How To Hang Pocket Rod Curtains With A Pin Hook Properly

How To Hang Pocket Rod Curtains With A Pin Hook

Curtain pocket rods are the easiest of all kinds of curtains to sew. Adding pin hooks can turn a simple curtain to a pinch pleat one. That will give it a better look. And, you will be able to hang it on any curtain rail with ease.

The great news is that you will be able to make your simple piece of curtain look gorgeous on the curtain rails if you know how to hang pocket rod curtains with a pin hook properly. Also, you will be able to hang it with a ring on rods. So here are some tips from professionals.

Tricks to Hang a Rod Pocket Drape with a Pin Hook

Homemade curtain designs are popular for many reasons. But, if you fail to hang them correctly then your beautiful drape won’t make your home beautiful. By hanging these curtains appropriately, your simple curtain becomes a special one. So let’s start the process.

  1. Choose the pin hooks:

To attach hooks to rod pocket curtains, you must make sure the pin hooks are of the same shape and size. If any pin is too open press them to make a bit tighter. This way these hooks will not come off the ring or curtain rail.

  1. Spacing the pin hooks and making the pleats:

How To Hang Pocket Rod Curtains With A Pin Hook
Spacing the pin hooks

There is a smart piece of trick for making this type of curtain for you. That is, the pins have to be spaced correctly and you have to get an odd number of pin hooks. Remember,  you need to hang a pin on a curtain hook for making it pinch pleat.

If you intended to make 5 pleats then you need 5 pin hooks for 5 pleats plus 1 pin at each end. Total 7 pin hooks. To make the spacing of pin hooks even, you can mark it with a marker in the middle. Now, fold the curtain in each half on each side and mark them. Repeat the manoeuvre and mark them for inserting the pin hook.

  1. Insert the pin hook:

How To Hang Rod Pocket Curtains With A Pin Hook
Insert the pin hook

You should insert the pin hook back along the seam line of each marked point. To find how far from the top edge the pin hook should be inserted, you can insert a pin hook in the screw eye over the ring. After that, you should place the bottom of the ring rightly to the top of the heading.

Carefully mark along the bottom of the pin hook with a marker pen or pencil. This is where the pin hook should be located. Insert the pin hook right at the mark. If you make a pleat you will be able to see the pin resting inside the pleat.

To insert the rest of the pin hook you should measure the distance from the top edge of the heading to the bottom of the pin hook. Once you measure the length correctly, start inserting other pin hooks.

  1. Insert pin hooks at the end of headings:

Measure the same distance down from the top and mark with a pencil or pen. Now insert the pin hook about 1 cm from the side edge. Attach the buckram for extra support. Make sure the pin is not visible from the right side. Repeat this for the other end of the header as well.

How To Hang Pocket Rod Curtains With A Pin Hook


1. Curtain should be ruffled not flat: If you have a 60-inch window and your curtain panel is 60-inch it won’t look good. Because it’s going to hang straight and skimpy and won’t cover the territory because the Fabric is soft. So if you have curtains one and a half time the width of the window it will look better. So, make sure to get enough volume in your drapes.

2. Consider the ceiling: People generally hang their drapes just above the window right on the trim. A lot of space between the trim and ceiling makes the ceiling feel shorter. That why place your curtain rod close to the ceiling to make the room feel much more wide and open.

3. Use longer curtain rod: A long curtain rail will create a sense of width showing the whole window. It will provide a fresh look to your drawing room. It will also permit a lot of sunlight to enter into the room.

To wrap up

Hanging a pin on a curtain hook seems a bit difficult. But, a DIY project is fun when it’s finished. Finishing simple DIY gives you the confidence to set for much bigger and complicated tasks. Hope this tutorial about how to hang pocket rod curtains with a pin hook will help you.

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