Top 10 Best Shower Curtain Rods of 2024 | Reviews & Guide

Best Shower Curtain Rods

If you want to list down the things with enormous usability, I insist you add curtain rod in your list.

It’s a piece of metal that can benefit its user in multiple ways. Starting from protecting your bathroom privacy to meet any type of hanging needs around your living space. This hanging bar is always a wise purchase of a person.

A shower curtain is a type of metal bar made of steel, bronze, aluminum or other solid materials.

Primarily, an individual who does not have or wants to install a door inside of his decorated washroom uses this bar to hang the curtain and wet towels. As this rail is used at the opening of the shower room, it’s known as shower rod/rail/bar.

People decorate and set up their washrooms at their own sweet will. As a consequence, a shower room appears in various structures. To fit with those different structures and sizes, manufacturers also manufacture different shapes of shower rail such as…

  1. Straight constant rod.
  2. Straight extendable rod.
  3. Curved rod.
  4. Dual curved rod.
  5. L shaped rod.
  6. D shaped rod.

However, whatever your shower room shape is, as you are with us, we will be happy to find you the best shower curtain rod for your shower room.

As an approach of finding you the best rod, we have enlisted 10 top rated shower curtain rods, written a comprehensive buying guide and answered 10 most frequently asked question by shower curtain rod users.

Top Picks of Best Shower Rods at a Glance:

Top 10 Best Shower Curtain Rods Reviews

Here are those enlisted products’ reviews. In every review, we highlighted the key features and benefits a buyer will get if he/she chooses that specific shower rod for his/her shower room.

Our enlisted products contain four types of shower rod which include extendable rods, curved rods, and double curbed rods.

Best Tension Shower Curtain Rods

1. BINO Adjustable Tension Shower Curtain Rod, Chrome – 42″ to 72″

Key Features

BINO 'Doric' Tension Shower Curtain Rod

  • BINO Tension Shower Curtain Rod features solid lock. It is easily adjustable in-between 42 to 72 inches.
  • The rod is made of durable steel and edges are nicely polished finish.
  • The rod has a very simple yet standard design. It fits and goes perfectly with most of the openings.
  • Its tool-free installation feature makes the installation process easy and hassle-free.

Bino is a well-known name in the houseware products manufacturing industry. The brand takes care of their consumers so that they can enjoy every room in their homes and offices to the fullest through using its stylish and quality products.

This nickel curtain rod has a standard design with two smart brackets on both ends. It is customizable and easy to set up on any opening. Once you install and tighten the rod in its place, it will not fall or slip. The smart looking brackets hold the shower bar with its carrier firmly.

Solid lock
The rod comes with a customizable length facility. It has an extending capacity of 42 to 72 inches. Now anyone can use a single rod for different purposes. It will be good for you if you like changes. If you want to reposition your curtain with an interval of a few months or days, you can choose this one. This single rail will fit various length of spaces.

It has a durable design. The rod is made of sturdy steel and the outside is coated with a polished chrome finish. So, the steel will ensure longer use of the rail, and chrome finish will make sure that the outer space remains smooth all the time.

Tool-free installation
Extending to installing, all the process of this rod is completely tool free. The installation doesn’t require any hole in the wall. It doesn’t matter what kind of materials the wall is made of.  And you can control the length of the rod by turning the tube to the opposite direction.

Standard design
The rail has a very simple yet standard design which we mainly prefer for our daily purpose usages. It is a brushed nickel color shower rod. Though the rod has no modern design, it has no artificial coating on it. As a result, there is no chance of color vanishing. It is one of the best and top rated shower curtain rod in the market due to its excellent and Standard design.

2. Vailge Room Divider Premium Tension Curtain Rod, Adjustable, No Drilling

Key Features

Vailge Room Divider Premium Tension Curtain Rod

  • Premium quality tension rod with attractive black color that goes with most of the doors and windows perfectly.
  • Can be easily installed without any drilling within minutes.
  • Lightweight design, but extra-strong and durable.
  • Clear rubber end grips also ensure extra-strong holds for years.

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This supplier is known for what its name conveys. Yes, they supply fabric style room dividers to divide any space with ease. The products of Vailge Now are a combination of both quality and easy installation facility.

By this premium tension shower rod, you can divide your shower space from common space of your bathroom. The rod is an attractive, inexpensive and perfect solution for a variety of bathrooms. It is also able to cover any opening between 83-inch to 122-inch, which is the size of small to medium bathroom opening.

