How to Wash a Shower Curtain Liner without Damaging It

Once the shower curtain and its liner start aging, we think about going for a replacement by throwing those away. But is it really necessary? Well, of course, if you believe the liner is too bad and won’t be able to get into any better condition, then I’m not opposing. But if you think there’s only a need to deep clean it nicely, then let’s do that.

Today, we’ll be shedding some lights on a very common household matter. We’ll learn how to wash a shower curtain & liner in a safe and result proof manner.

How to Wash a Shower Curtain Liner

Pro Guides on How to Wash a Shower Curtain & Liner All by Yourself

I’ll be providing a very straightforward guide on how to clean shower curtain and shower curtain liner. This has been working for many years now. I hope it does the same for you as well.

If You Want to Use a Washing Machine

Start by separating the curtain from its liner. You need them on their own to clean properly and effectively. Of course, the cleaning manner is pretty same. However, depending on the material that the actual shower curtain is made of, method to clean may vary. If both the curtain and liner are created with similar material, go and wash them together. There will be no problem in that case.

Now you want to load the washing machine with warm water. Don’t go for full loading. Instead, load only small to medium portions with clean water. Now you want to place liner inside the wash. You should never use cold water for liners that are plastic made. This will surely make them disturbingly brittle. Warm water is also better for cleaning liners that are fabric-made.

Once the washer is filled you should pour a cup of vinegar inside. This should go right where you usually use the soap. Following your regular instinct, next, you need to add some soap as well. Usually, a half soap is enough to cover a liner well. Also, you should be varying from using any fabric softener if the liner is of plastic. This will only provide a chemical smell.

Using a gentle and regular cycle, wash the liners correctly. Make sure the cycle is short enough. This is because you are only washing the liner alone. And so, it does not need anything hardcore. If you are also washing the curtain along with liner, it’s okay to use a better cycle.

As soon as the washing is complete, dry them nicely. There shall be some dripping water going on. You should be prepared for it. don’t just put the liner inside a dryer. Instead, use the cool mode of drier to barely shake off any excess water carefully. The liner material can get damaged due to hot air. This will not only ruin the liner but also your dryer’s efficiency.

how to wash fabric shower curtain

To Remove Any Surface Stain

For this, you need to simply throw liner into wash just like the previous method. However, it does have a twist. You need to take off any huge plastic cuffs out and then insert it inside the washing machine. This method isn’t meant to target mold removal. Instead, it is meant to get rid of all surface stains from your curtain liner.

Get any towel from your closet.  A clean one is preferable. Now put it inside the load. This will work as a scrubbing tool for your curtain liner. And so, it’ll be able to provide a deep cleaning effect that eventually makes those ugly surface stains go away.

You can add some vinegar and soap as well. This will help in killing bacteria from the curtain liner material. There’s no need to go for a full loading this time as well. If you use white vinegar then go for around one cup. Also, in case of using any detergent, you should pour a one-third cup into this cleaning.

Once cleaning is done, bring the curtain liner on a shower rod. This will make it dry easily. You can later use the cool setting of a dryer to get rid of excess water. Usually, it takes not more than four to five minutes.

Tips On Using Cleaning Ingredients

If you are looking for ways on how to wash fabric shower curtain to get rid of mildew and molds, bleach can help. Use a couple of bath towels for tough cleaning. Also, it helps to prevent any crinkling with plastic curtains. Half a cup of chlorine bleach with a quarter cup of laundry detergent is what you need. Before loading, simply run the washer for a couple of minutes. Use the lowest temperature setting for ten minutes. And then hang dry to get a clean result.

If you are wondering how to clean a plastic shower curtain, then vinegar is what you should always stick to. These along with laundry detergent make an amazing solution. Another super amazing ingredient to clean fabric shower curtain and liner is baking soda. A gentle setting with a washing machine and two towels will help you achieve that perfect fresh cleanliness. During the wash cycle, pour half a cup of baking soda. For best results add half cup vinegar during the rinse cycle. And then finish with drip drying. There’s no need to use dryer later.

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how to clean a plastic shower curtain


Cleaning curtain liners should be a regular thing for usual types available in the market. However, some manufacturers might not prefer the idea of doing so. Since they are the one who create your curtain liner, instructions from them are very important.

So, you must never avoid checking the instructions provided with your curtain liner. In some cases, there can be a denial of machine washing. And then, it’s best to go for hand washing your curtain liner.

You can simply use a bristled brush and some water. Also, it’s okay to use one-part chlorine bleach with the water. Use this solution to gently scrub over spots you want to get rid of. Once you finish with hand washing your liner, dry it under the sun. This should be enough to prevent discoloration and mold build-up.

Also, you should clean the liner more often. Usually, people skip this part but the daily cleaning regime will surely affect longevity in a good way. It’s best to wash at least once every month for perfect results. In the case of plastic liner, you should wash every once in three months. To make it even simpler, you should choose washing four to twelve times throughout the whole year.


And that was my take on how to wash a shower curtain liner without harming it in any way. Choose whatever method best fits your conditions. But do make sure to include this cleaning regime into your life.

There are probably lots of things we need to replace in our household. Saving some cost here and there should be a priority to have a sensible financial history all way till the end. Make sure you take this bare minimal maintenance into consideration. It’s to save more for future and enhancing your hygiene at the same time.

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