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Best Shower Sponge & Loofahs

Clean living is the best living.

And now thanks to the recent health emergencies around the world, more people are learning about proper hygiene.

A good relaxing shower is essential for overall hygiene and health. Water and soap aren’t enough anymore; a good scrubber is mandatory for they can save our skin.

So, get the best shower sponge & loofahs for a successful shower every day – one that will clean, exfoliate, and rejuvenate your skin all at once.

Some loofahs are more amazing than others – they may carry unique anti-bacterial properties that give our skin that extra glow.

In this article, we show you some of the best loofahs in the market. Keep reading to know more.

Top 5 Picks of Shower Sponge at a Glance

Best Shower Sponge & Loofahs Reviewed

There are many kinds of loofahs and sponges you’ll find in the market. But on this list, you’ll only get the best of all that is available.

1. Buf-Puf Skin Exfoliating Body Sponge, Dermatologist Developed, Reusable

Best skin exfoliating body sponge

Shower time is one of the best parts of our day. Not only do you feel clean and refreshed afterward, but it also puts you in a good mood almost immediately.

Fragrant soaps and shampoos are absolute musts, but having the best shower accessories that are well-functional is also a big necessity.

That’s why this one from Buf Puf is our favorite. We can’t think of a shower time that won’t be accompanied by this beautiful light turquoise sponge loofah. This color is so nice and pleasant that one look at the sponge will immediately put you in a relaxed mood. Also, the color is unisex; there is no discrimination among genders here. So, whether you are a male or a female, we are sure that you’ll fall in love with this sponge.

Key Features
  • Unisex design and color
  • Meant to be used on dry skin
  • Weighs only 0.05 pounds, which is practically nothing
  • Beautiful turquoise puts you in a relaxed mood immediately

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The item weighs only 0.05 pounds; you won’t even feel it in your hands.

It’s meant for the dry skin type, so it’s especially delicate in texture. It will give you the perfect exfoliation and cleaning while removing all the dirt and dead skin cells to leave your skin glowing from within.

Your skin will become so soft and supple after using this that you won’t even feel the need to apply any other moisturizer on it. Although, we would advise you not to do this – a moisturizer will only help your skin feel smoother.

2. Vive Loofah Shower Sponge and Back Scrubber – Men & Women

best loofah shower sponge on a stick

Loofahs do much more than cleaning. With this loofah from Vive, you’re going to enjoy taking showers a bit more.

They won’t just clean, but they’ll also heal your skin by removing the layer of dead skin cells and all the accumulated dirt and oils without stripping it away of its natural suppleness.

This loofah is the best for sensitive skin – it improves blood circulation and overall quality of the skin. If you have any rough patches, the lightweight mesh of the loofah will take care of it nicely.

Key Features
  • The mesh will exfoliate as well as clean your skin
  • Can be washed quickly and it dries quickly as well
  • Convenient to store with the cord loop on the handle
  • Has a 17-inch handle made of lotus wood that’s naturally strong and very resilient
  • The wood on the handle has a textured surface that’s comfortable to hold

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The loofah is just firm enough so that it is easy to hold and easy on the skin as well. You don’t have to apply pressure on it to get it to clean your skin, so the experience of using it will be quite simple and easy going.

This back scrubber loofah comes with a handle of its own. You’ll love the handle because it’s made of light lotus wood, which is hard and resilient yet very lightweight.

The wood is textured and feels very nice to hold, as well. And the brush is long enough to reach all parts of your body without being a hassle to take into the shower.

This loofah, along with your favorite soap, will make a combination that you will never forget.

3. YOOVE Loofah Back Scrubber with Bamboo Charcoal

best bathing sponge with stick

This is the coolest looking loofah on the list. If you’re into black, you will particularly love this. This is a knotted mesh loofah that comes in color black and with a long, nicely shaped handle attached to it.

If you have oily, problematic skin, then this loofah will be your best friend during the shower. The color of this loofah is not black only because of the color on the mesh but also because it comes infused with the goodness of bamboo charcoal.

Key Features
  • Has a well-balanced handle that’s easy to hold and navigate with
  • The long 17-inch handle makes it easy to reach all parts of the body.
  • Made with bamboo charcoal infused mesh that helps oily skin and lifts spots away
  • The black charcoal also works as an anti-oxidant and a natural deodorizer

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Bamboo charcoal is a natural element that is used as a treatment for super oily skin that gets spots easily. Such are the ingredients that were used to make this loofah, and this is why these loofahs are so good to use on any type of skin.