Easy to install
This shower curtain rod is very easy to install. It takes just a few minutes to be mounted on the wall. You don’t need to drill your wall to install it. Which means choosing this curtain bar you are also letting you wall to shine.

Black color rail
The rod is black in color. And a positive fact of this black color is it becomes less dusted by dirt than other bright color shower rod. It is also a good pick for the users who decorated their bathrooms aiming to enjoy the dark and low light environment inside them.

Strong shape
The premium tension rail was made with the ace. They are high in strength and durability. Once you buy the rod to hang up your curtain, it will serve you for a long period of time and will carry your lovely curtain being steadfast in its place.

Lightweight design
Vailge Store gives this curtain holder strong durability with a lightweight structure. Because of the lightweight structure, the rod is very easy to install and uninstall from one corner of the house to another.

3. iDesign Cameo Metal Tension Rod Customizable Curtain Rod for Bathtub, Shower Stall

Key Features

iDesign Cameo Metal Tension Rod Customizable Curtain Rod for Bathtub

  • iDesign Metal Shower Rod is innovatively decorated and highly stylish. Its matte black finish goes with any décor.
  • The rod is highly functional and adjustable in between 26 to 42 inches.
  • It is made of rust-resistance steel and guaranteed for durable use.
  • And can be installed with just included hardware anywhere you want.

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iDesign promised us to provide innovative products. As a consequence of their promise, they have come with this extendable bronze curtain rod. Anyone will feel their innovative idea’s reflection just seeing the rod’s structure.

This is a stylish, sturdy and expendable solution for the purpose. The rod extends from 26”to 42″. Expandability makes the rod a tool to use for different spaces for different necessities. One can install and use the road without any prior experience.

Constant tension bar
This rod is easy to install but establishes a solid bonding with the surfaces. The curtain bar is featured with the patented new technology, which helps it to firmly be in its place for a long time. Even it will not slip from its original place by day to day use.

Good for wall
You can install the rod without making any hole in your wall surface. Both ends of the rod have sturdy pads to secure strong contact with the wall. Moreover, when you want to replace or uninstall the rod, you can also do so without hurting the beauty of your wall.

Sturdy structure
The curtain rod is made of rust-resistant steel that will be fine even in rough and tough weather. Being made of steel materials, it will never break down while bearing the loads. The outer part is also smooth enough to ensure hassle-free movement of the curtain.

This is one of the decorated shower rails of Interdesign. This rod not only helps you hang your curtain, but it also makes your curtain and wall more elegant. If you are used to using premium curtains, this rail will match with them perfectly.

4. Zenna Home 771WW Tension Shower Curtain Rod

Key Features

Zenna Home 771WW Tension Shower Curtain Rod

  • The rod features Easy TwistTight Installation. It ensures the rod strongly gets attached to the wall without drilling and can hold up to 30 pounds.
  • The rod is completely adjustable in-between 43 to 72 inches.
  • The design, color and shape of the rod are artistic. It gives your washroom a new look.
  • Made in USA and ensured long-lasting.

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It’s a third consecutive member from the manufacturer Zenith. After a single curved rod and a double curved rod design, the producer brings something different with a white premium outlook. Actually, Zenith produces different products for people with a different decorative mind.

Want to add a fresh vibe to your shower room? You can go for this white shower curtain bar. This USA manufactured rod is committed to providing you yearlong shower support in the most convenient way with its functional and outer beauty.

Strong weighing capacity
The rod strongly gets attached to the wall. It has the capability of carrying up to 30 lbs. weight. As it is just a shower rod, this weighing capacity is just more than enough. A proper installation will ensure the user top-class services around the year.

Easy installation
Some users don’t want to drill or make any type of hole in their favorite wall. For those, this kind of rod is the best. The rod can be installed on the wall without leaving any mark on it. So, your wall will be safe under the road all the time.

Each shower curtain rod is completely adjustable to fit with standard bathtubs that are 43 to 72 inches. So, even if you don’t know about the exact measurement of your bathroom or your bathroom has an unusual length, this rode still will easily match with your needs.

Decorative shower bar
The design, color and shape of the rod are artistic. It not only meets your need but also decorates your washroom. If you hang any type of standardly designed curtain on the rod, it will add extra charm to your bathroom ambiance. Basically, white is a color that goes with almost any setup.

