How To Make Wind Chimes From Recycled Materials | 6 DIY Ideas


One fine evening you are sitting on your favorite recliner chair mesmerizing over the beautiful yard. The summer sun is bright enough and neighborhood sounds are making you feel dizzy in a good way.

The breeze passes you leaving its gentle touch rustling through your hair. And that wind chime is singing a sweet tinkle song to make that moment perfect!

A Wind Chime! With the widest range in size, sound, style, material and varieties, you definitely want one for your outside bliss. And so, let’s go through some fun ideas on how to make wind chimes from recycled materials.

DIY Ideas to Make Wind Chimes from Recycled Materials

Here are my favorite 6 DIYs on how to make a wind chime using recycled materials. Try it and you’ll surely enjoy.

Bringing the Vibe of Seashore

Out of all the DIY wind chimes ideas, I think this looks best. You just need some seashells to make these. Most of the time we have old shells already at our home.

Use a beautiful branch for the base. Now get some old threads that are transparent. Create holes on seashells and you can organize the whole structure using these three stuffs. And there you have a seashore mood creating wind chime at your door.

The Hanging Colors

People who love colorfulness will really prefer this idea. It’s simple to make and usually, your desk already holds the items required. An old ruler and some worn out colorful pencils are what you need. The ruler works as a base of this wind chime project. Now add those pencils in hanging position with the ruler. And that’s it! I prefer using vintage pencils. It really suits the style in best way.

Dollar Store’s Terra Cotta Pots

Who does not love flowers? Almost everybody has a soft spot for these extremely beautiful nature pieces. However, for this project, you don’t need to hurt your garden’s flower. Just get some tiny clay flowerpots instead. Those pretty terra cotta pots from the dollar store can become even more breathtaking once you use these to create a fun looking chime

Use preferable paint to color the rims. And now you need a random rope to hang these. If you want to be a bit extra, get your creativity on each pot by drawing something unique. Printing leaves will also give a nice vibe to these. A coat of sealant is necessary to lock everything nicely.

Also, you can try a couple of old spoons to keep them dangling on the bottom. The handing rope can be styled using wooden or ceramic beads.

Wind chimes from recycled materials

Reminiscence of Childhood

This has to be an ingenious idea since we would be implanting a favorite item from our childhood to create a beautiful wind chime. And that item is none other than old xylophone toy.

I remember my sweetest memories playing with these. Using the colorful pieces of xylophone, you can create a nostalgic chime. Use beaded chain from base to hang these. Don’t forget to get a metallic base to make it look perfect.

The Audacity of Teaspoon-Bell-Key Combo

Are you a fanatic of collecting beads and buttons? I know some of us are greatly fond of these tiny pretty things. Why not use your collection to create a charming chime that screams chic. Also, this idea would only work if you are okay with using pliers and drills on metal for creating holes.

Don’t forget to put some thick gloves and a fine working goggle on. You can make a humble styled chandelier shape base to hang odd teaspoons, bells, and keys. Keep the inclusion mixed and mashed to give an antique vibe. Go for less and see more beauty in the final piece.

Rainbow Styled Chime

For this idea, you need some decorative ceramic planter and thin glass shells. The shells can be obtained from fishing line. Use these stuffs to make your own rainbow styled wind chime. The colorful shells will look like a glowing bliss whenever sun shines through it.

Making wind chimes videos

How to Make Wind Chimes Louder & Chime More

Bringing those soothing sound of nature into your garden or backyard must be a good idea to make the environment relaxing. A wind chime makes the wish come true like magic. However, the sound levels of different wind chimes are always varying. And it’s possible to get disheartened by the soft sounds sometimes when you prefer it to be a bit more obvious.

The next plot should be you wondering how to make wind chimes louder and more evident.

Below I’ll be talking about some plain simple logics and tips on how to make wind chimes chime more and sound better.

Pay Attention to Chime Material

The main segment that directly connects with the sound factor of a wind chime has to be its material. The material’s length and thickness are huge parts to determine how loud-sounding wind chime is going to be.

So, when you are deciding for that factor it needs certain knowledge. There are several stuffs that are common for using as the chime. For example, rods, pipes and of course metal tubes. These are easily available at craft stores and also obtainable from scrap metal.

If you choose pipes, make sure the thickness is uniform. Also, rods are known to be no hollow. The note sustentation is also a lot longer in rods. A sharp tone can be achieved by using hard metals. Such as aluminum and steel.

Softer tones are usually the case with copper type of metals. Also, you should know that glass is non-metal stuff and so, it’s pretty hollow. Compared to that, metal objects are better at creating good vibrations.

You can easily check these sounding earlier while buying metal pipes. Or get a piece of wood for rapping pipes and it’ll be easier to understand the sound level.

Striker or Clapper Consideration

This is the piece that goes right between bumps and chimes. It helps in creating vibration and so eventually sound takes place. Redwood or hockey pucks are the most common options when choosing these.

The circular type of shape is regularly seen with striker and that form helps to hit chimes equally. On the other hand, star-shaped strikers are good at applying less force for hitting all chimes at the same time.

Along with chime’s quality, you need to think about the striker’s material plus weight. These are combinedly going to work for creating better sound.

Check Whether the Hanging Parts Are Even


You should use makeshift ways for hanging the wind chime. Usually using temporary strings are best for this purpose. Let it hang in a windy spot or simply strike the chimes. This will help you to check whether the chimes are making your preferable sound or not. Of course, all the parts need to hang evenly and securely to make that happen.

Manipulating Alignment

You can simply change the zone of strike to manipulate sound. For this, you need to make adjustments for the strings and chimes. It could be bottom or center aligned. The first alignment type lets strings to hang at various lengths.

And so, striker can hit below center of the tiniest chime. For the other alignment method, striker stays evenly with all chime’s center part. By playing with different aligning positions you can easily manipulate the sound level.

The Area of Hanging

Of course, the area that you are thinking of hanging wind chime has some impact on its sound. Usually, it’s best to place the wind chime in a higher position. You can buy a metal ring or hook to stick the chime outside maintaining right height. Some prefer hanging them on a tree branch.

If you want better and louder noise, it’s best to place the wind chime on an area that experiences a lot of wind. The right location with adequate wind and accurate height placement off ground are two keys that you can use to produce higher sound.

Tightly Packed Chimes

Another great tip to try for more sound is the tight packing of chimes. You want to gather the chimes around striker in a pretty crowded manner. This should happen along with maintaining even lengths. Of course, this length matter is meant for the striker and all chimes. This will eventually help in increasing the sound level.



These were some DIY ideas on how to make wind chimes from recycled materials and some common tips on how to make wind chimes louder & chime more. Trying DIY for creating your own wind chime version is probably the best way to implement these ideas. Good Luck with That!

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