How to Make Doormat at Home

You know that doormats have much impact on the first impression of the guests. So, many of us think that having an elegant doormat may cost huge bucks. However, you can make a magnificent entrance mat using your home materials such as wool, old clothes or cardboard paper.

handmade door mat

How to Make Doormat at Home : 3 Experts Tips

Tips 1: Doormat From Old Cloth

It is a normal practice to discard old clothing. However, you can use them to make colorful handmade door mat. So, follow the following instructions to make the best use of the waste cloth.

Cut the old cloth into pieces
At first, take a long waste cloth which can be 6 feet long after cutting. The width should be at least 4 feet. Now cut the whole cloth into pieces with 3-inch wide strips. Here, the cutting piece can be 6 feet long for 12 stripes. The pieces can be somewhat less or more. Don’t be confused. It’s a DIY project. So, you can add or lessen the number of strips for both width and length.

Tie the pieces of the cloth
Now tie all the wide strips in hand and sew them at one end. The strips of the three tied end in the window grill. After tying the strips into the grill, now braid all the three strips from the tied end like braiding the hair. Now add each of the strips to the braid until the braid reaches to the end. Hence, you can add 12 strips that make the braided about 20 feet long.

Snug the ends of the braid
Snug the excess length of the ends of the strip. You can use a needle and thread to stitch the ends of the wide strips. The strips will be fixed together in the braid. Now cut the excess ends ties with the window grill. After cutting the ends, sew them together.

Start Rolling the Mat
Once you sew the ends together, now it’s time to roll the braided coil in the circles. It’s the primitive shape of the mat. So, start from one end of the braided coil. When you tie each end into the circle, fix it with a needle with dark colored yarn. Stich all the ends to the circle until the circle is completed. Once the circle is finished, it becomes a magnificent DIY mat.

Home made Door mat

Tips 2: Home Mat From Cardboard Paper

Stenciled doormat is a super cool doormat crafted from DIY materials. It won’t take a hassle as the materials are available at home. So let’ scroll down to find out the steps of crafting a cool doormat.

Required Materials

  • Cardboard Paper
  • Cutter
  • A plain Doormat
  • Spray Adhesive
  • Spray Paint

Easy steps to craft a DIY stenciled doormat

  • Choose the text and print it on cardboard by using a nice font. The cardboard size should be as large to fit the doormat.
  • Now stencil out the text of the cardboard by a cutter.
  • Fix the stencils on the doormat by using spray adhesive. The stencils must be fit on the doormat.
  • Now cover the rest of the doormat. You can use spray paint so that no stain comes outward.

Dry the paint by leaving it for several hours. After drying the paint, enjoy your DIY stenciled doormat.

Tips 3: Homemade Doormat From Crocheted Sisal Rug

Crocheted sisal rug is a homemade welcome mat which can be used in a mud room, dining room or anywhere. You can make any size and style by following some simple instructions. Sisal is comparatively inexpensive, and you can make about 50 DIY doormats with the same price of a ready-made doormat.

Materials Used in the Crocheted Sisal Rug

  • A big heap sisal
  • A crochet hook
  • Gloves to wrap around the fingers

Steps to make crocheted sisal rug

  • At first, make a chain of the heap sisal with the crochet hook as long as you want. The longer the sisal is, the cozier it is. However, while making the chain, start with a slip knot by placing on your hook. Loop the sisal over the hook and then pull the loop through the knot. Do it again and again until the length is enough.
  • Now it’s time to crochet the new loops turn into the chain. Insert the hook into the new second chain and wrap the sisal around the hook. It’s now easy for you as you have done it at the very last step. Now pull the sisal around the hook through the first loop. You have two loops now on your hook. Do it several times until it is single crochet.
  • The crochet made row is slightly thicker. The thickness will determine how comfortable the doormat will be. So, crochet the next rows. Each time you’ll get two loops for single crochet. However, one chain completed.
  • After completing the chain, you have to make more chain stitches. The chain stitches will help you turn around to work with another row. You have to do it at the end of each row so that you can proceed to make the next round crochet.
  • If you complete two crochets, slide the hook under the front loop of the first crochet. Then do the same way for the first crochet to the loop. Repeat the process across the row. Keep repeating until the rug is long enough as you want it.
  • The rug is long enough to be a good doormat, but until the border is locked, it won’t last long. So, cut the end of the sisal and weave it through the edges. You can also lock the edges by making several rows of slip stitches all the way around of the rug. You have to make three slip stitches at each corner to tight it. Your crocheted sisal rug is ready. Enjoy.

Final Remarks

Though doormats are available in the market, a homemade doormat can express your skill and inner beauty. You can make it by using abandoned clothes or materials. Also, it can save your bucks. Moreover, if you can make the best doormats at home, it offers you a significant favor of using different mats for different occasions and weather.

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