5. ALLZONE Brushed Stainless Steel Tension Shower Curtain Rod

Key Features

ALLZONE 28-41Inch Shower Curtain Rod

  • The shower certain rod is built with new patent technology. It features a button to lock in position and also ensures 100% safety.
  • The rod is heavy-duty and can hold more than 20 lbs. without any problem.
  • This rod can be attached to any surface no matter how rough it is.
  • It can be installed fast and easily within 5 minutes without any drilling or tools. It also comes with non-slip foot that protects surfaces from scratches and damages.

This is the second selection from Allzone. They are a premier supplier of spring-loaded tension rods in the market. The manufacturer has created a variety of tension rod sizes to help you find the perfect rod for your space.

This Allzone extendable rail is made of the galvanized pole and brushed stainless steel. This solid structure ensures rust-free service for the user. Its entire body is designed with silver color and two pure black side end caps. This physical attire looks good almost any shower room and living room setup.

Patent technology
The shower rail ensures 100% safety of the attachment. It will bear your loads without being bent. It is featured with button and lock. The feature helps the rod to be constant where it is placed by the user.

No damages
If you feel uncomfortable installing shower rod with screws, you can choose this rod. The rod doesn’t require any tool to be ready for the use. As consequence, your decorated wall will also be protected from any kind of damages that are caused by drilling, holing or sometimes cutting.

Fit with any surfaces
The shower rail gets attached with both smooth and rough surface like wallpaper wall, tile wall and wooden frame. If you can install it firmly on any kind of surface, it will carry load up to 20 lbs. without any problem.

The rod doesn’t have any artificial coating on it and the outer side has a rust-free structure. So, during the use and curtain’s back and forth movement, there will be no scratch on it. Buying this rail for once, you can enjoy fantastic service for a long time.

6. ALLZONE Heavy Duty Tension Shower Curtain Rod

Key Features

ALLZONE Heavy Duty Tension Shower Curtain Rod

  • ALLZONE Spring Tension rod is completely rust-free. This rod will never go rusted.
  • It features a button to lock in position between 28 to 41 inches. But don’t worry, it can hold 20 lbs. and will never bend or fall down.
  • It can be attached to any kind of surface: normal wall, tile wall, wooden wall and even soft wallpaper.
  • Can be installed easily without any tools and drilling.

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Allzone is a popular home and kitchen supplier around e-commerce platforms. They supply various products where every product has multiple usabilities. They also put special attention to their product design and durability.

This tension shower rod from Allzone is a solid solution to various hanging needs of the users. The adjustable rod attaches with any wall without the help of any tool. And it remains constant in its place to ensure smooth operation.

Rust free
A rusted rod inside your decorated bathroom always unexpected, it decreases the freshness of the inside environment. This rod will never go rusted. It’s made with rust protected materials. This kind of production also increases the rods’ lifetime.

Good for all surface
You may have chosen rough design for your washroom interior or some smooth colored designs. Whatever is your interior, the rod will be firmly attached to any type of wall surface. And if you attach it there for once, it will be solid there for a long time for carrying your daily loads.

Patent lock feature
It is an adjustable curtain rod. You can adjust its length depending on your space or curtain length. There is a patent lock in the middle of the rod where you can lock the rod after adjusting the rod as per your desired length. As a result, there is no chance that the rail will go down.

Various Usages
This one curtain rod is ready to meet your various hanging needs. Even though you buy it for your shower room curtain hanging, you can use it to hang the curtain in your doors and windows. Its design perfectly matches with any type of surrounding.

Curved design
The rod is curved in its body shape. This design provides up to 12.5 inches of extra elbow room.  So, your curtain will be far enough to be soaked with the drops of water. The design and size fit with standard tub and shower spaces which measure 45 to 72 inches.

Strong installation
The rod includes screw-mounted brackets for any drywall installation. And you don’t have to cut or hole your favorite wall. Included brackets have enough capacity to carry the two rods with the curtain and other clothing.

Best Curved Shower Curtain Rods

7. Zenna Home Aluminum Tension Mount Curved Shower Rod

Key Features

Zenna Home 35633SSP Aluminum Tension Mount Curved Shower Rod

  • This Zenna Home aluminum shower rod is made of rustproof material.
  • The rod is innovatively designed curved to give you more elbow room.
  • Can easily be attached to the walls as it doesn’t require any drilling.
  • It fits 50-72 inches standard shower opening without any cutting.

