How to Clean Rubber Shower Mat

Rubber Shower Mat Cleaning Process

It mustn’t be a surprise to anybody, that even though we put the shower mat on the bathroom floor for the purpose of ‘keeping it clean’; this is indeed one of the dirtiest things in there, or the thing that gets dirty very quickly and very often.

Dirt, spore and particle of debris are always flying around; soap scum, shampoo and bath water are constantly dripping on it; there’s more than one reason why shower mats need to be cleaned on a regular basis.

Now, there are several types of shower mat people use outside the shower and bathtub, and we’re going to talk about how to clean rubber shower mat.

Rubber Shower Mat Cleaning Process

Rubber is a very popular element in the shower mat market for its functionality. Suction cups attached below stick to the surface just through tension without needing any other adhesive-like material to connect them together, and always soaking up the wet substance quicker than any other mats; all thanks go to the rubber structure.

And because of this very element, rubber shower mats are also the easiest to clean.

Well, they can be cleaned in several ways. You can do all the scrubbing and washing with hands or can rely on the washing machine to do the job for you.

It’s not like that one method is more effective and the other is less. Both can give you a satisfying result if done the right way. The choice is up to you.

Cleaning Mat with Hands: Things you will need


While washing the mats by hands, the bathtub has been the popular choice of many for decades. A bathtub is a large thing, allows for moving hands freely in wider surface and gives you enough space to wash mats of all sizes. Water used in washing can easily be disposed, through the drain hole. There are more than one or two reasons why bathtub is the best thing for this.

Chlorine Bleach:

You saw it coming, didn’t you? Chlorine bleach is a common laundry material that people always rush to for getting the best result, as it does the most intense cleaning. Although since we’re talking rubber here, bleach is a perfect choice as the material is less likely to be damaged by it and it will separate the filth from the mat surface in no time.

Cleaning Brush:

It’s no surprise considering the nature of the filth the mat comes in contact with that the stain and the dirt present on it are very stubborn, and the rubber surface on its own isn’t a piece of cake either. A cleaning brush is obviously needed, and don’t forget to check their bristles before as they’ll play the most important part; more in quantity, the better.


We’re dealing with chlorine bleach here; it might not be that threatening for some rubber shower mat, but it sure is for our bare hands. Get some hand gloves that will be compatible with chlorine bleach.

The Process

  1. Fill the bathtub with water. Make sure the amount is enough to submerge a couple of large pieces of fabric. Remember, in order to make the process work, the water in the bathtub has to be warm. Cold water won’t give you an effective result.
  2. Pull out the suction cups at the bottom of the shower mat to detach it from the floor. Once it’s detached, pick it up and put it in the water. Don’t drop it in a folding state; make sure to spread all the corners so that the whole mat can get thoroughly cleaned.
  3. Pour chlorine bleach into the water. Remember, since you’re dealing with powerful and somehow toxic substances, the portion has to be rational. Like more than one and a half cups are good, but three cups, never.
  4. Take the brush and start scrubbing both sides of the mat. Go as rough as possible to get all the dirt out, but don’t get too excited or that might result in a tear
  5. When you’re done cleaning the mat, lift the lid of the bathtub’s drain hole up to let all the bleach water go away. Take the mat out of it, start the tap to let the stream of clean water give the bathtub a final good wash and rinse out all the leftover scum and filth through the drain.
  6. Now, rinse the mat properly to get all water out of it. Once the mat is fully rinsed, hang it onto something to let the sides dry. Don’t hang it in a moist area though.

Cleaning Mat with Washing Machine: Things You Will Need

How to Clean Rubber Shower Mat

Laundry Detergent:

You might wonder, why not use bleach this time? Because, while washing in the bathtub, the mat is the only thing you put for wash. While you’re relying on the machine, it’s not the only thing that will get cleaned in the process, and you have to think about the other fabrics too.

Most fabrics can’t withstand bleach, where detergent works effectively for every type.

Several Pieces of Washcloths:

The logic behind this is, you can’t directly contribute to scrubbing the filth out of the mat, and the machine doesn’t have the ability to do so. When you put several cloths along with it, they will surely get in touch and give a good rub amidst the powerful twirl.

The Process

  1. Put the mat inside the washing machine, along with other pieces of cloth; add water and laundry detergent in a rational balance.
  2. Close the door or lid of the machine and start it. Now, the average washing pace of the washing machine will do some serious damage to the mat’s quality, which you obviously don’t want to see happening. So, set the cycle in a gentle mode.
  3. Once the machine is done doing its part, take all the things out of it and rinse them properly. After rinsing, hang the mat for drying, but in a moist-free environment with the access of fresh air.

See, cleaning rubber shower mat is one of the easiest tasks in the world. Now you know how to clean rubber shower mat. Please let us know which method you applied and how was your experience in the comment.

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