4 Ways to Remove Construction Adhesive from Concrete

How to Remove Construction Adhesive from Concrete

Construction adhesives are great for binding metal, plastic, or wooden pieces to give your home the ultimate durability. It is useful for home construction, renovation, and DIY works.

However, the problem arises when you need to remove the residues of construction adhesive.

Like the actual adhesive, its residue is also extremely tough to remove due to its strength. It is even more difficult for concrete. Thus, you must know how to remove construction adhesive from concrete without scratching the surface.

You may use industrial adhesive remover, scrape off the residues, use water to remove the softer adhesive, and use heat to soften and remove the adhesive. So, let’s see how to remove the adhesive appropriately.

How to Remove Construction Adhesive from Concrete

We often use construction adhesive for different constructional or DIY projects. But when you are done with the project, you will often see adhesives in different places where you didn’t want them to have. Also, you may often need to remove the existing adhesive from a place.

So, let’s find a way to get rid of the powerful adhesive.

Method 1: Use commercial adhesive remover

Have you used heavy-duty adhesive for your work and need to remove it? Then, you can use industrial or commercial grade adhesive remover. These commercial-grade adhesive removers have a powerful chemical solvent. This chemical solvent works on the adhesive to weaken its structure. So, you can easily remove it.

Also, the adhesive remover package will have scrapers and a sponge. You can use the sponge to apply the adhesive remover. Then, wipe it off with the scraper. Nonetheless, it would be best to try the adhesive remover on a small surface because it comes with a strong chemical solvent.

It will help you skip unwanted damage to the floor or surface. Once you have found the solvent right for the surface, use the sponge applicator to apply the adhesive remover carefully. Then, wait for a few minutes to allow the adhesive remover to soften the chemical bonding of the adhesive. Then, wipe it off with the scraper.

Method 2: Scrape off construction adhesive

If you need to remove adhesive from a small surface, you may scrape it off with a scrubber. You may also use a putty knife to scrape off the adhesive. This method works best on the floor, molding, and panels of windows or balconies.

  • Inspect the place carefully from where you want to remove the construction adhesive. Is the adhesive soft, or have become hard?
  • You can apply to rub alcohol to the hardened adhesive to soften it. However, apply a small amount of rubbing alcohol because it may damage the paint. So, if you have expensive paint on the wall or surface, skip using the rubbing alcohol.
  • Once you have applied the rubbing alcohol, wait for a few minutes. Now, use the putty knife to scrape off the adhesive carefully. Also, wipe off the surface with a clean cloth and water after removing the adhesive.

This method works best with the light-duty construction adhesive. So, it won’t be highly effective for heavy-duty adhesive. You may use acetone instead of rubbing alcohol. Furthermore, you can use a flooring chisel in place of the putty knife. But, it increases the chance of damaging the surface more.

Method 3: Use heat and remove the adhesive

Even professional construction workers use heat to melt stubborn and powerful adhesive to remove it. You may apply the same trick with a hairdryer at home. One of the best benefits of using a hairdryer to heat and blast away the adhesive is it won’t damage the surface.

  • Heat your hairdryer to an optimal temperature. Then, place it 3 to 5 inches ways from the surface from where you need to remove the adhesive.
  • Move the hairdryer over the entire adhesive to soften it. You need to keep heating the surface until the adhesive softens.
  • Once the heat has softened the adhesive, remove it quickly with a putty knife. You may wear gloves to remove the adhesive without scalding your hands.

It would be best to work fast so that the adhesive doesn’t harden again.

Method 4: Apply water to remove the adhesive

You may use water at high pressure to blast off the light-duty adhesive from the floor, surface, metal, or rocks. You need to find a water source and use it with high pressure.

You may use a water sprayer and set it at jet watering settings to blast off the adhesive. This method works best with light-duty glue. However, it may not be good for heavy-duty and stubborn construction adhesives.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the best adhesive remover for concrete floors?

Franmar Glue Remover works best to remove the adhesive from the concrete floor. These items are industrial-scale adhesive removers and work on every surface.

Does acetone remove construction adhesive?

Yes, acetone will soften the construction adhesive. Then, you can scrape off the adhesive with a flooring chisel or putty knife.


Construction adhesive is notoriously stubborn. So, you will have a hard time removing it once the adhesive hardens on the surface after use. You might apply heat, high-water pressure, or industrial-grade adhesive remover to get rid of the material.

Whatever method you use to remove the adhesive, ensure that you don’t damage the surface.

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