Different Types of Door Mats

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You may find thousands type of mats in the market, and of course, they are lucrative. But, all is not for the same purpose. Also, they are not made of the same materials with the same specifications. So, we have arranged some different types of door mats available in market regarding materials, purposes, designs, features and so on.


The material is one of the most crucial concerns for choosing a doormat. It determines whatever the mat will be comfortable or not, durable or not, resistant to stain or not. You may find several materials used in making doormat. Microfiber, coir, rubber and cast iron are notable among them.


Microfiber made mats are specially designed for indoor purposes. It is important because of not only for soaking up dirt and grime but also for sucking up snow and moisture. These mats are made of a blend of polyester or microfiber. SO, they are extremely absorbent and plush. Also, the rubber back prevents from skidding and slipping. As it can absorb moisture and snow, it is widely used in the winter or the rain.

Coir Mats

Coir mats are made from all natural elements. So it is eco-friendly but an excellent alternative to the artificial mats with similar features and functions. They come in various styles and colors with the same features. The abrasive surface of the coir mats can scrape off the dirt from the shoe soles effectively and keep the home clean. Coir mats are the all-natural way to welcome your guests to your home.


A rubber door mat is an excellent solution for the barefooted entrance of your office or home. It can keep clean the front space by bringing extra safety in wet weather. The mat is made of the eco-friendly natural element. So, you are indirectly contributing to saving the earth by using a rubber doormat.

Cast Iron

A cast iron has a remarkable history of being used in the doormat. It brings elegance and personality. The frame of the mat is made of cast iron or wrought iron, but the surface is made from another material. As iron is durable and reliable, lasts season after season. However, the it is affordable in cost though it seems too expensive.


Each mat hasn’t the same features as others. In fact, each mat has unique features along with the standard features to fulfill the specific needs. It helps to meet the common purposes along with the specific one. Here, we have categorized the available mats concerning their features so that you can pick the specific mat you need.

Snow- and Ice-Melting Door Mats

The mats are specially designed for the areas cold weather with a lot of snow. The exteriors of the mats are insulated and sealed. It is commonly placed on the outdoors of offices, departmental stores, restaurants, schools, and hospitals. They are heavy-duty with an ability to melt up to two inches ice.

Weather Resistant

Weather resistant mats are made of natural or recycled rubber, coir, vinyl or polypropylene. They are made for outdoor uses, but many interior door mats are also found. The vinyl back supports them to last a long time with proficient service. The mats are also resistant to stains and fading.

Eco-Friendly Door Mats

Eco-friendly door mats have a gradually increased popularity due to saving Mother Earth. They are made of completely natural elements such as bamboo and teak. The mats are natural, durable, unique and beautiful look. As they are weather-resistant, you can use for both indoor and outdoor mats. The most surprising feature of the eco-friendly mats is they can keep you feel warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer.



The design is the first impression to astound the guests you have. It is said that design draws the attention first and then the other qualities. The popular designs for the mat are here to help you in choosing the best.

Indoor Mats

The indoor mats are named as they work inside the home or office. The materials are durable, sturdy and endure to last all the weather. Especially the materials are soft enough to be comfortable and resistant to moisture. They can trap the dirt effectively to keep the home clean. Also, they are decorative and attractive to look with so many sizes, styles, and designs.

Outdoor Mats

Outdoor mats are popularly known as front door mats because of its placing place. They keep the business place and home clean from outside dirt and debris. Notably, the outdoor mats are made from various materials, and they are comparatively larger than the indoor mats. They are durable, eco-friendly and high efficient. They have the great functionality to remove the dirt and dust easily. Though the front mats have various sizes and designs, they should be weather-resistant and water-absorbing.

Interior Mats

Interior mats are made especially for the inside of the rooms. They are safe from sun, hot and cold. So, you don’t need to be worried about fading the color or damaging by snow or sun. In fact, these mats are designed for the comfort ability of the users. They come with a surprising design to amaze the users as well as the guest. However, these mats are comparatively expensive than any other mats.

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