 x 2.4 inches
Available Sizes:22 inches and 30 inch
Available Colors:Seven available colors
Made of Materials:Polyester & Polyester Blended
Fabric Type:Soft quilted microfiber waterproof non Slip
If you own a chair made of leather, then this slipcover is the one to have. It fits perfectly, and the backside has a somewhat sticky section to guarantee it won’t slip. Add to that the waterproof design, and the result is a fantastic ally to sit back and relax watching the TV.

2. Easy-Going Recliner Sofa Slipcover- Reversible Recliner Sofa Cover

Key Benefits
Best reversible recliner chair cover

  • Waterproof technology keeps it clean
  • The slipcovers protect your furniture
  • Increases the elegancy of your house
  • Reversible, so you can use one cover twice as much as covers of other brands
  • Fits greatly to recliner chairs
  • Easy to install and clean
  • Stays in place
  • Comfortable

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Downsides: The issue with this accessory is that it doesn’t protect the footrest area. Considering how good it’s in every other area, this is a shame.

Easy-Going is a brand trusted by all. They make the best slipcovers for pieces of furniture, and this recliner slipcover is no different.
Each slipcover is reversible. Got bored of the color of one side? Just flip it upside down and you get a new-looking slipcover. So this is a two in one!

These slipcovers don’t slide off like covers of other brands. The elastic strap attached to it keeps it in place.

They are waterproof. If you accidentally spill food or anything, these slipcovers are easy to clean.

This reversible recliner chair cover is machine washable and you can get rid of any stains on them with the minimum effort. So, these are perfect for movie nights with snacks.

The thick microfiber provides you the perfect amount of comfort. You can get all cozy on these slipcovers.

Slipcovers of this brand are durable. One cover will serve you for years. These will protect your recliner chairs from scratches and stains, and make them last longer than expected.

Overall, the service of it is as amazing as it looks.


Product Weighs:1.25 pounds
Product Dimension:10.98 x 10.98 x 2.28 inches
Available Sizes:23 inches
Available Colors:Two different colors
Made of Materials:Microfiber
Fabric Type:Reversible Water Resistant
Don’t let a minor flaw keep you from enjoying this terrific recliner chair cover. The super thick microfiber material provides comfort, while the waterproof fabric means fewer concerns to worry about.

3. ASHLEYRIVER Reversible Recliner Chair Cover with Side Pockets

Key Benefits
large recliner chair covers with side pockets

  • These are recliner chair covers with side pockets
  • Fits nicely into your recliner chair
  • Easy to install
  • Machine washable and easy to dry
  • Resistant to pets’ fur
  • Comfortable
  • Good-looking

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Downside: Oddly enough, the colors of the products received are slightly different from the stock pictures. Luckily, this is just a mild issue that in no way affects the comfort of the slipcover

This classic slipcover is a perfect fit for your recliner chairs. It comes in many different sizes, making sure that you get the measurement most suited to your chair.

It is reversible, so you get two different looks with one cover. Either color adds a modern look to your house.

These slipcovers also have side pockets; giving you storages for newspapers, magazines, tv remotes, etc. The straps on the sides keep it secured at its place.

These are not water-proof. Small drops of water may not be a problem, but you have to be careful about not spilling liquids.

Cleaning these up is also really easy. You can dust it off with feathers or regular tools. These are machine washable.

Pet-owners often have to work hard to get the pets’ furs off of furniture. This slipcover can solve this problem.

These are very comfortable to sit or lay on. So you can relax on them whenever you want to.

Cover your recliner chair with one of these slipcovers and your chair will stay fresh for a long time. The cover will protect it from any scratch or stains.


Product Weighs:2.1 pounds
Product Dimension:14.06 x 11.73 x 6.57 inches
Available Sizes:Large and Medium
Available Colors:Eight available colors
Made of Materials:Microfiber
Fabric Type:Reversible Slipcovers
If you have pets, this slipcover will provide comfort and a safe zone for them to hang out. Fur doesn’t stick to it, and cleaning it afterward is a breeze. Get this accessory for your chair, and you’ll be spending some relaxed and quality time with your beloved furry friends.

4. RHF Reversible Oversized Recliner Cover with Elastic Strap

Key Benefits
Best patterned recliner slipcovers

  • Different sizes to fit your chair perfectly
  • Easy to install and clean
  • Attached straps don’t let it slide off
  • Saves your furniture from any harm
  • Water-resistant and stain-free
  • Comfortable to sit on
  • Eco-friendly materials

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Downside: Over time, the hooks that secure the strap slide off. However, this shouldn’t be a big issue, as it’s pretty easy to put it back in place.

These are some of the best recliner slipcovers that you can get in the market. They are so beautifully quilted, assuring you the right look and comfort.

