Tricks and Tips to Keep Slipcovers on Leather Furniture

How To Keep Slipcovers On Leather Furniture

We all use slipcovers to protect our furniture from dust, residues, and external damage. It is even more important for leather furniture and if you have pets at home.

However, it is disappointing to see the slipcover falling off the furniture to expose it.

Please don’t get frustrated since we will describe how to keep slipcover on leather furniture. You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to keep the slipcover on the leather furniture. You can easily make customized slipcovers at home for a snug fit; use inserts or straps to keep the cover in its position without any extra movement.

So, let’s jump into it.

Tips to Keep Slipcovers on Leather Furniture in Its Place

It becomes increasingly frustrating when you see the slipcover falling off and not in place of your leather furniture. Thankfully, you can fix the problem easily following our methods.

Method 1: Use a sofa tucker

A tuck grip or sofa tucker is made of plastic grippers. You can tuck it between the furniture and cushion to help the slipcover stay in its place. You simply need to insert the tuck grippers at one point of the slipcover and then insert it with the leather furniture.

The benefit of using the sofa tucker or tuck grip is that it keeps your slipcover straight. So it won’t wrinkle to look worse. Plus, it surely keeps the slipcover in its exact place. You don’t need to adjust the cove now and then when you tuck it with the tuck grip.

Plus, it is cheap, and you would get it on the sofa or super shops. Also, a quality tuck gripper will make the slipcover a part of your leather furniture with a snug fit.

Method 2: Use foam inserts

Many slipcovers come with foam inserts. You can easily use it to fit the cover with the leather sofa snuggly; if your slipcovers don’t have the foam inserts, you can purchase them and use them to keep the cover in its place. Using the foam inserts creates friction and drag to stop the cover from coming off the furniture.

  • Pick the right size slipcover and dress your furniture with it. Now, press it with your hand to give it a nice fitting without any unevenness and wrinkles.
  • If you see any excess material, you need to tuck it between your furniture’s back and cushion.
  • You will find a crack between the cushion and the furniture. Carefully fit in a tube-shaped material in the crack. Alternatively, you may use a magazine by rolling it.
  • Now, carefully place the foam inserts in the crack. Ensure that you have pushed the inserts deep enough to hold the slipcover snuggly.
  • The deeper you push the foam inserts, the better it will hold the slipcover. Also, it will become less visible so that the entire setup will look like a part of your leather furniture.

Method 3: Use grips and non-slip pads

Both the rug grip and non-slip pad are designed to hold rags in their place. They are used on a smooth floor and will help the rug stay in its actual position. You can use them for the slipcovers too. These items come with a strong hook and loop to hold the cover powerfully.

  • A non-slip pad is a long item. So, you need to cut it according to the size you want for the strips.
  • Now, position the non-slip pad right over the couch underneath the sitting position.
  • Alternatively, you may use the rug grips. You would also need to cut it according to your size for the leather furniture and slipcover.
  • Then, place and push the slipcover over the non-slip padding to ensure a snug connection. You will need to push the cover deep enough to enter the crack.
  • Ensure that the non-slip pad or rug grips aren’t visible from the outside. It will give your leather furniture and slipcover a uniform look.


Keeping a slipcover in its original position can sometimes be a daunting task. It becomes annoying when the coverslips off and expose your leather furniture.

You can use the non-slip pads, foam inserts, or sofa tuckers to help the slipcover remain in its original location.

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