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Zenna curved curtain rod is a product of famous supplier Zenith. Zenith is well known among the people for producing complete home appliances for various groups of people with different taste and financial ability.

This Zenna tension road is extremely well made and have a beautiful side to side finishes. It can be the choice for them who have a less free room for rod installation. The installation process also easy, but you need a person from your family just to assist you during the installation.

Rustproof rail
The entire curtain rod is manufactured with rustproof materials. As a result, even after the long use, the rod will be free from any damages that are caused by the rust and rust related issues. Having this facility, you can use it inside your bathroom with ease, where normal rods are soaked with water and tend to be affected by rust.

Stress-free installation
The rod doesn’t require any drilling and holing to be attached to the wall. You can easily attach it anywhere you want even though you are new at it. This feature also protects the rod from being damaged, because some unexperienced users damage their rods during drilling and setting.

Curved design
This is not a straight designed rod; it’s slightly curved after its two endings. This curved design provides up to 6.5 inches of extra elbow room for various usage. Curve nature of the rod also makes it an ideal selection for shower room usages.

Smooth operation
The rust-proof technology will ensure a smooth surface of the rod all the time. So, you can run your curtain back and forth smoothly all the time. Also, there is no chance that your curtain will be damaged by the road.

8. InterDesign Wall Mount Curved Steel Shower Curtain Rod

Key Features

InterDesign Wall Mount Curved Steel Shower Curtain Rod

  • Completely adjustable between 41 to 72 inches and perfect for almost any kind of opening.
  • Made with rust-resistant steel that ensures durable use.
  • The matte black finish is very stylish and cohesive with any décor.
  • Easily installable with just included hardware anywhere you want.

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The maker of this curtain rail began their journey as a housewares design company over 40 years ago. They started their journey with a core goal in mind– to offer innovative storage products for the homes at a rational price.

This Interdesign rail reflects its manufacturer’s visions. Its design matches with all modern and standard washroom interior. At the same time, it allows the users to enjoy the same smooth and hassle-free services even though they are using the rail for the first time. It is another one of the best rated shower curtain rod due to its excellent quality and features.

Quick installation
For your hassle-free installation, the makers included wall mounting hardware and decorative bracket covers with each shower nail. And even if you never have installed any kind of curtain rail, you can still install it. The product has an installation manual as well.

Robust resistance
The outer side of the rod is coated with a smart bronze finish. And this finish will be the same in term of its brightness around the year. It will not fade away by the rust or any other external effects, because this steel shower rod is rust and corrosion resistant.

Custom fitting
When you are choosing this shower bar for your bathroom, you don’t even have to know the exact opening size for hanging the rod. This rod is extendable. It will fit bathtub and shower openings from 41” to 72” perfectly. And because of the curved design, a user will also get 5.5” of the increased shower and elbow room.

You already have known that the rail is rust and corrosion resistance. Moreover, the entire rail is made of bronze material. And everybody knows that bronze is one of the durable production materials for sanitary products. So, the rod will be meeting your necessities days after days.

9. Zenna Home Aluminum Double Curved Shower Curtain Rod

Key Features

Zenna Home 35604BN Aluminum Double Curved Shower Curtain Rod

  • The rod is officially guaranteed for lifetime to be rust-free as it is made of rustproof aluminum.
  • It comes with dual rod! You can use them for multi-purposes at the same time.
  • Its modern curved design adds a new look and gives you extra elbow room.
  • The rod is screw mount and can be installed easily with just included mounting hardware within minutes.

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As Zenith, the mother brand of Zenna, known for its diversified products for the people with diversified need, this time they come with something different. This curtain rod has double rail to benefit its user double.

The curtain rod is for those who want more. This two-in-one rod design is ready to satisfy your all shower room needs. The curved design also makes you feel more spacious inside your shower space. And you will enjoy all the positive vibes for a long time in a smooth rust-free way.

Double rod
You will get two rods from a single purchase. This dual rod design saves both space and money of the user. The inner rod is your regular curtain rod. You can hang your towel or other clothing on the outer rod. You can use it inside your washroom. You can also use the second bar for other purposes.

Durable design
The cruelest enemy of a shower rod is the rust. As the rod has the chance to be soaked with water, rust may affect it. But the Zenna curtain rod is manufactured with rust protected materials. And, you can use it in any corner of your bathroom without any fear of being worn out.

