How to install a recliner battery pack: Easy As Pie


Recliners make any home more comfortable. And, nowadays the power recliner is in the groove, which provides added relaxation. But like all-electric machinery, there’s a doubt about what it will do when there’s no power.

Well, recliner battery packs are a great way to make sure that your recliner chair stays operational no matter what. But, do you know the right way to install this reclining furniture?

Don’t worry if you don’t know, I will show you how to install a recliner battery pack in just a few simple steps. So, whether your old battery is starting to give out or you simply want the convenience of not having to worry about changing batteries, read on to know the correct process.

2 Easy ways to install a recliner battery pack

You can install your electric recliner’s battery pack in two common ways, according to your circumstance. They are-  a) installing without any bracket, b) installing with a bracket. Let’s see both methods one by one.

install a recliner battery pack Without a Bracket

Installing a recliner battery pack may seem daunting, but with these simple steps, you can have it done in no time. Let’s see the steps regarding how you can install the recliner battery pack without a bracket in the following:

Step 1: Unplugging the recliner

Unplug your lift chair from the power outlet or power supply to prevent electrical shock. Then you need to turn over the sofa to reach and see the bottom part.

Step 2: Disconnecting the transformer

You will find the transformer either on the right or left side of the bottom of your power recliner. Now unplug the transformer from the motor.

Step 3: Attaching motor with battery pack

Now it’s time to connect the motor of the recliner with your rechargeable battery pack. Here, all you need to do is to connect the power reclining furniture’s motor with the specific pin-type cable and your newly purchased battery pack.

You must keep the battery near your power recliner. And I think the best place for that would be just at the bottom of the recliner.

Step 4: Correct the recliner seat’s position

Finally, you can take the recliner back to its normal position and enjoy your sleeping time.

install a recliner battery pack With a Bracket

Here I will explain to you, in short, the steps of mounting a battery pack with a bracket into your recliner.

Step 1: Fix the battery to the back flap

 First of all, pick up the back flap of the power recliner. Then you need to snap the newly purchased battery into your recliner’s bracket.

Step 2: Disconnect the transformer

Now just turn over your power recliner to find out the motor. Then you need to disconnect the motor from the transformer. The transformer of the recline will be either on the right or left side of the bottom frame of your recliner. Make sure you are pulling apart the round shape pin.

Step 3: Connect the battery pack

In this step, connect your motor with your battery pack and also with the pin-type connection.

Step 4: Bring back the recliner into its original position

Now move back the back flap into its default position. And flip the recliner into its original position.

Step 5: Secure the battery pack’s cable

The last step is to secure the cable of the battery pack by putting them below your power recliner which will be out of touch with your kids & pets.

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How can I recharge my recliner battery Effectively?

Just like any other charging device, this one is quite simple too. First of all, connect the battery backup with the transformer slot. Then, you have to connect both the recliner’s transformer plus the battery to a single power source. Please keep in mind that it must have a capacity of 120V.

Right after it begins to charge and you will notice a red light is blinking which means it’s getting recharged. When it will become fully charged you will see the green light and disconnect it from the main power source. 

How to protect your recliner battery for a long time of use?

If you want your battery pack to deliver a bit longer battery life, you need to make sure your battery pack is free from dust. Because the dust has small particles, it reduces the overall lifetime of any electronic device.

Adding to that, children might touch it and through it so ensure it’s out of reach of your kids if you have so. The last thing you wanna make sure is that your battery always stays in dry condition because any contact with water will lead to electronic failure.

Now you can connect the battery with the power recliner following the step I mentioned earlier.

While charging your battery backup, you must follow the following steps:

  1. Don’t charge the battery for less than 8 hours on the first go.
  2. Make sure your recliner’s battery is not fully drained because it will take a very long time to recharge it again.
  3. Never use another power cord while charging your battery.

Final words

Installing the recliner battery pack is no rocket science as you can see from this short article. You can do this task within a concise time just after receiving your new battery pack in your hand.

I hope the aforementioned information will give you a complete idea of the proper installation process of a recliner battery pack.

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