The handle is 17 inches long and is a good length for scrubbing your back with. With this, you can reach every part of your body without any discomfort.

When you are done, you can easily hang it upside down on a hook in your bathroom wall by using the small loop that comes wound through the bottom part of the handle.

There is a black rubber pad on the handle, which will give you a good grip on it.

4. FAAY 17 Inch Natural Exfoliating Loofah Back Scrubber

best back scrubber loofah

This is a 100% environment-friendly loofah sponge pad that will rejuvenate your skin and help your skin get back its natural glow. It comes at the end of a long handle that measures 17 inches in length.

Stick luffa sponges like these are very desirable but most break or rot away too quickly. But this one won’t. It has been made with particular care using the best materials.

The handle is made with the best type of wood – teak. Teak is naturally moisture-resistant and decay-resistant. This handle will not break or rot, and it will stay in good health for an indefinite period of time.

Key Features
  • Completely biodegradable
  • A 17-inch long handle made of teak
  • The handle is extremely strong and durable
  • Egyptian luffa sponge with natural antibacterial healing properties
  • The luffa sponge has a lot of pores that trap dirt and cleans the skin thoroughly

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The loofah sponge, on the other hand, is made with natural white Egyptian mesh. It has antibacterial properties and a good level of porosity to remove the oil and dirt from the surface of your skin so that all the dry, dead skin cells get removed. That helps your skin to glow from within.

This luffa is biodegradable, and so it won’t cause any harm to the environment. The sponge is so gentle that you can use it daily without stripping your skin off of the essential oils that it naturally contains.

5. MY Konjac Sponge | 100% All Natural Pure Baby Bath Sponge Extra Soft & Gentle100% All Natural Pure Baby Bath Sponge

This is a baby sponge with a texture that is akin to the surface of a baby’s skin. This soft sponge will clean gently and safely

Babies are extra sensitive to harshness. You might not have a problem with something that might trigger uncomfortable reactions for the baby.

This is why it’s important to get the safest loofahs you can find for them. The quality control on this loofah is meticulously specific about not including any harmful chemicals that might irritate the baby.

Key Features
  • Each sponge will last you 2 months
  • Certified as biodegradable, vegan, and halal
  • Very soft sponge made with natural ingredients
  • Free of fragrance, chemicals, additives, colors, and so on

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Therefore, no parabens, no phthalates, no sulfates, nor petroleum has been used in the making of this loofah. None of these chemicals are present in the sponge, and so your baby will be able to tolerate bath time without creating a crying ruckus in the bathroom.

This loofah is made with 100% vegan products. There was no cruelty involved, and it has been tested and labeled as halal. Therefore, this is the safest sponge for your beloved newborn.

Another great part about this loofah is that it is completely natural, and thus it is biodegradable. So, this is not harmful to the environment. In fact, with this loofah, you can actually get to save a bit of money because the sponge here lathers up soap very amazingly.

So, from the time you start using this loofah, you’ll be needing less and less soap for the same amount of cleaning as before.

Each of these sponges will last for 2 months.

We love this product because it’s sustainable, convenient, and safe to use.

6. Baby Buddy Natural Baby Bath Sponge 4” Soft Sea Sponge for Baby’s Tender Skin

Natural Best Baby Bath Sponge

Babies need special love and care. When Baby Buddy made a sponge for the babies of the world, they were sure to make it as safe, clean, and friendly as possible. So, they didn’t use any chemicals to make this sponge. It’s made entirely of natural sponge that had been collected from the coast of Florida.

The softness of this loofah will amaze you – it’s softer than a baby’s belly. When you use this to wash your baby, there will be no crying anymore. In fact, most babies have enjoyed taking baths with this softest sponge in the world because it feels so nice against their skin.

Key Features
  • Not abrasive but very delicate
  • Can last up to 8 weeks
  • Create a big lather with a little bit of soap
  • Biodegradable, hypoallergenic, and super absorbent

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There is nothing abrasive about this loofah. You will need only a very little amount of soap because this loofah lathers up the soap very nicely.

The lather spreads easily and evenly all across the body.

Another point that speaks in favor of this fully natural loofah set is the fact that it’s so clean and simple to wash them.

These are hypoallergenic and completely safe for the baby’s breathing.

The loofah is simple, clean, and fresh. There is no chance for mildew to grow here. But you will need to replace it every 8 weeks. The sponge here is soft and very refreshing to use but if you have to replace it periodically.