There are different sizes that you can buy from. So it is easy for you to get the perfect fit for your recliner chair.

A slipcover as such protects your furniture from potential harm. The outer layer of these slipcovers is water-resistant, making sure that your furniture stays fresh all the time.

These are great for houses with pets and kids. Since they make furniture dirty by nibbling or scratching them, it gets hard to keep your furniture clean. These slipcovers will be the solution you need.

The elastic straps on these slipcovers keep them in place. It doesn’t slide off. These slipcovers are very easy to wash and install. They are machine washable.

The inner side of the slipcovers is eco-friendly. Its materials don’t contain chemicals, so your kids and pets can stay safe.

These large recliner chair covers are reversible. So you can get two different looks with one cover. Flip them whenever you want a newer look.


Product Weighs:0.44 Kilograms
Product Dimension:11.61 x 10 x 5.59 inches
Available Sizes:21’’ and 30’’ Oversized
Available Colors:Eleven available colors
Made of Materials:Faux cotton
Fabric Type:Reversible Slipcovers

Beautiful, easy to fit, and comfy. Those three things describe this slipcover to perfection. Plus, the multiple sizes available mean there’s one for everyone. If you ever get tired of it, you can simply reverse the slipcover side for a renewed look as well.

5. H.VERSAILTEX Super Stretch Recliner Covers with Side Pockets

Key Benefits
Best recliner chair covers with side pockets

  • Made of great materials and provides you good comfort
  • Easy to install and care for
  • Luxurious look
  • Fits greatly to your recliner chairs
  • Doesn’t wrinkle or get stained easily
  • Elastic straps to prevent sliding
  • Durable

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Downside: There’s nothing negative to say other than more elastics would’ve been nice. It would provide a tightened fit to create a more custom look.

These are nicely quilted and patterned recliner slipcovers. They not only protect your furniture but makes your house look elegant.

Being made of high-quality polyester, they are incredibly comfortable to sit on. Sitting on these will reduce your back pain and let you relax.

They may be soft, but the fabric is durable enough to last for years. There is only a little chance of them getting torn or scratched. So if you’re tired of your pets scratching your furniture, this slipcover is the ideal choice for you.

These covers come with elastic straps and side pockets. The straps keep them in place and the side pockets let you keep papers, magazines, etc.

Slipcovers as such are great fits to your recliner chairs; electric or manual. They fit great and make your house look luxurious.

It is very easy to install these covers. They rarely get dirty; and even when they do, these are easy to clean in the machine. These covers don’t wrinkle when you wash them either.

All in all, if you have a recliner chair, this slipcover is a must-have.


Product Weighs:2.4 pounds
Product Dimension:15 x 12 x 2 inches
Available Sizes:Standard & Oversized
Available Colors:Each size is available in 12 colors
Made of Materials:Polyester & Polyester Blended
Fabric Type:Stretch Jacquard Knitted Soft Fabric Non Slip

Near perfect in every way, this slipcover is the ultimate protective barrier between your comfy chair and everything else. Putting it on is a no-brainer, and so is washing it once it gets dirty — Which rarely occurs anyway!

6. Easy-Going 8 Pieces Recliner Sofa Stretch Cover

Key Benefits
Easy-Going 8 piece recliner slipcover

  • Beautiful pattern
  • The superior quality of fabrics make it comfortable and durable
  • Protects your recliners
  • Vibrant colors and design
  • Fits nicely
  • Stays in place
  • Easy to install and maintain
  • High elasticity makes it easier to stretch them

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  • This slipcover isn’t waterproof
  • The included instructions are far from good. Therefore, adjusting the slipcover can be tricky if you haven’t done it before.

For three-seat sofas, these non slip cover for leather recliner is the best you can get. With its vibrant colors, great fitting, and amazing service, you are sure to be satisfied!

The fabric of these covers is of great quality. They are so soft, you will want to sleep on them. Movie nights, chatting with friends, or getting cozy by yourself; these slipcovers are great for all.

In a set, you get eight covers. They fit perfectly to your sofa and add a great look. Doesn’t matter if your sofa is new or old; these covers will immediately add a fresh look to your sofas.

To make it non-slip, these are straps attached. These are very easy to install and you can do it by yourself. The set comes with a step by step instruction on how to install these covers. So, you will be able to do it with minimum effort!

These sofa covers are easy to care for. They are suitable for hand or machine washing.

They come in many beautiful colors. Choose the one best suited to your house and other pieces of furniture, and it will rock your house.


Product Weighs:5.39 pounds
Product Dimension:16 x 12.6 x 6 inches
Available Sizes:X-Large
Available Colors:29 Available colors
Made of Materials:Spandex & Polyester Blended
Fabric Type:Stretchy Jacquard Soft Fabric Pattern Non Slip

Despite not being waterproof, there’s a lot of value to this slipcover. For instance, it protects every area of the chair, leaving nothing exposed. Pets won’t scratch it, and dirt won’t get even near either. You got to do less maintenance, more comfort, and superb relaxed moments.

