How Much Weight Can A Shower Rod Hold?


People often search to know about shower rods that how much weight they hold. And sometimes it is very essential to know a shower rod’s poundage. Though it varies depending on different qualities, a general idea would help you pick the right one.

I got good news. Guess what? Today, I will share with you all the necessary information regarding how much weight can a shower rod hold? I will also talk about different types of tension rods and their weight holding capacity.

I hope, this information will give you a basic idea concerning various shower rods and their weight carrying capabilities. So to know, read this article until the end.

Weight-Bearing Capacity Of A Commonly Used Shower Rod

If you want to replace your shower rod or want to set up a new one for the first time then you have a general idea regarding the rod’s weight. A good quality rod can hold approximately up to twenty-pound. This weight-holding ability is not insignificant rather, I think, it is excellent.

However, you will see there are different types of shower rods that come with some distinctive features. In case you have a large tub, then there will be certain shower rods for you with different weights.

Generally, you don’t need a strong shower rod that can hold huge weight because this is not the right place for doing anything other than adornment or veiling you from eyesight.

A Shower Rod’s Make-up

A shower rod that can hold a huge load is generally made from aluminum or steel. You will find this type of rod very durable and lightweight. For more lightweight rods, you can use another type of rod which is made from stainless steel. Higher-density steel might be the best choice if you need a heavier shower rod for carrying more weight.

Now you can understand the main point that the shower rod which you are searching for is significantly affected by the weight of your gear as well as wear and tear every day. Consequentially, a shower rod that is made from lightweight materials can never handle heavy weight for a long time.

Different Type Tension Rods and Their Poundage

Using tension rods as a shower can be pretty handy and there are some reasons good for that too.

One of the most appealing features of a tension rod is that this special rod is extendable. And you will find it durable as well as smooth and rust-proof.

A tension rod has two rubber pads that are non-slip with high resistance. To prevent the tension rod from slipping or falling off, it has a spring-loaded end beside a rubber pad.

Luckily,  this type of rod offers different holding abilities of weight. These numbers might be within 10 to 50 pounds approximately. And here I am illustrating some of these rods and their weight holding capacity so that you can get a clear idea regarding which tension rod will be appropriate for you to use as a shower rod. These are as follows:

Tension Rod Of Spring

This type of rod is considered the weakest rod in regard to weight holding and it comes with an affordable price tag too. This spring rod is made from metal or plastic. This spring rod can not bear more than 15 pounds. The right places to use these spring rods are shower stalls, blinds, and other simple places where a spring rod require to hold light things.

Tension Rod Of Aluminium

Aluminum is another type of substance which are generally used to make tension rods. And tension rods of aluminum is more durable than spring tension rods. You will find this aluminum composition in many other tension rods which are famous in the market. A standard one is able to handle approximately 20 pounds.

This tension rod can be used to hold lightweight clothes, shower curtains, and other simple things. You can use it in a wet place because it has corrosion resistance ability. That is quite excellent!

However, there is another type of aluminum tension rod that is heavier than the former one. And that is a tension rod of heavy-duty aluminum. This tension rod uses an alloy of high-density aluminum. And this high dense alloy makes it more capable to hold approximately 30 pounds of weight without any hassle.

Tension Rod Of Stainless Steel

On the ground of heavy-duty applications, this rod should be the first choice for you. Because this tension rod can fulfill all of your requirements. It is composed of manganese, sulfur phosphorus, nickel, silicon, chromium, iron, and carbon. If you compare its density with aluminum-made rods then it will be numbered double.

Surprisingly this type of tension rod can take approximately 45 pounds of weight. Which is seriously excellent and perfect for thick curtains and winter closets.

Can I Use A Tension Rod To Hang Clothes?

Yes, you can use a tension rod to hang your clothes. It is generally used to hang children’s clothes as their clothes have not so much weight that the tension rod can not bear them.

Final Verdict

In this article, I have discussed the weight carrying abilities of a shower rod. I hope, this article might give you some essential ideas on this matter so that you can pick the right shower rod for your bathroom.

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