7. BAIMEI Bath Sponge, Shower Sponge Loofah, Exfoliating Loofahs Sponge (2pcs)

Bath Sponge, Shower Sponge Loofah

This loofah cleans and exfoliates without being too harsh on the skin. Some sponges are rough, but not this one. Made with a very soft material, this loofah will take care of your skin like no other. There are two pieces of loofahs, and each will last a long time.

The skin exfoliating shower sponge is very durable as well. It doesn’t hold on to the excess water once you’ve wrung it out properly. The sponge is very porous, and the multitudinous pores work as a good housing system for the soap to lather up in.

Key Features
  • 2 loofahs in a set
  • Lathers up the soap a lot
  • Good size for a good hold
  • Has a string to hook it up with
  • Gentle enough to be used every day
  • Cleans and exfoliates the skin, so it has a healthy glow from within

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When you start using this loofah, you’ll find your soaps to last longer than they did before. The cleaning action will be much better in comparison as well.

Use one pump of your soap, and you’re done. The rigorous cleaning action of the loofahs will take away the dead outer layer of your skin so that you get a healthy glow from within.

The comfort and convenience of this loofah are further strengthened by its usability. Some loofahs are uncomfortable to hold, but with the perfect dimension of 5.17 x 2.17 x 4.53 inches, you’ll find this one to be of exactly the right size – no more, no less than that.

When you’re done using the loofah, just clean it with water and wring it out. Leave it to dry by hanging it conveniently on your bathroom hook by using the string of the loofah.

8. AmazerBath Shower Bath Sponge Shower Loofahs Balls 60g/PCS for Body Wash

Bath Sponge Shower Loofahs

Many loofahs in the market are quite abrasive on the skin. To save yourself the trouble of using a loofah that will disappoint you, just pick this one up from AmazerBath, and you truly will be amazed.

This loofah is made with very high-quality material. It’s gentle and delicate, but it will be able to exfoliate your skin to the best of your needs. The texture of the material feels amazing to touch on its own and when you put some soap in it, lather it up – the pouf sponge will get even more fluffy.

Key Features
  • Comes in all the nice colors
  • Has appropriate weight and size for a comfortable grip
  • Special tight knot that won’t come off like other knots
  • Easy to hang it up on the walls for quick drying and storage
  • The texture of the loofah is amazingly pleasant and very effective

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The size of this loofah is the most ideal one. It will fit cozily in your hands, and it will be like holding a piece of cloud in your hands.

If you’ve used such knotted loofahs, it might not have been a good experience because they tend to fall apart with use. This one, however, will pose no such problems for you.

It has been sealed tight around the middle by a special kind of knot that has a lot of tenacity and firmness. The knot is solid, and it won’t come away even if you tug and pull on it.

Also, these come in beautiful colors too – blue, teal, lavender, and white – but the best part is none of these are boringly plain. Each color has a mix of a sheen to it that looks amazing anyway.

The colors will soothe your eyes and please your senses just as the texture of the loofah will clean you thoroughly.

This loofah is suitable for both men and women. Each of them is 60g in weight, and we’re sure that you will love how it feels on your hand.

9. Almooni Store Premium Exfoliating Shower Sponge Loofah Pad Body Scrubber

Best skin exfoliating shower sponge

If you want a taste of the premium, then this is the loofah shower sponge for you. The quality of the loofah is mind-blowing, and its effectiveness is commendable. But this is not just an ordinary loofah. This one is made with a special Egyptian sponge that takes extra care of your skin from the outside in.

The texture of the loofah is not smooth, like a cloud. It’s a light abrasive material that has a gentle roughness to it that suits adults very well. Adult skin is thicker and more difficult to clean than baby skin, and so these light abrasive materials prove to be more useful for that.

Key Features
  • Has a very lightweight feeling without being too fluffy
  • The texture has a very measured abrasiveness that helps to provide a thorough clean
  • Made with natural Egyptian sponge with a uniquely dense porosity
  • Terry cloth and cotton backside helps to pull out the dirt and oils from within

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The backside of the sponge is made with terry cloth and cotton padding, which really helps to pull out the dirt and oils from the surface of your skin. After you use this, your skin will glow from within and will readily soak up any lotions and moisturizers you put on it.

You’ll love the feeling of this on your skin – it’s not harsh, and neither is it fluffy. The soft denseness of this sponge is a good combination for cleaning any type of skin thoroughly.

