How to Stop Furniture from Sliding on Wood Floors

How to Stop Furniture from Sliding on Wood Floors

Hardwood floors are stunning, but pretty icky for a room packed with furniture. The fine polish is not so fine when your couch slides off a little every time you’re trying to be a bit comfy on it.

And it’s not a pleasant sight either when you can notice that disturbing stain on the floor caused by your bookshelf’s legs. Not cool at all.

If you have wooden floors and small kids, you most probably have wondered at least once in your life “how can I stop furniture from sliding on wood floors?”. Well, every problem has solutions, so does it.

Today let’s focus on permanent solutions on how to stop furniture from sliding on wood floors. I’m about to give you six solutions that can help you stop furniture from sliding.

How to Stop Furniture from Sliding on Wood Floors: Experts Solutions & Tips

You can always overcome this problem of furniture sliding on the slippery surface with or without hiding the floor with a carpet. We’ll talk about both ways…
Try one of the following six solutions and you would never have to worry about kids running around tables or jumping on the couch.

Solution 1: Rubber Pads

It says in the name, you won’t even have to take your time to guess the outlook. This is perhaps the cheapest object mentioned here. But cheapest doesn’t mean the weakest! In fact, you may find it more effective than some other options.

Rubber pads are usually used for shipment, to protect fragile things from breaking. However, it also works as a great medium to provide furniture with stability.

Rubber pads are fitted under the furniture to give them a balance, and for this reason, the shape of the furniture plays a vital role here.

Take a good measure of what’s underneath to find the suitable pad for this job. They’re available in various sizes and shapes for your convenience. You just need to measure the size of the furniture legs and go to Amazon to order.

Or you can find them in most of the furniture stores. I use rubber pads for my chairs and they are keeping my floors scratch-free till now.

Solution 2: Furniture Grippers

How to Stop Furniture from Sliding on Wood Floors

Now, that’s a name you’ll definitely hear from majority of people when you’ll ask for a solution. Cause grippers are pretty much the first thing people go for when they’re trying to stop their furniture from sliding.

You surely have seen these tons of times, but in case you’re not being able to get a hold of the title, these are the pads you saw your dad put under the couch in his home. Rings a bell?

Yes, grippers are a sort of balance pads that are constructed for the purpose of stopping things from slipping. One end of the pad is textured which has to be placed over the floor, while you attach the other end to the certain piece of furniture. This way, your furniture scores the ability of gripping on the floor and stays stable.

Grippers are expensive than rubber pads, but they last longest and sometimes give the opportunity to customize as per need. But I would suggest measuring the legs first to avoid any problem. For heavy furniture, I prefer grippers to rubber pads because they look better and last longer.

Solution 3: Stop Blocks

A classic household solution to your problem, you might have thought of it already even before reading it, right? Because it’s the most ancient and used technique for sliding problem that doesn’t always involve furniture and slippery hardwood floor.

Now when it comes to blocks, you can go both ways. You can spend your bucks to get some professional help for your furniture. Or you can grab the saw from the garage to cut through some logs.

However, it’ll take a good amount of dough to buy some blocks, so we’ll suggest you make a few on your own if you’re willing to take the cheap route. However, since this won’t make any difference, you’re free to choose any option you want

I personally don’t like stop blocks. They are more expensive than above-mentioned options. But if you are DIY lover, why don’t you go ahead and try creating your own stop blocks! It’s easier than you think. Just take some pieces of wood and cut into the sizes you need.

Also, these blocks will just have to be heavy enough to not get pushed aside. This way, it will be impossible for furniture to slip off with them beside.

You can also paint them for matching the floor and furniture color. I used stop blocks for one of our beds and painted them with coffee-color for matching the floor’s shade. When my younger brother came home, he was surprised and asked me where I bought them from!

Stop Furniture from Sliding on Wood Floors

Solution 4: Rugs and Carpets

Believe it, rugs are the easiest and the prettiest solution to your furniture sliding problem. Respecting your primary concern of preventing the couch or the tea-table from sliding on the slippery floor, it also works as a fine element to complement your home decor.

Rugs are usually textured, so this creates a perfect balance of friction between the furniture and the floor. It prevents furniture from getting in touch with the slippery hardwood surface.

Rugs come in various designs and color, which brings a unique vibrant effect to the room. Better consider them as a part of the whole decoration as well.

However, there are two things you mustn’t ignore while using rug as a solution to your furniture’s sliding problem.

Lots of rugs themselves can’t keep up with the slippery surface and thus fail to help solve the problem on their own. To avoid this problem, put a textured pad between the rug and the floor.

And, also, as it’s an opportunity to embellish your home decor, don’t bring home something trashy looking. Choose something with a good combination of design and complexion.

You can also put carpets under the legs of the furniture. It will be an expensive option compared to all above-mentioned solutions, but it will give a new look. In the winter, rugs and carpets can also keep your kids safe from cold. But if you have any pet, you have to vacuum clean regularly as cat’s and dog’s fur get stuck in carpets just like blankets.

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Solution 5: Rubber Mesh

You can call it a rubbery substitute for rug considering the shape. However, it’s certainly not one. The mesh is supposed to be used like a rug, but a rug that’s meant to be completely beneath the furniture.

Rubber meshes are also frequently used for shipping stuffs, so they’re always available for buying, in sheets of course. In case you’re short in budget, this is going to be a fantastic option for you, since rubber mesh sheets are super cheap.

You’ll have to modify these sheets to utilize them properly. Check out the furniture’s shape first and then cut the sheet according to that shape.

Solution 6: Rubber Feet with Screws

This option is like rubber pad, just slightly better. You can assume from the name that it comes with a firm technology for fitting stuffs. That’s right, you attach these feet to a couch or a table using screws.

Rubber pads and grippers are very effective, but they have a limit of running their course as well. They wear out after a particular period of time; and sometimes aren’t enough to do the job on their own because of frequent movement happening around all the time.

Considering these drawbacks, investing in rubber feet with screws are more beneficial if you think about it. Yes, they’re not cheap like other solutions mentioned above, but worth the investment.

You don’t have to worry about them sliding or wearing out, they’re designed to be tightly screwed to the furniture’s leg, so they remain in a perfectly sturdy condition.

Rubber feet are available in several shapes and sizes, as there are different types of furniture legs.

BONUS TIPS: Have a Look Around Your Household

Your house has lots of stuff thrown around that can come handy to stop furniture from sliding. You need something that will keep the furniture in a stiff position, something to stick or attach, or just to firmly support them, right?

Look around, you’ll find lots of potential objects you can use for this purpose. Pick them up, modify them, and make the best use of those materials to prevent furniture from sliding on a hardwood floor.


So, you have 6 solutions on how to stop furniture from sliding on wood floors. There are other solutions to these problems too, but I tried to stick to simpler and cheaper options. If you can save bucks, why waste them on tiny things?

Let us know which method you followed and how much our guide helped you. Also, don’t forget to give us any suggestion in the comment section below if you think it is worth sharing. We love to hear from our readers and try to help them every way we can.

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