Help! How To Protect Screen Door From My Dog?

It’s hard to find anyone who would like to see the scuff marks made by their dog below the screen door. As soon as I figured out my dog will not stop doing it, I’ve asked people about how to protect my screen door from my dog and experimented with a lot of solutions. That’s what I am sharing today! A few to prevent it.

You protect the screen door from a dog, you must measure the area that the pet is able to access. Then you can try inserting Lexan sheet, scratchproof tape, grille, mesh, or chicken wire.

I’ll share the methods of protecting the screen door from the dog in a detailed manner in this guide.

How To Protect Screen Door From Dog

Here’s How To Protect Your Screen Door From Your Dog!

Protecting the screen door from the dog’s ugly scratches is easy if you have all the tools. Here are 5 DIY screen door protector techniques that I find helpful:

1. Use Lexan Sheet

  • Pick the adjustable and unbreakable Lexan sheet like the Plastics 2000 Lexan Sheet.
  • Measure the width and length of the area that the dog can reach. Note them on a page or sticky note if you forget easily.
  • Place some thick cardboard on the table. According to the size, mark the cardboard using the drywall T square scale and pencil or pen.
  • Put the Lexan sheet on the cardboard. Since the sheet is transparent, you can see the marked areas.
  • Use a knife to cut over the marked areas.
  • Take the hacksaw to run over the marked area on the Lexan sheet.
  • Insert the wood pieces underneath.
  • Drill the 4 points on the corners using the driller and drill bit.
  • Put the Lexan sheet on the screen door from the inside.
  • Insert the self-trapping screws with the screw gun on the four points in the screen door.

2. Cover The Surface With Scratchproof Tape

  • Mark the highest point of the screen door that the dog can reach.
  • From the left to right side, use the scratchproof tapes so that the whole bottom part covers up perfectly.
  • If needed, add 4 – 5 layers of scratchproof tape to prevent the dog scratch to reach the interior screen part.

3. Install Screen Door Grille

  • Place the grille for the screen door on a table. It usually contains 3 holes in the brackets based on the size of the door.
  • Hold the grille on your screen door to know if the size requires adjustment or not. If so, stop the movement of the grille using a clamp.
  • Take a hacksaw to cut the extra surface of the grill brackets.
  • Sand the surface using the smooth file.
  • Hang the grille in the door and secure it by using the 4 clamps on each corner.
  • Mark the four drilling points using a marker.
  • Drill the four points using a driller.
  • Insert the 4 screws in the holes and tighten them out with the screwdriver or screw gun.

4. Add Fiberglass Screen Mesh

  • Get a solid mesh that is ideal for dogs like the MAGZO Fiberglass Screen Mesh.
  • Hold the mesh and simply place it on the screen door from the inside.
  • Take a pin and simply tab it using the hammer to secure the mesh.
  • Again, use another pin on the upper area using the hammer.
  • Keep on doing it until all the pins are inserted in the right spot.
  • Secure the bottom sticks to the door bottom section.
  • Test it out by bringing your dog and enjoy.

5. Cover The door With Chicken Wire

  • Use screwdriver or screw gun to remove 4 screws on the above and bottom of the door.
  • Take a measuring tape to understand what’s the length, and width of the screened area of the door.
  • If that seems hard, just place the door on the floor and put the chicken wire so that it covers everything.
  • Grab the mini wire cutter pliers to cut the extra edges from the chicken wire.
  • Walk on top of the chicken wire to flatten it out.
  • Mark the area where you are going to drill using a pencil or marker after placing the chicken wire on the door. Be sure to mark 4 spots on the bottom area of the door.
  • Drill the 4 holes using the driller with the right size drill bit.
  • Insert the trim on the chicken wire
  • Attach the screws on each hole in the bottom surface. Tighten them out with the screw gun or screwdriver.
  • Do the same thing on the top, left, and right sides.
  • Put it on the door and align it on the front door.
  • Set the pins of the hinges and tighten out the screws.

Note: Be sure to patch up the holes using the adhesive screen before using the chicken wire.

Ending Note

The above techniques were helpful to protect my screen door from my dog. I hope this works for you too. If not, it’s wise to spray some scents that dogs dislike on the screen door. That way your pet avoids roaming there.

Since dogs don’t like the shade indigo and avoid that, use green or red tape all over the door. Dogs usually see these 2 colors in bluish tones.

Hope this guide helps!

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