Lastly, this loofah is completely biodegradable, so you can use it without causing any harm to the environment.

10. Suntee Exfoliating Back Scrubber & Exfoliating Sponge Pad Set for Shower/Bath

best skin exfoliating shower sponge back scrubber

If you are keen on cleanliness, you should get this exfoliating scrubber for yourself. The scrubber is easier to use than loofahs, but the best part here is that you will get a free scrubbing pad in the box as well. So, two for the price of one – this item will be a definite win for you.

Most people can’t reach their backs while taking a shower, but this back scrubber loofah with a handle of 32.3 x 3.5 inches will solve that problem for you. You will even get a soft cotton pad to help you get a more precise cleaning all around.

Key Features
  • Get two for the price of one.
  • Made of the softest cotton
  • Works better if kept soaked in warm water
  • The scrubber is long enough to give you a comfortable reach on your back
  • One side of the scrubber is terry cloth, and the other side is textured like a loofah

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The material is of the best quality, and you’ll know that both by touch and its appearance. Made with the softest cotton, this scrubber and the pad will both give you the best cleaning of your life. You’ll be surprised at how effortlessly you can get this scrubber and pad to boost up your hygiene.

It would be best if you can soak this in warm water for about 2 minutes before you use it. This will let you lather up the soap more properly so that a little soap goes a long way.  So, you’ll be able to save soap and money by using these sponges every day.

Not only will you get a thorough cleaning, but there will be some exfoliation to make your dead skins go away and help your skin cells to rejuvenate.

Women relaxing bath rubbing hand with shower sponge
Photo: iStock

What to Look for in Skin Exfoliating Bathing Sponge Loofahs

Loofahs can bring about some great changes to your skin. If you know how to pick out the best shower exfoliator for yourself, of course. But if you don’t, no worries.

This guide will tell you everything you have to know.


Loofahs should only be slightly bigger than your hands. Size matters a lot.

The right loofah will fit in the palm of your hands so that you can use it comfortably. A bigger loofah may look appealing, but it will keep slipping off, and you will have difficulty using it. So, make sure your new loofah matches the size of your hands perfectly.


This is not of the foremost importance, but you should have a loofah that goes with your personal aesthetic. Loofahs and sponges come in many different colors and textures.

If the loofah matches your style, you’ll get happy just by looking at it. Also, you won’t get bored with it. So, choose wisely in terms of appearance as well.


This is the most important factor. There are loofahs that are natural and those that are synthetic as well. We wouldn’t recommend synthetic loofahs to you because they are a bit abrasive to the skin, but most importantly, they are harmful to the environment.

If you are getting a loofah, you should get the ones that are made with natural materials. Not only will that be eco-friendly, but natural fibers are a lot healthier to use.

Natural loofahs and sponges have natural healing properties that soothe your skin as well as clean it. Unlike the synthetic ones, these will never irritate your skin and will actually exfoliate and rejuvenate your skin more effectively.

Special Infusions

Some loofahs come infused with herbs and other healing elements that can give your skin health an extra boost. Some come infused with charcoal, which is a great cleansing agent that draws toxins out of your skin quickly. So, if you get a chance to buy such a loofah, we would definitely recommend it.

skin exfoliating loofah shower sponge

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FAQ’s about Bath Sponges and Loofahs

1. How often should I change my natural loofahs?

Natural loofahs are safe to use till about the first four weeks.

2. How many kinds of natural loofahs are these?

There are many, and they are all available at different price points. There are some that are made with Egyptian natural mesh, some are sea sponges, but the most affordable, eco-friendly, and harmless ones are those that are made with a dried gourd.

3. Can I use a loofah on my face?

You can use cotton loofahs on your face because that’s the only one that is soft enough for the job.

4. What is the best way to use a loofah?

You should soak the loofah in warm water for about 2 minutes before putting soap in it.

5. How to properly clean a loofah?

If you want to keep your loofah clean for the longest time, then cleaning with only water will not do. You will have to make a solution by mixing hydrogen peroxide and water in a ratio of 1:2, then keep your loofah soaked in it for about 10 minutes so that there is no bacterial growth on it.

Final Words

We are very happy with this list we’ve made for you. We hope you are too.

If you’ve read the article through, you know how amazingly loofahs can help your skin. So, get nothing but the best shower sponge & loofahs from this point onwards; you’ll see your skin improving drastically. Best of luck!

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