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How to Clean Laminate Wood Floors Without Streaking

Laminate flooring is really hyped out recently and why won’t it with so many freaking amazing advantages that come along

From providing fantastic durability to being less problematical on your bank budget, this easy to install flooring is definitely one great option to go for.

However, the only place for a bit of tension is its cleaning procedure. You definitely need to think about some high-level caring regime to avoid streaks and maintain this flooring for a good number of years. There are even homeowners who dedicatedly invest in a good Floor Cleaner Machine to ensure proper cleaning.

Let’s talk about some effective cleaning solutions as well as a handy guide on how to clean laminate floors without streaking issues. Keep on Reading!

the Best Cleaning Solutions for Laminate Wood Floors

First of all, you need to pick a cleaning solution that is of course streak-free for this process to work better. In such a case, going for natural remedies work better since these have lesser chances of leaving residue and making fewer streaks.

There are even premixed solutions available to buy from stores that are meant to deal with laminate floorings. Here are some effective natural cleaners that you should give a try.

Vinegar Solution

When it comes to natural cleaners, vinegar is often used for not only floors but for a bunch of other stuffs inside your house. For this solution making you need to use distilled water and white vinegar. Take equal portions of both ingredients to create a mixture.

You want to have this solution inside a spray bottle for easy application. A few drops of essential oil can help you reduce the horrible smell of vinegar. This is for the folks who are not sure about using vinegar because they hate the smell. It’s also alright to use apple cider vinegar. However, the sanitizing power of white vinegar is way better.

Black Tea

You need to make 1 cup of black tea for this solution. Use a single tea bag with one cup of water to make it. Cool down the tea and pour it inside a spray bottle. You need to use this solution immediately. It won’t work if you store for later application.

Baby Shampoo & Water

Use distilled water of room temperature or warm it a little bit. Fill a spray bottle with the water and then add around 15 ml of baby shampoo. Give the bottle a good shake so that bubbles form inside of it. Your solution is ready for spraying on the floor surface. It’s one of the safest and gentlest methods to go for.

Baking Soda Paste

If you have a lot of stains to remove, then use baking soda paste. Of course, you need to address this stain properly before using the paste. Use distilled water and baking soda for removing a food-based stain. Just apply to the affected area, leave it for some time and then wipe away with a clean damp cloth.

Rubbing Alcohol

To get rid of tough stains, you can rely on rubbing alcohol. A little bit goes a long way to remove stain through direct application. You can use a cotton ball for removing the stain. Just make sure to not let the alcohol sit for too long. Or else this may result in damaging the protective coating of your floor. And that may result in dulling as well as streaking issues. If rubbing alcohol feels too harsh, go for any acetone-based nail polish remover instead.

Best Way to Clean Laminate Wood Floors Without Streaking

Using a wet mop or simply for a bunch of other reasons, you may notice your laminate is showing signs of streaking. So, let’s focus on how you can clean laminate floors without leaving streaks through this simple cleaning process and preserve spotless shine after look.

You will need a bucket or steam mop, a microfiber cloth, hot water, and any mild cleaner or detergent of your choice.

Start with Vacuuming your Floor

To get those subtle traces of grime and end up with streak-free shiny afterlook, you should start with vacuuming floor. Of course, this means you need a vacuum that is meant to be safe for the laminated floor.

There are carpet cleaning vacuums but for laminate, it’s best to go for a stick, canister, or robotic version. These come with low brush settings and so you get a very close suction cleaning. There are soft rolling brushes with these vacuums and so you won’t end up with a scrape or scratch on your laminated floor.

You Should Use Hot Water Only

To clean laminate flooring, you should always stick with hot water. Now, this does not have to be boiling hot. Go for lukewarm temperature water. This will help to avoid any streak appearance. Also, there will be fewer chances of dirt settling into the laminate sealant.

To get an all-inclusive result, cleaning laminate floors with steam mop can be a fantastic idea. These are absolutely safe for laminate floors.

Mopping From Inside to Outside

Sometimes mopping leads to mixing the traces of dirt with hot water. And this will cause unsightly streaks as soon as you finish mopping. So, best trick to follow here is starting from middle of room. Go towards the perimeter as you clean.

This will let you exit as you keep cleaning the floor. And so, there will be no chance of walking across the wet floor and causing streaks. Keep in mind that majority of foot traffic is usually in the center of a room. So, spending more time to clean in this part will help to get out more dirt.

The Mop Needs to Stay Wet

The hot water needs to work effectively on caked up dirt. And that won’t happen if you are using a traditional mop without wetting it frequently. To get rid of all the stuck rocks, stones, abrasive dirt, and grimes, you need to dip the mop into water. Or else you will constantly keep on dragging dirt across the floor. This is one good reason to damage the protective coat as well as end up having scratches and streaks.

Dry Your Floor Completely

The most significant step to ensure avoiding streaks is a proper drying of floor. Use a soft towel or microfiber cloth to make it dry completely. The stagnant puddles of water are enough to damage laminate as well as leave horrible streaks behind.

Use a circular motion to hand dry your laminate floor. If you are curious about how to clean laminate wood floors to make them shiny, just add a buffing motion while doing this step.

Wrap Up

And that was all about how to clean laminate floors without streaking. If you really want to ensure a proper cleaning of your laminate wood floors, then investing in a proper tool can be a wise idea. Think about getting laminate floors cleaner that won’t hurt its integrity and still get the job done.

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