How to Stop a Door from Slamming | 9 Tips to Follow

How to Stop a Door from Slamming

Slamming door is pretty annoying, we know!

It’s not just the disturbing, shocking ‘BAM!’ sound that freaks you out every single time. Your door also gets damaged quite badly by continuous slamming, which isn’t pleasant by any aspect.

Fortunately, it’s not that hard to get rid of this issue. In fact, there are several ways you can follow to stop a door from slamming.

9 Tips to Stop a Door From Slamming

1. Be Careful Around the Door

Yes, before pointing out flaws of that poor lifeless object, take a good look at yourself. Perhaps, you’re the sole reason for all the mayhem.

Sometimes it’s just nothing but a careless act of a person. You will notice, lots of people don’t care when they’re shutting or closing a door. Once they’re through, don’t even bother to look back to observe the door’s state.

And we all have some family members, friends and acquaintances who are always slamming the door no matter what. Or perhaps, you. What, you can commit a mistake unconsciously!

So, from now on, be gentle with the door. Close it gradually instead of slamming, and also advise the people around you the same. You might don’t need to do anything else with the door after that.

2. Check the Door

It’s either people, or the door. So, if the problem is not your or your acquaintance’s slamming habit, it’s definitely your door’s fault.

And what does the doctor do when a patient arrives with a disease? They check for symptoms to detect the problem and cure it. You got to do the same with your door. Check for symptoms.

3. The Problem Can Be the Hinge Itself

Hinge is the thing that attach the door to the doorframe. Sometimes it can be the main reason for the door to slam so hard.

So, what can be the issue there? Sometimes it happens due to misplacement, sometimes it’s the nuts, and other times the problem is the hinge itself.

Open the door and observe the hinge’s state. It won’t be hard to detect such visible flaw. Adjust screws for accurate placement. Then move the door back and forth to check its motion.

Some hinges just can’t be fixed by rotating screws. The market is full of faulty hinges, so there’s a good chance for you to end up with one. In this case, just replace the ‘problem’.

4. It’s Less Likely to Be the Latch, But…

Hinge and latch, two essential parts of the door that are responsible for its motion. And, any of them can be responsible for the door to get slammed.

Most of the time, it’s the hinge that causes the imbalance, but it can be the latch too.

Sounds impossible? Well, it should since latch’s purpose has almost nothing to do with motion.

It happens only when you have magnetic latch that’s heavily attracted to the door frame or the latch slot. You won’t even have to hit it hard, the magnet will slam on the frame hard automatically.

Use latches that are not heavily affected by the frame or slot. Trying to get rid of the magnetic pole won’t be possible considering modern door functions.

5. Door Closer Has an Impact as Well

Is there a door closer attached to the door? Maybe the solution to your problem lies within this object!

Door closers are often constructed with tight spring tension that makes the door move quickly than it should, which results in the door brutally slamming.

In this case, adjust the spring tension of the closer. Make it reasonably less tight, which will give the door gradual motion.

Sometimes the closer’s mechanism is the one to blame rather than its spring tension. In this case, twist its screws carefully for a proper adjustment.

Stop the Door from Slamming following these tips

6. Felt Pads Are Well-known for Preventing This

Wrapping things with pad is a pretty ancient technique, but that doesn’t stop it from being one of the most effective solutions for this problem.

And this is also why felt pads are very popular among people. You’ll hear this name from countless mouths while looking for a solution.

Wrap the outside of the door with felt pad and watch. The door is closing quickly than it should? Not a problem. Felt pad will protect the exterior with every inch of felt.

7. You May Consider Installing Doorstop

Doorstop is a fine tool that can come handy for bringing balance to your door’s movement. All you got to do is just install it and let the door do what it’s capable of.

The installation method may seem a little complex but wait till you actually start installing it. Yes, it’s that easy!

Attach the doorstop on the bottom part of the door where it meets the frame. The rubbery surface will come between the frame and the door, thus stop it from slamming.

There goes the exterior doing its part, but the mechanism works for this purpose as well. Pull the doorstop arm upwards and downwards to move the door manually.

8. Heavy Doors Can Use Some Weather Stripping

Felt pad definitely sounds like a fantastic option when you’re trying to get by without fixing door mechanism or installing things for required support. However, it’s not a clever fix when we’re talking heavy doors.

Heavy doors need something much more intense than a padded fix. That’s when weather stripping come handy. They were made for stubborn heavy doors.

Clean the door frame. Weather stripping comes with adhesive feature. Reveal the sticky surface and slam (sounds ironic, huh?) it on the frame.

The stripping is pretty thick for the door to come in contact with the frame. Use it as a heavy door substitute for felt pad. Won’t get slammed, won’t damage the surface.

9. Say Hello to A New Door

If you’re still having slamming problem even after following all the tactics mentioned above, it might be time to open yourself to new options.

Yes, we’re talking about replacing doors. Can’t stop the current door from slamming even when there’s no flaw to point out? Then say goodbye to your old door and welcome a new one.


These were our 9 tips to stop your door from slamming. Let us know which one you implement and how it solves your problem in the comment section below.

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