7. MAYTEX Reeves Stretch 4 – Piece Recliner Furniture Cover

Key Benefits
maytex recliner chair covers

  • Beautiful designs and colors
  • Easy to install
  • Low maintenance
  • Lightweight and stretchable
  • Comfortable
  • Fits properly
  • Protects your furniture
  • Durable enough to last for years

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Downside: While the lightweight properties of the cover are fine, the fabric may feel a bit too thin for comfort

Maytex recliner chair covers works amazingly for your recliner armchairs. These covers protect them from water, stains, scratch, and every other kind of harm.

These covers are lightweight and they stretch very easily. So, you can install them without any hard-work. When you buy a set, it comes with guidance for installing them. Just follow the steps and you will be able to install the cover in a few minutes.

They are easy maintenance too. You can wash them by hand or using machines.

Even though they are lightweight, they last for years. These covers are durable against tearing, scratches, and stains. They keep your furniture neat for many years.

The beautiful grid design and the beautiful colors of this slipcover make your furniture look much elegant. This 4 piece recliner slipcover fits nicely with your chair.

They come with side pockets. These pockets are great for holding glasses, magazines, or any essentials of your living room.

There is no need to adjust these covers every now and then. Install them once and they will stay in place as long as you want them to.


Product Weighs:2.94 pounds
Product Dimension:38 x 30 x 37 inches
Available Sizes:Standard Size
Available Colors:3 Available colors
Made of Materials:Polyester Blended
Fabric Type:Stretchy Soft Fabric

As one of the most satisfying 4-piece recliner slipcovers, this accessory fits nicely with most chairs. After a quick installation, the cover can breathe new life to new and outdated chairs. Besides, the quality of the fabric makes it a long-lasting addition.

How to Pick the Best Slipcovers for Your Recliners

To choose the best recliner slipcovers, consider the facts mentioned below.


Before buying any slipcovers, the first thing you need to consider is their size. If the slipcovers don’t fit your chair properly, then it will not serve any of your purposes of buying it.

Slipcovers come in different sizes. To choose the right size, first, you need to measure your chair. Use a measuring tape or a piece of cloth to take the measurements of your chair. Then carefully check the size of the slipcovers you want to order.

You can buy slipcovers a bit bigger than your chairs. But buying undersized slipcovers is of no use.


The comfort and durability of your slipcovers depend on their materials. High-quality materials make a slipcover comfortable to sit on and last longer.

Since you want your slipcovers to protect your furniture, you want them to be durable. The covers must be durable enough to net get scratched or torn easily.

Soft slipcovers are great for your relaxation. So choose a soft, lightweight, and durable material.

It is also important to consider whether your chosen slipcovers stretch or wrinkle. You have to wash and maintain them accordingly.

Water, dust, and fur resistance:

Some slipcovers are water-resistant, some aren’t. You have to check it in their specification and choose whichever you like.

Usually, the water-resistant slipcovers are easier to dust off. Other covers may take more effort to clean.

If you have furry pets and they sit on your furniture, you should get slipcovers that are resistant to furs. Such slipcovers let you easily get rid of furs.

Washing method:

There are different methods of washing slipcovers such as hand washing, machine washing, and dry washing.

The method is usually noted in its specifications. Choose the one that will suit your tasks the best.

You also need to know whether the covers will shrink or stretch after washing and you have to choose the size keeping this in mind.

Frequently Asked Questions about Recliner Chair Covers

1. How should I wash my slipcovers?

All slipcovers cannot be washed using the same method. It is noted in its maintenance guidance that which type of washing should you do.

Some can only be dry-washed. Others are okay to be hand or machine-washed.

For the ones that can be machine-washed, you have to choose the right kind of detergent and fabric softeners. So research before you wash your slipcovers.

2. Can the same slipcover be used for manual and electric recliners?

Most of the slipcovers that can be used for electric recliners can be used for manual ones too.

But if your recliners are made of leather, then you may need to choose a specific kind of slipcover. Not all slipcovers are suitable for leather furniture.

Final Words

Recliners are great pieces of furniture to buy. But they are more costly than your average furniture and all recliners don’t look good. Choosing the right slipcover can protect your recliners and increase their beauty too.

There are various kinds of recliner slipcovers in the market; with different looks and specifications. You will not know right away which one to choose. But you will get the necessary ideas after reading my reviews of the best recliner slipcovers.

So choose one of the mentioned slipcovers according to your preference, and you will appreciate buying it. Your recliners will stay protected from harms and serve you much relaxation.

You will get the comfort you need and your house will also be more luxurious than ever!

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