How To Hide An Unused Door | 7 Creative Ways

Creative And Easy Ways To Hide Your Unused Door

At times, you might not need a room and you are going to close its door. Now the problem arises here when you do not close this way forever but rather just close it for a certain time.

Then, the existence of this doorway will make this particular location ugly. So, you need to take some sophisticated steps to tackle this problem.

Here I am illustrating some creative ideas, these might enable you to know how to hide an unused door. Be patient and read this article until the end.

7 Creative and Easy Ways To Hide Your Unused Door

There are several interesting ways to hide your unused door, I will mention some of the easiest among them, and after knowing these you alone can add other ways to hide your unused door.

However, these techniques will not take so much means to hide your unused door. Sometimes, your hiding will depend upon the settings of your room or the location of this door.

Here are seven simple ways to hide your unused door:

1. Bookcase   

This option is far better than anything else, and it is preferable for me. If you want to set up a bookcase in that place, you will surely realize its versatility. You can easily decorate your room with a bookcase, adding your favorite books, which is the best way to hide your unused door.

You need to make some temporary shelves for your books. If this doorway is in your bedroom then putting books will be the best decision or if this doorway is in your kitchen then you can place mugs, cutlery, pots, and other things here.

I believe this is one of the best options which will hide your unused door completely.

2. Mirror

The mirror is another excellent thing which suits every location of your house whether it is in a kitchen or a bedroom. You will need a long mirror that will cover the whole frame of your unused door and by doing this you can completely hide your unused door from common eyesight.

You can also use a custom-made mirror which is half of your door and you can set up it within the frame of your unused door. Overall, the mirror will be an excellent idea to hide an unused door while giving your home a posh impression.

3. Shelves

You might think that this option is similar to the bookshelf idea, however, this is not similar to the bookshelf. Because in this choice, you will refurbish your unused door by removing panels and handle. So, it will eventually resemble the walls of your room look. And then you will install shelves.

In this case, whether you put books on these shelves or not, no one can perceive that there is a door! But in the previous option i.e. you have to put books to hide your unused door.

4. Wall Gallery

A Wall gallery is another great choice to hide an unused door. This will help you to hide your unused door completely from plain sight. In this case, by displaying nature views in this area, you can also create a unique design for your house’s interior. Here you can also set up wall galleries, paintings, and frames.

Remember, sometimes, this hiding solely depends on your creativity. The door location will tell you what should you place or hang to hide it. In light of this, you need to place wall galleries according to the door location.

5. Artworks

Using artworks to hide an unused door is better than any other method but here you need other things to hide your unused door completely. For example, if you intend to hang artwork or painting on your door then you will require other things to hide the lower part of this door. In that case, you may use a sofa, pot plant, cart or table, and other big items to hide the lower part from viewing. Also, oversized artwork can do the trick.

Try to arrange these things perfectly so that no one can perceive that there is a doorway or try to set up all things in a simple form.

6. Drapes Or Curtain

Drapes or curtains are very common to us, as we generally use these to cover our window so that no one can see us from outside as well as to make hindrance heavy sunlight from entering our house.

But here I am going to tell you how to hide a door using a curtain. All you need to do is to place some curtains or a set of curtains in front of the door. Make sure the curtain is not transparent and big enough to disappear from the door. 

You can also place a large flat screen smart tv in front of the curtain to make sure that none can even imagine a door behind this.

7. Install a sliding barn door

Adding a sliding barn door in front of any door is a great way to hide it while also adding some rustic charm. Yes, if you have an unused door nearby a doorway you use, you can hide the unused door with a sliding barn door.

All you need to do is buy a good quality sliding barn door kit and install it following the installation instructions.

Whats Now!

I have discussed 7 common and doable ways to conceal a useless door. So, the decision regarding how to cover up your unused door is now yours. Regardless of what creative way you choose to hide your unused door, make sure it won’t make your house appear odd.

Also, you must ensure that you, your family members, or your pets won’t harm themselves due to this hidden unused door. Good luck.

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