10. Zenna Home Rustproof Aluminum Curved Shower Curtain Rod

Key Features

Zenna Home E35603BN01 Rustproof Aluminum Curved Shower Curtain Rod

  • Zenna Home E35603BN01 Shower Curtain Rod is made of rustproof aluminum that is very strong yet lightweight.
  • Zenna Home guarantees that their product will always be rust-free (lifetime).
  • The rod is adjustable anywhere between 44 to 72 inches to fit almost any opening.
  • Its curved design gives you 11 inches extra elbow room that can be really amazing for some of us.

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This is the last product of our list from the best Zenith. By this time, you already got how good shower curtain rails Zenith is producing. This aluminum rail is not the aberration of Zeniths trusted quality.

This is a curved curtain rod for you, but this time it comes with more durability. This Zenna shower curtain rail is ready to give you spacious space and rust-free user experience in the most robust way. It also never harms your decorated bathroom. Two decorative brackets cover the two endings of the bar in a decorative way.

Aluminum structure
This one is the first aluminum made rod in our list. Aluminum has its own way of sturdiness and durability. It is also a rust-free production material. So, using this strong material made rail, you will get fantastic support to your shower needs year after year.

The rod can be mounted on the wall by the screws and anchors included in the box. This mounting makes a solid bonding with wall and rod to ensure slip-less service. The rail weighs very less. As a consequence, the rod itself doesn’t put any pressure on the attachment. Which also helps the curtain bar to carry some extra weight.

Cover a wide area
The telescoping design of the curtain rail allows it to fit in standard 60-inch or larger 72-inch tubs, as well as in shower spaces as small as 44 inches. You won’t require any cutting of the rod before installation, it is fully customizable.

More space
We all wish for some extra free spaces in our shower room. This curved designed rod provides up to 11 inches of additional elbow room giving your shower a more spacious feel. You will get maximum 11 inches of additional room when the rod is expanded up to 72-inches.

What to Look for Before Buying a Shower Curtain Rod

Having a list of 10 top-rated products in your fingertips never guarantees that you will find the best one that you need.

To get the best shower curtain rod, you have to justify every product whether that product is capable of fulfilling your requirement or not. This buying guide will help you to evaluate a product considering the key factors.

Having said that you have to justify a product about its main factors to consider it for your use, here we will discuss the main factors of a shower curtain rod. Knowing about these factors and how they function to make user life better will lead you towards better purchase.

buying Guides of a Shower Rod

1. Types of Shower Curtain

You have already known that shower curtain rods are available in various shapes. At the beginning of this content, you got just the name of those shapes, here you will know details about those shapes.

Straight constant rod

Straight constant rod is top to bottom a single piece of metal. At the end of these rods, there are two brackets. Users can install the rods using the brackets. You will require screws, anchors and a drill to install this kind of rod. If you want to resize these rails, you have to cut a portion of it.

Straight extendable curtain rod

The best part of the straight expendable rods is you can customize the size easily without using any tool or sometimes just need a small tool to lock the desired size.  Extendable rods have a minimum range and a maximum range. A user can’t exceed that range. These rods have two dimensions; one is thinner than other. And a user can use a single bar for various length of shower openings.

Curved rod

Curved curtain bars can be a single bar or double bar. These bars provide some extra spaces for the users. These bars can be both extendable and constant. Both ends of these rods are attached to the wall with the help of brackets.

L shaped rod

Mainly those who have built their showers in the corner of the bathroom choose this kind of shower rail. L-shaped rods need special installation arrangement. Like other rods, it also has two end brackets. Additionally, it has a fastener that is attached to the ceiling of the room from the angle of the L-shaped bar.

D shaped rod

D-shaped rod is chosen by those users whose showers are just in the middle of their bathroom. These rods have more length than other types of rods. Like L shaped rod, the corners of the D shaped rod are also hanged by the fasteners to the ceiling of the bathroom.

2. Installation

Shower rods are installed in two ways. Some with the screws and some without them. The rods those do not require any kind of tool anyone can install them without any hassle. But with those need screws to be mounted, you must have some prior knowledge about the installation.  You have to know how to drill and how to measure the opening perfectly.

3. Rust Protection

Rust is the common enemy of all the shower rods. As shower curtain rods are used inside the bathroom, they are prone to be rusted. Because whenever you take a bath, some drops of water will be on the rods intentionally or unintentionally.

