How to Restore Oil Rubbed Bronze Finish | 4 Steps

How To Restore Oil Rubbed Bronze Finish

The oil-rubbed bronze finish has become a new trend in decorating our home, from the shower to the kitchen. Many of us consider its affluent hue with a touch of chocolate and the glimpse of glittering bronze as something great to see.

Again, the finish lasts for a long time with proper maintenance. Unfortunately, the bronze finish fades or wears away.

So, how to restore the oil-rubbed bronze finish? You can start with cleaning the object that has the finish using a neat and soft cloth. Then, apply a little amount of furniture wax or beeswax to the surface with another soft cloth.

Now, massage the wax in a circular motion gently after letting the wax set, clean, and buff the area. Lastly, rub with a cotton ball saturated with any relevant mineral oil.

The whole process of restoring oil-rubbed bronze finish is very simple. For example, you want to get rid of white film on dishes in the dishwasher. You can easily do it yourself by following some simple steps. Hence, I invite you to read those steps in detail for a better idea.

Why Do the Oil-Rubbed Bronze Finish Wear Off?

Usually, this type of finish is applied to something made of brass or other similar materials. You can do it by rubbing a unique solution of dark oil over the copper plating. Hence, combining oil and the copper plate gives the surface an intense and attractive look while the shine of copper becomes visible.

Like other finishes, this bronze finish also wears over time. As a result, the surface appears with an antique texture. You can protect the quality of the finish by treating it well. Moreover, some specific chemicals or products may harm the surface. It leads to low or dull coloration and a decayed finish.

It is always better to clean the surface regularly. Often, you will see the surface looks a bit greenish once you clean it. It happens by applying incorrect cleaning agents or chemicals in the agents. As well, bronze has a trait of oxidizing over the period. Chemicals may disturb the whole scenario.

4 Steps to Restore Oil-Rubbed Bronze Finish

Yes, you can restore any oil-rubbed bronze finish. It takes only a few moments and relevant products to get the job done. One more thing, you don’t need to spend huge money to restore the worn-out bronze.

Check the list below of necessary items that will help the restoration task. You may already have them at home. Still, you can collect them from the nearby store.

Things You Need

  • Sufficient warm water
  • Several soft, dry, and clean clothes
  • Wax (furniture or beeswax)
  • Mineral oil
  • Few cotton balls

Steps to Follow

You can get the most satisfactory result by following the below steps:

Step 1: Clean the area

The restoration may not work or fail to give the best result without cleaning. So, the first step is cleaning the oil-rubbed bronze finish. Remove the dust from the surface with a clean and soft piece of cloth.

Again, some people suggest using cleaners, but it can risk the finish. The harsh chemicals of these cleaners can damage the finish.

Make the cloth wet in warm water if you need a better touch-up. Then, wipe the whole area with a damp cloth to remove any stubborn dirty things.

Step 2: Let the Surface Dry

After cleaning the bronze finish, you should leave it to dry thoroughly. When you get it dry-to-touch, it’s time to do the main job. Take another soft cloth and apply some wax to it. Likewise, you may use any furniture wax or beeswax. Applying the wax can cure the finish nicely. It restores the sheen and absolute beauty of the oil-rubbed bronze.

It is better to use beeswax. If you don’t have it, you may apply the furniture wax. Both are very affordable.

Step 3: Massage the Wax

Massaging the wax you applied helps to gain a better and smooth result. As an expert suggestion, you can massage the wax in a circular motion.

Check out the whole surface if there is any stain or unsmooth part. Then, massage the wax on those parts well to fill up the gaps. Also, continue rubbing the whole area until you find it smooth and okay.

After applying the wax:

  1. Leave it alone for a couple of minutes to set well.
  2. If you get any excess wax after drying, wipe them with another clean and dry cloth.
  3. Buff the whole area with the same cloth to ensure no residue is left.

Final Step: Apply Some Mineral Oil

Once the waxing part is done, you can restore the sheen of the bronze. To do so, take a cotton ball and saturate it with mineral oil. Then, rub the ball over the area of the finish. Now, you will see that the damaged or faded bronze finish has a new look.

Things to Avoid or Do in Oil-Rubbed Bronze Finish Restoration

Always keep in mind that low-quality cleaners have the wrong chemicals in them. These chemicals are not suitable for the bronze finish. Also, they may result in lethal damage to the surface. You should not apply harsh or acidic cleaners with harmful bleach or limescale removers.

To avoid using those chemicals, you may choose natural or mild dish soap. You can make a solution of water and soap and apply it to the surface using a soft cloth. Alternatively, some gentle cleaners are also good, which you may get at the market. For example, you can choose vinegar. It can cut any water marks and mineral deposits.


Have you tried to restore the oil-rubbed bronze finish yet? If not, I hope there will be no more issues once you follow the steps I have mentioned in this article. Also, you can easily eliminate white film on dishes in the dishwasher.

Also, I suggest using only suitable products to clean the bronze finish. Otherwise, harsh chemicals can worsen it.

Thanks for reading this blog.

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