How to Clean Stainless Steel Stove Top Without Scratching

how to clean burnt stains from stainless steel stove

Stainless steel is probably the best material when one wants unique looks with regular robust usage comfort. These give your kitchen a look of professionalism without making it hard to use on a daily basis. However, with unique performance comes the pressure of maintaining it well.

And that’s only possible when you know the proper regimes of how to clean stainless steel stovetop without scratching it.

Cleaning Stainless Steel Stove Top: Two Routines You Must Include into Your Life

Let’s talk about two regimes. One is going to be dedicated to the steps you need to do on a regular basis. And another one is for an occasional clean up that target stubborn stains. Keep on Reading!

Regular Cleaning Regime to Follow

You will need a very basic cleaning solution for this routine. Any gentle soap and water are what you need. Mix a few drops of mild dish soap into warm water. Depending on how large your stove top’s surface area is, you need to make this solution in an appropriate amount. There’s no exact ratio for mixing this solution. You just need to make sure the water is warm and sudsy.

Now you need to determine the grain direction of your cooktop. Can you notice tiny flecks or striations on the surface of your cooktop? The orientation of this particular thing is known as grain. These orientations may vary depending on different models. Usually, it’s either up/down or left/right. Some also come with diagonal orientation.

Use the solution to wipe top part of your stainless-steel cooktop next. Use a paper towel, dry cloth, sponge or simply leave the stainless-steel cooktop for a while so that it can dry completely. This time too you need to maintain the direction of grain for wiping.

Now, this may be a bit hassling for every day but if possible, make sure to include this step. It’s basically meant to maintain the luster. You will need some lemon oil or any silicone-based spray. Use a lint-free and clean fabric to apply any of these moving along the grain. Use another cloth to remove excess.

Following regular cleaning, you will be able to prevent and remove heat stains from stainless steel cooktop. Make sure to check the manufacturer’s direction to understand what products and formulas are safe to use regularly for your particular stainless-steel cooktop.

how to remove heat stains from stainless steel cooktop

Occasional Cleaning for More Serious Stains

You must have already read the manual by now if you’ve implemented above-mentioned regular cleaning regime. However, if you didn’t, it’s absolutely important to do so before trying the next-level cleanup. Manufacturers do recommend staying away from certain products and you need to know about those excluded stuffs.

The Solution

Use baking soda and water in equal amount to create a smooth paste. This will be your occasional cleaning solution for the method. Before trying this paste, you should clean the surface gently with regular solution of water and soap. This time use nylon scrubby to wipe the surface with water-soap solution. And then dry it using a clean towel to follow with the baking soda and water paste.

Rubbing the Mixture

If you need to clean burnt stains from stainless steel stove, trying this method is better. Always try to wipe away spills and stains as soon as it happens. This way there will be fewer chances of burning and setting those stains on the surface.

Get a soft-bristled brush to apply the mixture. You can also smear it on the surface using a dishcloth. A scoop amount should be enough for this. Using brush or dishcloth gradually rub over the stubborn stains. Of course, you need to rub following the grain direction.

Now use another sponge or soft cloth. Simply dip it inside warm clean water. Use this sponge or cloth to rub over the pre-applied baking soda paste. And gently move your hand with the direction of grain to remove paste from surface.


Get another solution for polishing this time. You need to spray a very generous amount of vinegar to create a layer over the cooktop. Now use a soft fabric or sponge to wipe this vinegar onto the stove.

Bring another fabric dipped into a little bit of cooking oil. Follow grain and wipe this cloth over the surface. At this point, the surface should look squeaky clean and shiny without existence of any stain.

Let the oil stay on that surface for a few minutes. Use a paper towel to blot away excess oil. It’s not essential that you use only cooking oil. In fact, you can use any oil of your choice. However, with vinegar, it should be white one or the specialized cleaning type.

Using a Commercial Cleaner

Sometimes to clean stainless steel stovetop burnt by the gas, one may need to try store-bought and specifically designed cleaners. Also, if the above-mentioned method did not work and stains are still visible, you should try commercial stainless-steel cleaner. In that case, things are a bit different. So, you should check the direction provided on cleaner’s body.

Generally, you need to directly apply the cleaner through the nozzle and squeeze handle. Then wipe and finish it off with drying that stained area.

While choosing the cleaner you should make sure that it is free from any abrasive compound. For example, stuffs such as iodine, bromine, fluorine and similar chlorides are super damaging for stainless steel cooktops. You should also avoid mineral spirits, ammonia and alcohol included cleaners. Since these can cause rust in the future.

In case, you have already bought a cleaner, test it before using it on the entire surface. For that, you need to apply a very small portion on the stove’s relatively hidden surface. The backside is a perfect spot for this test. Let it stay for one or two days. If the area seems damaged or rusted after this test, it’s best to not use that particular cleaner and get another one. If there’s no problem or sign of damage, go ahead and use it.

How to Clean Stainless Steel Stove Top


Now you know how to clean stainless steel stove top and preserve it for a long time. With both of these methods, you need to try these on a stovetop that is cooled down. Never try anything right after a cooking session.

The best way to keep stainless steel cooktop clean is by following everyday maintenance routine. Make fewer stains, work with being careful about not causing burns or spills and taking care of accidental marks instantly will make you hooked with the right habits.

And in the long run, you will need to apply less time to keep your stainless steel stove looking marvelous forever.

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