Does The Shower Curtain Go Inside The Tub Or Outside?

Does The Shower Curtain Go Inside The Tub

The shower curtain is an integral part of a wide-ranging shower. Regardless of its texture, hue, or design, hanging it gives you a brand new and impressive bathroom look. Installation of a curtain offers versatile benefits to the shower. But, a question appears, “does the shower curtain go inside the tub or outside?”

You can figure out where to hang a shower curtain depending on the material and purpose of using it. For example, a vinyl shower curtain should be hung inside the shower if you want to shower. Then again, the fabric (microfiber, cotton) curtain should be outside if you are bathing in a tub. However, a liner inside the curtain is always good to stop running water outside the shower.

You can beautify your shower, bring a convivial look, and keep inside warm for a better shower experience. But its placement is vital in fulfilling your motive to hang it. In this article, I explain the best way to use a shower curtain for valid reasons.

Shower Curtain Placement Based on Purposes

Many people just ignore the placement of the shower curtain. But it is not correct since misplacement correlates with the damage to the wall or outside of the shower. Here are two purposes for controlling where you want to hang the curtain:

For Taking a Shower

If you want to shower, it is good to place the curtain alongside the liner inside the tub. It prevents water spillage from reaching the floor, which could be a reason to damage the surface. For a better explanation, the curtain remains outside, whereas the liner remains inside. If you use a vinyl curtain, then most of the time, there is no need to use an extra liner. In this case, you can keep the curtain inside.

For Taking a Bath

When you take a bath, there is no need for a constant flow of water that can spread throughout the wall. So, you can keep the shower curtain outside the bathtub. You may also use it without any extra curtain liner. After all, a hanging liner keeps the water in the tub. You may not like to take a bath and brush against the shower curtain liner.

Shower Curtain Placement Based on Types

There are a few variations of shower curtains available at the stores. They are in different colors, designs, and sizes and are made of versatile materials. Depending on these facts, you may hang the shower curtain inside or outside the tub.

Singular Shower Curtains

You should hang it inside the bathtub. Hence, it comes in such packaging that suggests keeping it hung on its own.

Usually, these curtains are made of waterproof material. Some of them have attractive textures or colors on them. Since you are keeping it inside alone, you should face the non-smooth side to the internal direction while the smooth part towards the outside.

Lined Shower Curtains

Suppose you want to use the lined shower curtain instead of other types. Then, you can hang it inside the tub to prevent spills from going outside and onto the floor.

Lined shower curtains have dual swatches of material. One swatch is very decorative and built with a softer material like other curtains. Other swatch works as water-repellent with a plain white or transparent color. So, the placement will be like a decorative swatch outside and a water-repellent swatch inside the tub.

Decorative Shower Curtains

Generally, these shower curtains are very tough to identify unless you look at them closely. In the market, these curtains are sold as decorative curtains, liners, or replacement curtains. If you buy a package, you will get a single piece as they are mainly used as replacement curtains.

You may think of decorative replacement curtains as singular shower curtains. But it is different from the singular one. So, it would be best if you kept the single curtain inside the tub while the decorative one outside. Alternatively, you can use this one inside if you are using it alone.

Vinyl Shower Curtains

The vinyl shower curtain is a prevalent type of curtain visible in most bathrooms or showers. It has excellent water-repellent capacity. Also, it cannot absorb moisture while remaining cleaner than other curtains.

This type of curtain is built with high-quality vinyl or similar plastic. Many single curtains are also made of similar material. Likewise, you can keep the curtain inside the tub while keeping water inside. But do not worry about cleaning it as it is best for easy cleaning.

Polyester Shower Curtains

These are the next popular shower curtains after vinyl. Its material is plastic, so it can also provide waterproofing facilities like the vinyl one. As it does not absorb moisture, it won’t be a host of mold that makes the bathroom look uneasy.

The polyester curtain does not need any extra liner to use with them. So, you can keep it inside the bathtub of your home.

Fabric Shower Curtains

Manufacturers use cotton, microfiber, etc., fabric materials to make fabric shower curtains. Cotton curtain is very soft and easy to clean, while microfiber one is highly durable. You can find decorative fabric curtains with water-resistant features.

It is good to use a cotton curtain outside the tub. But you should hang a liner inside the cotton curtain. On the other hand, microfiber fabric curtains do not need any extra use of a liner. You can use it both inside and outside the tub while it will still prevent spills.


Keeping a curtain inside or outside without knowing its type or purpose can be terrible for taking a shower or bath. You should know which way a curtain should face, inside or out.

Curtains inside will prevent water from going out while keeping the inside warmer. Alternatively, outdoor curtains are mostly hung for decorating the tub.

After reading this article, you can find the rest of the necessary information: “does the shower curtain go inside the tub?” I hope you loved it.

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