How to Install Shower Curtain Rod with Simple Steps

How to Install Shower Curtain Rod

Lots of questions are swirling in your mind regarding the installation of shower curtain rod, right?

It’s obvious, you’re not a professional in this field, just some regular folk like all the other people who’re trying to install the shower curtain rod on their own.

That’s okay. It’s not rocket science anyway, anyone can do this without professional help. And this means, you too.

Just keep one thing in your mind, it won’t be hard if you know how to install shower curtain rod properly.

How to Install Shower Curtain Rod: Experts Ideas

Choose the Type

Now, there are different types of shower rods for different situations, and their installation techniques don’t quite match either. That’s why the first thing you need to do is to choose the rod you’re going for, studying your situation.

There are tension rods, which are convenient for temporary placement; especially when you’re a tenant or constantly moving. Doesn’t need something to mount on, saves you the hard work of drilling and anchor mounting. And you can detach it anytime you want.

Then, if you’re going for something durable and permanent, you can always pick some mountable rods, which are referred to as wall-mount or fixed rods as well. However, drilling and mounting are necessary for this option.

And then there are custom framed rods. Framed rods come in different shapes and sizes, the choice is up to you. Mounting technique for custom rods is pretty complicated compared to traditional rod mounting.

Things You’ll Need

Whether you go tension, mountable or framed, you’ll need some stuffs to install the rod. So, once you’re done deciding what you’re going with, grab the tools you’ll need for it.


At first, you’ll have to mark the installation spot. And there are some other calculations as well, where the pencil will come handy. Scale or Measuring Tape: In case you don’t want to mess up the whole process, right measurement is needed in every step.


You’ll need mounting brackets for installing mountable rods, and holes for those said brackets. See, where will the drill be needed? And don’t forget the bits with it.

Mounting Bracket:

The mountable rod requires something to hold onto, right? You’ll need brackets to support the rod. Usually, rods come with their own brackets, otherwise you can always make a separate purchase.

Screws and Screwdriver:

For your mountable rod’s brackets. Will come useful in other places too.


You’ll most certainly come across one while purchasing a rod. If not, you have Google.

Curtain Rings:

Mustn’t forget the most essential stuff needed for hanging the curtain.

Wall anchors:

Do you have dry walls? These are a must if your answer happens to be affirmative.

Shower Curtain Rod Installing Process

Now, once you have everything near your hand, get down to business. However, we must remind you, you’ll have to go through different steps for different rods.

Let’s start with the easy one, shall we?

Tension Rod Installation

First step:

In case you don’t know, tension rods are extendable. First, mark the spot where you want to fit the rod. Measure the length between those points and buy a rod than can expand some more inches than the required length.

Second step:

Start twisting the rod to expand it. Remember, the rod should be extended to a length longer than the actual distance. Once you’re done expanding, it’s time to hold it over the planned location for wedging.

Third Step:

Before wedging, take the curtain rings and slide them on.

Fourth step:

Tension rods are constructed with springs inside them. Which is the core reason for the rod to stay in place without any hook or bracket. This installation technique is purely a trick of physics, nothing else.

So, take the extended rod and wedge it onto the wall. The wall will try to shove the extended end back to the shaft, while the spring inside will try to push it forward, and those opposite pressures will produce necessary tension required for keeping the rod in place.

Disclaimer: One thing you must not forget, tension rods are nothing but temporary solution. Moreover, if you have to expand it a little too much, there’s a good chance that the whole arrangement will collapse after a short period.

Mountable Rod Installation

First step:

You have to fix the location beforehand just like you were supposed to do with tension rods. Mark the spot using pencil. For measuring the height and distance, use the measuring tape/scale.

Second step:

Take the drill and start poking holes on the fixed spots of opposing walls.

Third step:

If you happen to have dry walls, you’ll have to fit wall anchors before installing mounting brackets. Otherwise, take the screwdriver and start tightening the screws to mount those brackets onto the wall.

Instead of brackets, manufacturers often include different sort of hardware in the package. In this case, complete the step following the rod’s installation manual. It’s a fixed installation process, so better not mess it up.

Fourth step:

Take the curtain rings and slide them on.

Fifth step:

Now, mount the opposing ends of the rods onto the mounting bracket, or the hardware that came with the rod. Voila! Your job here is done.

Framed Rod Installation

First step:

Walls are of no use here. You’ll have to set the frame up by hooking it to the ceiling. Spot the location of your tub or shower, now mark the ceiling above the location.

Second step:

We all know, framed rods come in different shapes and sizes. So, you got to make a choice about the rod first, then mark the places on the chosen spot of the ceiling where you should drill holes.

Third step:

Start drilling. Although, you have to be careful about what’s located above the ceiling, so check that out first. And if you need to take care of some issue regarding what’s above, put a pause on the installation process.

Fourth step:

After you’re done drilling holes, attach the bracket or mounting hardware onto the ceiling.

Fifth step:

Slides curtain rings and mount the frame onto those brackets/the mounting hardware.

And your job is done.

Tips for The Proper Placement of Shower Curtain Rod

Depending on length of curtain, you need to determine the height of rod placement. Measuring before the installation is important here.

In case your shower has no pan and tub lip, its best to run whole length of curtain from top to floor.



We have illustrated how to install shower curtain rod for three different types of rod. We think it is important to mention that, you need to use appropriate protective equipment while performing any of the above mentioned method. Otherwise, you can injure yourself.

That’s all from us. If you find this article educative, do let us know. If you encounter any problem, give us a heads up.

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