Tips to Clean Microfiber Couch with Carpet Shampooer

Tips to Clean Microfiber Couch with Carpet Shampooer

Microfiber cloths are famous for their water resistance and ability to dry faster than most fabrics. So, people often choose a microfiber cover for their couch to clean it faster and better.

Sadly, microfiber isn’t as stain-proof as many manufacturers advertise. Naturally, it becomes dirty soon, making the entire couch setup ugly.

Thankfully, you can clean a microfiber couch with a carpet shampooer. And to aid you with the process, we will show you how to clean a microfiber couch with a carpet shampooer.

The carpet shampooer, also known as a steam cleaner, works gently over the couch microfiber to wipe out the residues and soil. Since you can control the different settings of the carpet shampooer, it improves cleaning efficiency. Plus, the device is easy to use without damaging the couch.

Nonetheless, you may not have a carpet shampooer readily available at home. So, we will show you ways to clean the couch without the machine. It will be truly fun.

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Best Way to Clean Microfiber Couch with Carpet Shampooer

A carpet shampooer is a smart device that uses water and detergent to clean your upholstery, carpet, and other fabrics. The carpet shampooer has three parts.

  1. The rotating brush that works on the dirt to loosen them for easy collection
  2. The suction system will collect the dirt and debris inside the machine
  3. Finally, the steam cleaner will work with vaporized water to remove the dirt, stain, and other residues.

With the carpet shampooer, you can easily mix the water and detergent and set it to the required temperature to work on the microfiber couch. The steam will efficiently work on the microfiber to remove dirt and stain. Also, it will dry the fabric with its heat.

So, let’s see how the entire process works without wasting more time.

Step 1: Vacuum the microfiber

Microfiber cloth or fabric consists of thousands of tiny pores. Dirt, debris, and soil may easily get through these pores. Then, the entire microfiber cover on the couch starts looking dirty. So, when you decide to clean off the microfiber couch, you need to remove the dirt.

For this, firstly, vacuum cleans the microfiber couch. You may use a regular vacuum cleaner to collect dust and debris from the upholstery. Alternatively, you can use the rotating brush of the carpet shampooer. It will brush off the couch’s dust, soil, and residues.

When you vacuum clean or brush off the dust and debris, you should reach every nook and corner of the couch. Also, reach out underneath the couch and its sides. Carefully remove dust, food particles, debris, and other items from the microfiber couch.

If you use the carpet shampooer, you should be able to collect all the debris with the suction system.

Step 2: Remove the heavier particles

When vacuum-cleaned the lightweight particles, it’s time for the heavyweight materials. Start by pressing the carpet shampooer gently over the microfiber couch. You should focus on collecting and cleaning the heavier soil part from the couch.

Press the carpet cleaner mildly against the microfiber couch surface. Then move it over the entire surface to collect and remove all the heavier particles. However, always be gentle to working with the cleaner since pressing too hard on the fabric may damage it. You need to repeat the cleaning process with the suction system two to three times. It will remove maximum particles from the microfiber top.

Therefore, the next cleaning process with the detergent mixed steam will be easier.

Step 3: Spray the detergent and water solution

When you have removed the lightweight and heavyweight particles from the microfiber couch, you need to spray the detergent on it. First, prepare the detergent solution by mixing the right amount of water. You can use regular washing detergent and clean water.

Spray the detergent solution carefully over the entire microfiber couch. You must ensure that the detergent solution reaches every section of the microfiber. Then, wait for a few minutes, ideally 3 to 5 minutes. It will weaken the chemical bonding of the remaining debris and particles on the microfiber couch.

Step 4: Start working with the steam cleaner

Now, hold the steam cleaner over the detergent sprayed surface of the microfiber couch. Start from one corner and reach the other corner as you press the carpet shampooer gently against the microfiber. It would help if you always continued the passing and pressing of the cleaner in the same direction.

It will help remove the particles without damaging the fabrics. Also, passing the steam cleaner multiple times over the same place will overlap it. It will help remove any remaining stains from the fabric with perfection.

Last but not least, you must reach the nook and crannies of the couch to clean it appropriately.

Step 5: Let the microfiber air dry

Once you have cleaned the microfiber couch with the steam cleaner, you need to allow the fabric to dry. As the fabric starts drying, you may see wrinkles or stiff parts. Use a soft brush to remove the wrinkles.

Press the brush softly against the stiff part of the microfiber to straighten it.

Other Ways to Clean the Microfiber Couch

If you don’t have a carpet shampooer at home, you may clean the couch alternatively. One of the best ways to remove stains from microfiber is to use rubbing alcohol. However, it is only applicable if the fabric has an “S” tag.

The “S” tag on the couch fabric means it is cleanable with rubbing alcohol or a similar solution. The cleaning process is almost similar to that of a carpet cleaner.

  1. Vacuum clean the entire couch, including its nook and crannies.
  2. Now spray the rubbing alcohol over the entire microfiber using a spray bottle.
  3. Now pick a soft-bristle or sponge to scrape off the dampened surface. You need to work fast because rubbing alcohol may evaporate soon, leaving the surface dry.
  4. Gently press the sponge over the microfiber couch to remove every particle and couch.
  5. Finally, air-dry the couch before vacuuming it again to straighten the stiffed parts.

There’re other alternatives for cleaning the microfiber couch. You may use white vinegar or commercial Windex cleaner to remove stains from the microfiber clothing. Whatever cleaning liquid, you choose, ensure that it doesn’t damage the microfiber cloth. So, you may try it on a small section to see how it goes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you clean a microfiber couch with a carpet cleaner?

You can work with a carpet cleaner to clean a microfiber couch. You should try the cleaner on a smaller section so that it doesn’t hurt the couch.

How can I tell if my couch is microfiber?

You should look at the tag of the couch fabric to see what type of fabric it is. Usually, microfiber clothing has an “S” tag which refers to solvent cleaning. Also, microfiber is made of polyester, which makes cleaning it easy.


Microfiber is a popular couch fabric because of its availability and affordability. However, it is prone to stains and gets dirtier easily. You can follow our guidelines when you see such dirtiness on the microfiber couch.

This guideline on cleaning a microfiber couch with a carpet shampooer will help you remove stains easily. Also, with it, you can vacuum clean the couch for a better and pristine look.

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