Can you use an extension cord with a power recliner: Let’s Explore

Can You Use An Extension Cord With A Power Recliner

Every power recliner owner has thought about buying an extension cord the moment they face a problem due to the damaged cord of the recliner.

However, it’s not recommended by the experts and the manufacturers to use an extension cord with a power recliner. So when the question arises – can you use an extension cord with a power recliner, the answer would be no for the best-case scenario.

However, there are different types of extension cords available in the market which you can use for an emergency situation but at your own risk!

How to plug in a power recliner using an extension cord?

First of all, you have to tip the power recliner on its back to find out the transformer and wiring package. Once you find them now cut the cable tiers. You will find a connecting wire, a transformer, and another transformer to the wall plug.

Then locate the wire attached to the metal frame of the recliner. After that, cut the cable tire to release the extension cable. As the cable is free now it’s time to connect the plug into the socket and snap the safety clip into place.

Finally, you can connect the wall plug wire to the transformer prior to plugging it into the main plug. You must ensure that no power cord remains tangled under or around the recliner.

How to power an electric recliner using an extension cord?

Connecting the electric recliner to the extension cord is very simple. The plug that you usually insert into the wall outlet now has to be inside the female end of the extension cord.

Finally, connect the male connecting pin into the wall outlet and your recliner will get the power instantly.

What kind of extension cord is for the power recliner?

Not everyone’s home is designed in a way where they can keep the power recliner close to the wall plug. Some people keep their power recliner in the middle of the room for aesthetic looks.

Not only that, as time passes your kids or pet might break your cable so you need to buy another one to run the electric recliner.

If there are no options remaining and you have to buy an extension cord then the ‘6 feet extension cord for lift chair‘ is a good choice. First of all, this extension power cord is compatible with versatile recliners like Okin, Lazboy, Limoss, Catnapper, Dewert, etc.

This DC output cable comes with a 2 pin connection which makes it easy to connect with any wall plug. Even the durability of this extension cord is pretty impressive.

Another durable extension cord you can purchase is the Universal power recliner cord. This efficient cord comes with an AC input range of 100-240 volt making it a ultra suitable choice for most of the wall outlets. It would be an outstanding replacement power cord for reclining sofa.

Extension cord safety tips

It’s crucial to keep your extension cord inside a safe zone. You can protect them and increase their longevity by following these tips the below

  1. You can buy cable clips and use them to keep your extension cord safe. However, make sure you are ordering the perfect size clips for your extension cable.
  2. A floor mat and rug can be an excellent option not only for safety but also for the aesthetic view of your living room.
  3. If you want to go for a cheaper solution then floor tape would be the right choice. Make sure to not apply floor tape to the walking zone of your room.
  4. The best way to protect the extension cord is to use a high-quality electric cord cover. Especially if you have little kids and pets around.

Where do I plug in my electric recliner?

If you use an extension cord then you can plug it in the female plug of your extension cord which I mentioned earlier.

However, if you don’t use one then you have to make sure to plug in the male plug of the recliners power cord into the wall power outlet.

How long is the power cord on a power recliner?

Usually the power cord of an electric recliner can range from 4- 6 feet. However, it might vary from one manufacturer to another.

Having a longer power cord is beneficial for the user to place the recliner in their desired spot in the house.

Final Words

In the end, I would agree with the experts and discourage you from using an extension cord with a power recliner. But, if your situation really demands using an extension cord with your lift chair, then you can use the recommended extension cord and follow the aforementioned safety tips to avoid any unwanted hazards.

I tried my best to tell you the hard story in an easy way. Hopefully, now you have the answer to the question and can decide what to do.

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