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How Does a Power Recliner Work

Today we have a variety of factors that involve directly with recliners depending on the manufacturer and brand. From various shape to colors, there’s a lot of different factors that might make your recliner buying journey a bit overwhelming.

Chances are you already have an idea on the very basic recliner categories that operate manually. And now you want to know about the other half of this recliner division. Usually it is known as electrical power recliner.

From a little introduction to a more detailed discussion on how does a power recliner work, we will be covering most of the basics today hopefully.

 What is a Power Recliner?

Before jumping into how do power recliners work, it’s only fair to first get an idea about what the thing is. You must know that manual recliners are basically operated through the hand. And that demands you to apply some lever pulling. This can be a bit less practical solution in most modern houses. Especially if one of the family members has some physical limitations.

With the same amount of comfort if not more, power recliner surpasses manual operation limitation. It comes with effortless sitting back and relaxation benefit. And that requires you to only push buttons for operation. An electrical cord or a battery power source operates the motor here. Most come with at least three buttons handling the back, footrest and headrest functions.

 How Does a Power Recliner Work

Time for us to explore its operation and figure out how this wonderful thing works. There are a variety of functions that comes with power recliners these days. But most commonly you’ll find a few basic operations going with it.

Rising & Sitting

Let’s talk about rising first. This operation will basically lift the chair when you are on it. The motion does not cause any kind of straining to your legs or arms or even hips. People who are suffering from limited motion will love this function. It’s useful for disabilities as well. And surely works best when you want to sit down basically.

The next operation is related to sitting. This basically takes snot from your specific size requirements. And based on that, it would support you providing the maximum comfort. It works for your decided seat depth, width, and height with this function. This operation creates a beautiful proportion for most bodies’ relaxation. And that’s enough flexible for providing the ultimate armchair comfort possible.

Feet Up & Reclining

The power recliner can also bring your feet up. This function helps by taking any weight away from your feet. So that you can calm down after the hectic long day. You simply touch a button and the chair will fit size of your legs. This will bring the perfect positioning for your tired legs providing right amount of support. You can watch TV, read a book or do whatever to relax your body with this operation.

And finally, there’s another common operation called reclining with this furniture. It basically functions for providing a perfect posture that helps with your noontime nap or even a relieving massage segment. The built-in massage system gets triggered by your touch control. And then it lifts your back smoothly up. This works by depriving any form of stress or effort felt on your body.

Tilting Operation

Some recliners also have this action of tipping backward while maintaining the seat position. There’s no backrest separation needed here. With the movement, you don’t feel any shear or rub to your back skin. Those who suffer from feet swelling or poor circulation in that area can also elevate the legs for a better experience with this function.

Other Operations

Apart from these very basic functions, a recliner works with some other operations too. There can be different variations of massage systems involved with the recliner. Some works with reading lamp features as well.

Also, there are storage pockets included with modern power recliners that hold glasses, remotes, and similar stuff. And another common function is charging your device with a USB port included. Some power recliners include built-in safety features. It automatically detects if someone is under the chair. Then the sensor halts chair from any mechanism of lowering it. This is often called anti-crush function that safeguards houses with pets or kids.


And that brings us to the end of today’s discussion. Hopefully, now you have a broad idea about how does a power recliner work. It surely benefits people with disabilities or simply elders who have physical impairments.

Since the settings are more in number with power recliners, you have the option to use different parts to move separately. The overall benefits that you grab with a good quality power recliner, are definitely outweighing its cost. So Do Stick with The Decision That Brings Comfort to Your Home!

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  1. This article did not answer my question about how the mechanism works. I want to know if the parts that move are geared. Would appreciate a reply… Thank you!

    • I’m sorry that our article was unable to answer your question.

      No, not that geared exactly. The power recliner uses an electric power motor to move the recliner. That is attached to the base of the recliner. It is like a hydraulic system. The motor controls the overall motion of the recliner.

      The person who decides how much to lift or release a recliner has to use a knob on the side of the chair or remote control.

      I think now you got the answer. Thanks for your valuable comment.


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