How to Remove Kitchen Faucet without Basin Wrench

How to Remove Kitchen Faucet

A kitchen faucet is an essential part of the kitchen. You can’t imagine a kitchen without a kitchen faucet. It helps to keep your caboose tidy and clean. It’s probably the most used part. However, the centerpiece sometimes needs to be changed due to unsuitable or unfit. So, you may have to dismount the faucet to set up a new one.

Though it seems that removal of the faucet is difficult, the entire process is easy but tricky. People think they must need a basin wrench to remove the faucet. But, what should be done if the basin wrench can’t work here? So, is there any way to use instead of a basin wrench to remove the kitchen faucet?

You must know there must be an alternative to everything. Therefore, go through the article to understand the easy steps of removing the kitchen faucet without a basin wrench.

Removing Kitchen Faucet Without Basin Wrench

As you already have already know that removing a kitchen faucet is easy, the process depends on keeping the nuts retaining off or not to the faucet. So, you can easily remove the nuts without using a basin wrench.

Required tools

Steps To Remove The Faucet

Once you have gathered the tools mentioned above, it’s time to start the process. Don’t skip any step to get your faucet quickly removed. Otherwise, you may fall into a problem, or the faucet may be broken. So, let’s start:

Turn of the valves

At first, find out both the hot and the cold valves and shut them off. You can find them under the sink as well as in the cabinet. Turn off the valves to block the flow of water.

Open the Faucet

After shutting off both valves, now open the faucet. It helps to remove the pressure from the faucet. As the force is removed, the faucet feels light to be removed easily.

Disconnect the water lines

The previous step is easy. Maybe you don’t have to go under pressure to open the faucet and successfully done it. Now, disconnect both the water lines from the faucet. In this case, the channel-lock pliers will help you a lot to disconnect the water lines.

Remove the nuts

Once you have disconnected the water lines, follow this important step. Use your socket wrench to remove the nuts which are used to hold the faucet. However, you can use some grease to make the nuts easy, if the bolts are tightly locked.  It helps to remove the bolts and the nuts off with ease.

Disconnect the hose and put it out

Hope, you have completed the steps as mentioned earlier without skipping. Now, disconnect the hose from the faucet if the faucet has a sink. Put out the sink and clean it with a clean cloth or towel.

Replace the faucet with a new one or reuse it by repairing (if it has any problem).

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Remove Kitchen Faucet without Basin Wrench

Final Remarks

Though the removal of the kitchen faucet is an easy task, you should care about the surroundings to keep your kitchen free from water. Don’t let the hose be leaked. So, turn the water line off before disconnecting the hose. Always use grease to make the bolts and nuts ease if they seem to be hard.

And finally, don’t skip any step to get the task done faster. Otherwise, your endeavor will result in vain.

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