Know How to Install a Bathroom Vanity Top and Backsplash

How to Install a Bathroom Vanity Top and Backsplash

The whole remodeling the bathroom scene can include chores that turn out to be more than you’ve imagined in first place. One of the common chores is getting your old vanity cabinet top and backsplash replaced. Installing the new one can be a bit confusing if you’ve never done this before.

However, after reading today’s piece of writing, I hope that problem disappears. Let’s talk about how to install a bathroom vanity top and backsplash.

Here are the Steps to Installing a Bathroom Vanity Top and Backsplash

Now before you jump into the whole process, it’s important to start with a solid preparation base. Gathering all the tools and supplies that you’re going to need will make the later steps so much simpler. So definitely start with some good preparation. To install a granite vanity top you are going to need a pipe wrench, adjustable wrench, screwdriver, a rag or cloth, utility knife, a cleaner, caulk, caulking gun, and construction adhesive.

Start with Measurements

To setup the bathroom vanity properly, you surely need to know the dimensions right. Get a measuring tape for this and calculate the figures. When getting the new vanity top, use this measurement to pick the right one. Above the drain hole goes your sink and it needs perfect position. Do keep that in mind.

Turn Off the Water Supply

The mainline for water in your bathroom needs to be off. Make sure you don’t start working without stopping the water connection. Do this at least 30 minutes before the actual process. You can turn things back on after the process is finished.

Supply Lines Disconnection

Now you need to disconnect the supply line. Get a pipe wrench for this. And use it for separating the drain pipes from sink unit that you have. Be careful when disconnecting the supply lines that are tightly attached. These should be coming from the faucet system. You can use an adjustable wrench here.

Get the Vanity Out & Check Once Again

Use a screwdriver and get the clips out. These are the ones holding your vanity top in its spot. You can easily locate them right inside the base of vanity. Hold the old sink carefully from the base next. And you want to slowly bring it to the floor.

You should also check the water supply lines and drain pipes for damage. If these are too old then there can be rust or similar problems. In such a case go for a replacement before adding the new vanity top. Then, slowly pick the old sink from its base and put it safely on floor.

Apply the Adhesive After Cleaning Surface

The cabinet and wall can have sticky dust on them. there can be a residue of earlier used adhesive. Using any sharp tool, you can scrap those out easily. Once you are done with removing those, get a rag or cloth.

Use it for giving the surface a wipe. The installation will work best when the surface is clean. After this, you need to place the new top above vanity cabinet. To make sure everything is in its place, use a level. If there’s a need for adjustment, go for inserting one or more shims beneath. Gradually hold the sink up and start putting adhesive on cabinet’s upper part.

Vanity Top Placement

The placement of the top part needs to be exactly on bathroom cabinet’s center. To attach sink top to vanity base, use a screwdriver. Then you need to fix the faucet set up. Make sure you follow the manual provided by manufacturer for this setup.

The water pipes need reattachment. Use a wrench for this. And finally, to make sure there are no leakage issues, apply some caulk. You want to apply on the vanity top’s border area. A bead of caulk with a caulking gun will help you do that.

Steps to Installing Vanity Backsplash

After installing the vanity top, you also need to settle with the backsplash. A few models of vanity tops do include integral backsplash. While there are models that may need installing marble slab backsplash separately.  For this, you are going to need a hammer, a power drill, tape, a rag or cloth, 12-grit sandpaper, a utility knife, a cleaner, and construction adhesive. Also, we will apply silicone caulk.

Sand & Clean

The spot where the backsplash will settle needs a good sanding session. You can use 12-grit sandpaper for this. As it will help to polish the wall better. Later you need to use a cleaning liquid to clean the area. Before starting work, make sure it is completely dry.

Applying Adhesive

After that, you need to apply adhesive. On both ends of the backslash’s back part go for applying a round pattern of glue. This is also applicable for the center backside. Against the wall closer to vanity top, carefully position it. Make adjustments for the backsplash. So that it can line properly with the sink top’s boundary. Give it a gentle push towards the wall. Use a cloth and get rid of any unwanted glue residue from the edge.

Applying Caulk

Then you want to put a bead of caulk on the wall. The caulk needs to have a thin layer that is also fine. There cannot be any cracks too. Carefully mix the caulk keeping these points in mind.

The joining point of backsplash and vanity top is where you need to put tape on. Applying the caulk between granite backsplash and wall can mess up if you don’t take precautions. Try to keep at least an inch of gap between tapes. You need to allow the caulk and glue to sit for at least a day.

Wrap Up

And that was all about how to install a bathroom vanity top and backsplash. There’s no doubt that vanity is a very important thing as well as useful. Making the installation successful is not a very big deal once you get the idea of what can happen. That way if there’s a mishap taking place, you know how to handle it.

So, going through tutorials of installation, watching videos, and paying attention to tips can really help. No doubt the purchase of a proper bathroom vanity top is very significant and something you should spend time on.

But the installation process is also crucial to know about. And this applies to all types, whether you are trying to install a marble vanity top or a granite one. Good Luck with The Installation!

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