Smart And Effective Hacks to Decorate A Doorway

Hacks to Decorate A Doorway

When you are entering and exiting a room, the part of the room that stands out the most is the door of that room. While most homes have decently decorated doors, the doorways more often than not, get forgotten.

This happens because this particular part of the wall is smaller than the rest and after decorating all the walls and the door, can be easy to neglect.

But, knowing how to decorate a doorway will help you a lot when it comes to the overall decoration of your home, as despite being smaller than all other sections of your wall, it is not that small to be entirely neglected. If left alone after decorating the whole house, the doorway will stick out like a sore thumb.

So whether you are renting a place or owning it, let’s see how you can decorate its doorways.

Decorating a doorway if you are renting the Home

Not everyone owns their own house. More often than not people rent out homes to live in. But does not owning a home mean that you should refrain from decorating it?  Not. In this case, you should go for temporary decorations, as you can take them off easily when moving out.

Moreover, these decorations are also suitable for people who are new and want to try out different things before settling on one kind of decoration. The following are your options for temporary doorway decorations.

1. Using mirrors

Mirrors are pretty common decorations when it comes to doorways. Prevalent in Italian homes, a pair of clean mirrors will mimic a couple of windows while also occupying the space above the doors. They are very easy to remove as well, so cleaning them and moving out is no hassle at all.

2. Using Sculptures

Very common in beach houses, sculptures add a unique look to both your doorways and your home in general. This excellent open doorway decor not only enhances the beauty of the home but also gives it an artistic look. Keep in mind to use sculptures that are on the smaller side for two reasons.

First, smaller sculptures will fit the space of the doorway perfectly while larger ones will not. Second, if you install smaller and lighter sculptures, it will be easier for you to remove them for cleaning and moving purposes.

3. Using antiques

Antiques are such things that sophisticated eyes can truly appreciate. So decorating your doorways with antiques will not only enhance the reputation of your house but yours as well.

Anyone who sees a couple of antiques adorning the doorway of your home will immediately think high of both you and your home, all the while feeling at ease at the sight of these beautiful pieces of art. Lighter and smaller antiques will be easier to clean and remove all the while will be less susceptible to falling because of their weight.

4. Using plates

Despite sounding quite an odd thing to decorate anything with, let alone the doorways, plates or platters are an excellent choice for decoration. Especially the ones which have been passed down for generations add aesthetic, cultural, historical, and emotional values at the same time.

These plates are very light almost always and have unique colors. So cleaning and removing them is not that of a big deal and once cleaned, they add a little more extra to any room.

5. Using paintings

Last, but not least by any stretch of the imagination, paintings have been adorning the doorways of homes for a long time and throughout different cultures. The reason behind them being so widespread is because of their acceptability, versatility, and beauty.

No matter what the culture is, or what era it is, paintings have always found their way to people’s homes as decoration. Use paintings that have a suitable size and shape for the space above the door frame to make the doorway look classy. Also, hanging art above doorway isn’t permanent, so they can easily be taken off the wall for moving and cleaning.

Decorating the doorway if you own the house

Once you own a home and you have become knowledgeable about the details of doorway decorations, you might want to decorate the doorway with something more permanent than the aforementioned options. If you want to do so, you have the following indoor doorway decor ideas to choose from. Keep in mind that you might need to call a contractor to install these in your homes.

1. Using windows

Starting with a more permanent counterpart to mirrors, you can drop all pretense and install real windows over your doorways. This solution is especially applicable to front doors as it will allow you to have extra outlets for air and light while also beautifying your home.

2. Using decorative moldings

Decorative moldings have become quite common in homes all around the world because of their versatility and beauty. You can not only decorate your doorways with moldings but also adorn your ceiling, perimeters, and panels such as wainscoting with them.

3. Using Murals

A more permanent substitute for paintings, murals will make your doorways stand out like nothing else. Having a mural at your home will immediately enhance its beauty as well as your reputation. You don’t have to take it off every once in a while and clean them too, the cleaning can be done standing in one place.

Final words

Despite being more or less front and center of every room, the doorways tend to be forgotten about the most. But with a little effort and the knowledge about ways to decorate a doorway will go a long way to immediately increase the beauty of your house manifolds.

Be it temporary or permanent, doorway decorations have been adorning houses for a long time. So, why should your house be any different? Find out what your criteria are and get your doorways decorated without any further delay.

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