Nowadays almost all the rods manufacturers pay special attention to make their rods rust protected. They used rust free raw materials or cover the outer space of the rod with a rust-free coating.  If your shower bar is free from rust, you can enjoy the fresh vibe all the time.

4. Finishing

Finishing of the shower rods means the outer design of the rod. This can be a considering factor for the people who are very careful about the interior of their washroom. If you choose some modern premium look curtain to hang in the shower room, you can choose a curtain bar with the top-notch finish. For these style conscious persons, some manufacturers also produce colorful rods with artistic look bar-body end brackets.

FAQ’s About Shower Curtain Rods

top rated shower curtain rods

An experienced user of shower rod knows a lot about it, but a new user constantly encounters issues when he buys and uses a shower rail. A number of questions regarding using and maintaining the rod arise in his mind.

To help those users, we have answered here such 10 common questions that have been asked by users most frequently.

1. How much longer should a shower curtain have?

Answer:  There is no definite length of the shower curtain rod. Users buy their curtain bars measuring their opening space where they want to install them. However, if anyone buys an expandable curtain rod then one rod will fit with the opening of different measurement.

2. How to prevent shower curtain from slipping down?

Answer: The rods those have been installed with the screws never displaced from their original position unless they lost their screws. But the tension rod may be displaced after a few months. Nevertheless, if your curtain rod somehow displaces you can constant it in its place by reinstalling it. Or, sometimes you can do this just tightening the end brackets of the rod.

3. How to extend the shower curtain rod?

Almost all the shower curtain rods are expendable. Especially the rails those can be installed with the wall without using any tool. To expand any curtain rod, first, you have to unlock it. To unlock the rod, twist the thinner part of the rod counterclockwise keeping your hands on both the left and right side of the rod.

During twisting follow the direction of twist from the manual. Because each producer follows its own way. After unlocking the rod, hold onto both ends firmly until your place on the wall. Don’t let the rod expand wider than the space you need to fill.

4. What size shower curtain do I need for a curved rod?

Answer: Actually, if you buy a curtain you can hang them on both straight and curved rod, you don’t have to buy a special type of curtain for your curved rod. But you have to consider one thing before buying. A curved rod covers slightly more area than a straight rod that’s why it requires some extra feet of the curtain than a straight rail.

5. What height to hang the shower curtain rod?

Answer: There is no exact height to hang the rod. It depends on the height of your curtain and the height of the curtain you want from the ground. But, the height must be high enough to keep the curtain as dry as possible yet protecting your personal privacy.

6. How does the ceiling shower rod attach to the ceiling, and does it need to be attached to studs?

Answer: The ceiling rod screwed directly into drywall anchors inserted into the ceiling drywall. It doesn’t need to be attached at stud location. All the screws and anchors come with the track.  Nevertheless, if you want, the track can be recessed in the drywall and then attached to studs with the help of given screws.

7. Can I install my shower rod myself?

Answer: You can install almost all the shower rods. Here all of our reviewed rods are very easy to install. Tension rails are easier than screwed rods. Tension rods do not require any tool for installation. Screwed rods require a drilling machine and few anchors. The installation process is simple but sometimes you may need someone’s assistance.

8. How to replace or uninstall a shower curtain rod?

Answer: It just takes a few seconds for a tension rod. To uninstall a tension rod, you have to twist the rod clockwise. After 4-5 second of twisting the rod will be displaced from its position and you can remove it.

To remove a screwed rod at first you have to remove the rod’s body from the brackets. Then with a drilling machine or a screwdriver, you can remove those brackets.

9. Can I use my shower rod for other purposes too?

Answer: Yes, you can do that. If you want to buy a shower bar to use it for multiple purposes your best option will be buying an extended straight curtain rod with more room for expanding. But remember one thing before buying, you can’t the use extended rod if there is no wall at both ends of the rod.

10. What is the standard size shower curtain rod?

Answer: The standard size is 70 x 70 inches, 70 x 72 inches, 72 x 72 inches.

Wrapping It Up

What if your shower curtain rod along with the curtain goes down in the mid of your shower! I wish this kind of incidents never happens to you. So, whatever your purpose is, to protect your privacy or to decorate your bathroom by hanging the curtains, you need to choose the best shower curtain rod.

We hope our top ten shower curtain rods review and ultimate guideline helped you to find the right one for your need.

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